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  1. Terrific! And the other installments are great too.
  2. Very nice. I wonder what other objects and scenarios it might suggest?
  3. I'm enjoying these. At one point I had chatGPT spinning some pretty interesting stories but they clamped down the method that I was using and I haven't worked to engineer new prompts. See if you can get it to describe making some bold choices in a museum or art gallery.
  4. I've stayed at that Marriott and pissed on the carpet in a room there too.
  5. Contains naughty peeing and light vandalism. Authors Note: I was messing around with ChatGPT and kind of surprised by what I was able to get it to generate. You can't start by just asking it to write a naughty pee story. The restrictions against explicit content kick in pretty hard. But over the course of time I was able to coax it into accepting a world where peeing anywhere was permissible. I kept pushing the limits of what it deemed acceptable, and then it started writing some pretty surprising content (with prompts from me, so it absorbed some of my writing style.) It's not too graphi
  6. Thank you. I agree this part is better than part 1, and I hope the next parts turn out as good.
  7. Part 2 published. Please let me know how you all like it.
  8. contains female pee vandalism, male/female oral sex Continued from Part 1 After pissing in the stairwell, Katrina and I went our separate ways. I saw her in the hotel lobby after the end of the last session, and she waved at me to come over. "Eric! How are you doing? Got any plans for the evening?" "Oh, uh, well, nothing much. I guess I was going to grab some dinner and then maybe catch up on some emails and stuff before going to bed. So, uh, not really anything, no." She stuck her tongue out at me and laughed. "Wow! Living it up I see. Listen, some vendors are taking me out t
  9. Contains male and female pee vandalism. I am still not sure about the title, but I can change that later I suppose. It refers to events yet to come. Last year, I was sent to a conference in Dallas by my work. The conference was held in a pretty nice hotel downtown, and my work was covering all the expenses. I'd been to dozens of conferences just like this one over the years, and was kind of dreading going to another one. They were all pretty much the same, and even if I occasionally learned some new piece of information at one of the sessions, or made contacts with others in the indust
  10. I've noticed an uptick in your output, Steve and have been enjoying your stories. I have a file full of half-realized ideas I wish I could find the energy to complete.
  11. My wife has done it and it has thus far been permanent. No side effects other than a little tenderness the day after treatment, and it takes multiple treatments to be permanent. Also, it works best on dark hair... so if you have blonde or light colored hair, it won't work as well. (For myself, I like public hair on a woman and prefer a well-manicured bush, but I told my wife it was her body and her choice. She seems happier not having to do any upkeep down there, which I certainly understand.)
  12. What an fun story. I'm curious to see what happens next!
  13. Yes they do. Models on OF have to be very careful about what they say and do in their DMs, or their accounts will get suspended or disabled.
  14. Truly excellent. Thank you for sharing!
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