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  1. Let me know when your on the west coast, I live in Vegas but I also travel to AZ and NM
  2. In Bozeman, MT for the weekend and feeling really horney for some piss action! Anyone have any ideas?
  3. Welcome! And that goes the same to you as well 😁😁
  4. @Bacardithank you I’m glad you like it!😋 Also believe me I understand where you are coming from, there are a lot of things I would love to try that I have seen but I haven’t tried them yet, but I have great news for yah! If your ever in my neck of the earth, you are always welcome to try new things with me!
  5. Welcome to the community, I am also in your shoes where I’m starting out very new but only had 1 experience! Would love to get to know you and swap experiences! PM me anytime
  6. So, I have pissed before around hotel rooms alone (in beds, floors, mirrors, bathroom floor...etc) but this is the first time I have actually documented this... its such a turn on watching myself piss..... and others...!
  7. So this is my first post about a wetting experience. I was on my way home from a business trip when I really had to pee. Like "pee Dance" type of pee. Well, I have never pissed my pants while driving but I have always wanted to try so I figured, best time to do it!. Well apparently, I am retraining my bladder to understand pee play, but for some reason I just couldn't do it while driving, something with the vibration of the car. Anyway, as Im driving to a stop sign, I start to feel a warm sensation in my boxers and pants. I was able to piss like a racehorse while stopped! so for the last 15 mi
  8. How do I find pee parties in local cities and states? I like a little adventure on road trips?
  9. Looking to try pretty much anything
  10. Been trying to find couples, single females & Males who are looking to find people to share and experiment with piss play! I’m very curious but my wife is not into this fetish ( but, we have a somewhat “open” relationship). Just want to be with people who just want to experience “the physicality’s of Piss play” nothing more!
  11. Are there such things as pissing parties? Because I know about swinging parties but always wanted to know if they exist and how I can find them locally?
  12. @KinsleyKisses I know exactly how you feel! everything you mentioned I would love to do, but haven't found anybody to do it with or been to chicken to even try it out, but it's a good thing I am not the only one who feels like this! If your ever in Vegas and need someone to experiment on... I'm your guy!
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