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  1. I had a busy weekend full of some crazy fun pissing sessions. This morning after work I was tired and just wanted a laid back, relaxing piss. I held my bladder at work, got out desperate and fought to hold it on the drive home. Made it home, and went to my carpeted closet with one of my toys, where I masturbated while pissing. I love the feel of the warm piss pooling around my clit in my panties while the toy is vibrating there. I squirted out more piss as I came, then I finished emptying my bladder onto the carpet. It was a great session to relax me before bed. Here's a gif of the piss squir
  2. I left work yesterday morning with a nice full bladder ready to burst, once again. I headed to the store again. This time I had brought a change of clothes, but pissing my pants in front of the Walmart greeter had piqued my interest, and I went to the store purely with the intention of pissing my leggings in an aisle and leaving a puddle. It was sooo easy. I just started pissing while I was looking at a rack of clothes, then walked away and left the puddle. You couldn't even tell my black leggings were wet. I wanted to keep walking around the store and leaving more puddles, I had to get
  3. That's so awesome that she is so supportive of your kink. And you describing her wetting herself was so damn hot.
  4. I want you to come to the park with me. Shoot your stream wherever you see that you feel like shooting it. This is incredible.
  5. So I've already soaked a black pair of leggings and a grey pair of leggings. Should I go back to the car and change into jeans before I piss anymore, and soak those too?
  6. I pissed my leggings in the store! The video is worthless because my coat fell in front of me but here's my puddle! I'm at the park now! So far I've pissed down some stairs and on a picnic table, now I'm walking a walking path looking for where I'm gonna go next and still feeling full.
  7. Well it's super early in the morning so I'm thinking there won't be many people and it will be easier to be discreet
  8. Yeah, that's what the leggings are good for, concealing it. But I like jeans when I want it to be obvious lol I'm wearing the leggings. but I have decided I'm going to the store first because I wanna let that first glorious burst out inside the store like I did yesterday. But today I wanna do it standing in an aisle and leave a puddle. So I'm gonna go do that and relieve a little pressure, then head back to the park 😁
  9. In either jeans or panties, and yes definitely while getting myself off 😁
  10. Reviving this post because I want to see more answers. Currently I naughty pee almost constantly. Until recently I just pissed myself once a day usually though. And there were times during my marriage I'd go like a year without ever having the chance to engage.
  11. Didn't do so great 😂 Last piss of the night, holding now so I'm nice and full to go piss all over the park again in the morning 😁
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