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    Hello! I'm Lukey! I'm a gamer, streamer, artist, writer, and content creator. I am obsessed with everything pokemon!

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    Peeing on objects
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    Filling my washable diaper with a full bladder in the morning, feeling the warmth spread and stick.

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  1. Wow I'm surprised how many answers I got. Thank you guys so much! I'll definitely be thinking about the ideas you have shared!
  2. I would never make the poor cat reuse dirty litter, its gotta stay clean all the time! She even has a second box in case we both have to go at the same time! I've only started experimenting with pee play so simple places like the floor or the sink.
  3. Hmm...where would I go just for my own fun.... well, I'm curious how well my kitties litter would absorb human pee! Also, even though I'm a huge pokemon nerd I love the idea of torturing fellow pokemon nerds by peeing all over my pokemon cards to ruin them! Bahahaha!
  4. Haha hey, that could be a cute element to add to the video too! I ask (camera) where they want to see me pee and then pretend they picked (whatever we choose) so I go there to make them happy!
  5. I enjoy peeing on items or in not so appropriate (indoor) places, and I would like to start recording some videos for Manyvids, pornhub, Onlyfans, ect. but I'm not really sure where to start. I'm wondering what people enjoy seeing the most, or what people see too much of so I know what to avoid. I was thinking I would skip recording toilet pee since that is probably extremely common. Any input is appreciated!
  6. Hello! My name is Lukey (Loo-key) and I'm new to this website. I suffer from chronic hiccups and I love everything that has to do with pokemon. I'm a huge gaming nerd. Feel free to message me if you wana play some videogames together on PC or just chat!
  7. I just found out that Fansly allows pee! I assumed it didn't so I never posted any of my water sports videos but starting right now I'll start uploading them all and making more in the future! Thanks for sharing this information OP! ^.^
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