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  1. ccflight and stephinspace are both beautiful models occasionally sharing outdoor pee content.
  2. It's been a few years since I published a story. This draft has been kicking around awhile... I like for my stories to land around 2000 words but this is about half that. The chapter after this is underway and should land around there, but this one will just be shorter than the others. (Although I consider this a work in progress and may revise or expand it later. Any feedback is welcome!) Contains naughty peeing and pee vandalism. fter brunch. the girls made another stop at the beach to get one final dose of sun and relaxation before heading home. While searching for
  3. I once heard on a podcast that public peeing outside is fairly accepted in Finland. I have no idea if it's true, but the woman recounting it sounded pretty on-board with it!
  4. My birthday is some time this month. Thank you!
  5. I've had a major crush on Shirley Manson for 25 years.
  6. I've found a few on Fansly, but it is hard to discover new performers without already knowing about them. Who are some you have subscribed to who regularly make pee content?
  7. Did she ever work pee or public sex into her writing? Did she ever piss somewhere particularly memorable to you?
  8. Was "keeping things on the vertical" a regular phrase you two shared, or was it a reference to your wording in this very thread that she might have seen?
  9. @rann this is extraordinary. It really hits all the things I love about your writing and might be the best naughty pee story I've read in a long time. I hope Nina and Katie have more adventures together down the line.
  10. There is certain level of intention that I sometimes have when peeing in public, and that I like to see when women pee in public places. For example, if I'm in a parking garage, I can literally pee anywhere. Sometimes I'll go against the wall in a corner, or sometimes I'll piss over a random car. I'm not trying to get revenge against the owner of the car, but it is somewhat disrespectful in the abstract to use their car as a toilet when I could have very easily gone anywhere else. Even choosing to pee in the garage instead of holding it until I get home is a little disrespectful, to me.That is
  11. I was going to send a PM to you about recent events, so thank you for this post. How does this policy impact fictional works that may be posted in the stories sub-forum?
  12. Have you ever pissed into a swimming pool or hot tub?
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