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  1. My wife has done it and it has thus far been permanent. No side effects other than a little tenderness the day after treatment, and it takes multiple treatments to be permanent. Also, it works best on dark hair... so if you have blonde or light colored hair, it won't work as well. (For myself, I like public hair on a woman and prefer a well-manicured bush, but I told my wife it was her body and her choice. She seems happier not having to do any upkeep down there, which I certainly understand.)
  2. What an fun story. I'm curious to see what happens next!
  3. Yes they do. Models on OF have to be very careful about what they say and do in their DMs, or their accounts will get suspended or disabled.
  4. Truly excellent. Thank you for sharing!
  5. These are so good so far! Keep it going, please.
  6. Well that is a hell of an introductory statement. Welcome.
  7. This has my attention. I am very eager to see what happens next.
  8. I have had my EV for a little less than a year and haven't seen anyone peeing at a charging station yet, but I've been tempted to do it myself a few times. Here's hoping!
  9. What a wonderfully written account of your beach encounter. Thank you for taking the time to compose and share it here!
  10. nopjans


    I'm just utterly beguiled by the lovely Olive Glass.
  11. That sounds like it might be Part III of my Piss Empire series, also published here: If it is, thank you! If not, I'd love to find the story you're thinking about since it's on a very similar wavelength to things I enjoy.
  12. I would love to hear and read more stories about this. When I was younger I always liked to imagine the models in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue having to piss during their photo shoots and just going right there on the beach.
  13. She messaged me that she’s taking a bit of a break from making new videos but she’s still out there and may return some day.
  14. This is wonderful. Thank you for sharing it here.
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