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    We are a married couple from CO. We both are into most things pee-related. Watching girls pee is such a turn on and our biggest fantasy would be to meet with another couple or single female who's into pee (and swinging, if that's a possibility). You can find us on Reddit: www.reddit.com/user/autumnpeach

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    Naughty peeing, for sure. Peeing in public and on my husband.
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    Was probably the time we went to a nude beach in San Diego and ended up giving a few guys on the beach a show. My husband fucked me while they jerked off. I ended up playing with my pussy for them and even "squirted" in front of them and one of the guys moved over in front of me and I pissed all over his cock! He loved it! We have a lot more stories, but this one stands out.

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  1. We've been posting them on our Redgifs page (https://www.redgifs.com/users/coloradoswingcouple), but there are a lot in there, so it's tough to find specific ones.
  2. Naughty Venezuelan girl https://www.cam4.com/rossita_golden1
  3. Older MILF who does crazy "squirting" shows https://www.cam4.com/classy4uuuu
  4. The ever famous Nalgonasex girls from Venezuela/Columbia? Somewhere in that area. Love these girls! https://stripchat.com/Nalgonasex_
  5. Cute little "squirter" https://stripchat.com/EarlyFlowerr
  6. She's amazing. Screenshot is from her standing to pee in a public mall restroom https://www.cam4.com/exarchopoulos_
  7. My husband and I love watching these amazing girls do what we all here love best! We will share some of our favorites with you, but would love you to add yours, too.
  8. Would you ever consider recording yourself without showing your face? I personally do mine like that for privacy purposes, but maybe that could help you not feel so shy??
  9. We don’t actually do much swinging anymore, but we have looked for other couples over the years who are into pee like us and it’s REALLY difficult to find. Especially ones we are physically attracted to. It’s been a huge bummer for us.
  10. Absolutely! We love hotel peeing!! Can't wait to see what you've got to share.
  11. Ha! This is a video we did while on our road trip through NE last October! https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5dd8099a02222 Didn't see any other girls doing anything like this while we were there, unfortunately
  12. Everything in moderation, right?
  13. 1.) similar to Peefreak, you can meet people online (here, Reddit, Fetlife, etc.) and develop friendship and trust with someone who is willing to meet you in person. My husband and I are chatting with a gal he met on Tinder who is interested in pee play with us. 2.) you can certainly pay for girls to do this. I've chatted with many guys who have offered me money to pee on them (not something I'm interested in doing). Sugar daddy sites are a good place to find escorts who would indulge this kind of thing 3.) the best way, IMO, is to find an open-minded girl who would be open to trying
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