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  1. Does Rin possess some kind of magic that makes the humans around her more likely to follow her lead and commit piss vandalism? I'm excited to see what happens next!
  2. To go along with @daemoniak's video, this story made me recall this clip, which is over 20 years old at this point. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/peeing-on-the-birthday-cake-558601
  3. nopjans


    I have joined https://onlyfans.com/blushcolours and recommend it. She's posted lots of videos on her timeline; they are not pay to unlock. She seems to be growing bolder - most of her videos are of peeing outdoors. but she's also shot a few peeing on the floor inside of public places (stairwells, bathrooms, etc.).
  4. I really enjoyed these stories and look forward to seeing what you write next.
  5. Your legs look great in white stockings, Eliminature. What a wonderful set of photos. Does your husband have fun capturing the action?
  6. Exquisitely told, @Brutus. I always enjoy seeing a new story from you.
  7. I think @rann has wonderfully captured the aspect of intentionality. Part of what turns me on about naughty peeing and pee vandalism is the choice to do it in the first place. When a woman who needs to pee chooses to so in a way that is unnecessarily provocative, like peeing on a car as opposed to peeing on the ground next to it it, is exciting.
  8. That Doc Hollywood scene was one of the first things I saw that made me realize I had pee fetish.
  9. Chloe is cute. Too bad she didn't join you for a pee.
  10. Great to see these all collected in one place. Future additions are more than welcome!
  11. nopjans


    Oh dear. I hope Sneaky is able work through the issues with the site. I'm not a regular member, but I'll sign up for a month every so often and watch stuff I hadn't seen and re-familiarize myself with old favorites.
  12. @Gotah this story keeps getting better and better! This most recent installment was brilliant.
  13. Love seeing you piss on a wall. When did you discover this talent?
  14. Nice! I'm interested in seeing how things escalate from here with these characters.
  15. Thank you to all the moderators and Admin for keeping this site running as smoothly as they do!

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