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  1. nopjans

    Anybody else peed in the sea?

    One time I peed into the sea during a red tide, and bio luminescent sparkles shimmered in the waves and on the sand where my stream impacted. That was pretty neat.
  2. nopjans

    Cleaning The Car

    I keep coming back to this video. It makes me so hot!
  3. nopjans

    Puddle On The Path

    Oh my god I would love to see this in person. What a mighty stream from a beautiful pussy!
  4. nopjans

    The Hostel (A Kaymala Story)

    Another excellent story! If only Kaymala were a real place... but you take us there so vividly in your writing it is almost as though I am visiting myself.
  5. What an awesome, savage story. Agnetta fits in with some of the crueler empresses I have imagined in my own stories.
  6. nopjans

    Where would you see me pee?

    I would love to see video of you peeing into a small body of water like a stream. Can this be done?
  7. nopjans

    De Praestigiis Angelorum 2

    This hit me particularly hard. It has long been a fantasy of mine to see a woman pissing through the open window of a stranger's car. You've captured the moment so well. I wonder, would Lucinda and Jake take the opportunity to add to Claire's mess in the car?
  8. nopjans

    De Praestigiis Angelorum

    I loved reading this story. It is wonderfully written, and features some of my favorite themes. It is one thing, as the story says, for a heartless woman to piss wherever she feels like relieving herself. It is another, and hotter, for a woman of feeling and caring to choose to piss somewhere provocative.
  9. All of the above would be welcome! I voted for a new Pee Movie List, as I miss the one from Patches Place, and think our little fetish is more widespread than people are willing to admit, and enjoy when it emerges in mainstream places like Hollywood movies and TV shows.
  10. nopjans

    Where would you see me pee?

    The video that you have shared in the new video gallery is insanely hot. It is just the kind of thing I love to see. Was the car chosen at random? What were the circumstances surrounding the recorded event (to the extent you can share)?
  11. It all looks great! The new logo in particular is quite fun.
  12. nopjans

    Mainstream Movies with pee scenes

    Ah, Tinto Brass. I very much enjoy his movies, though I wish I spoke Italian so that I could fully enjoy them. English dubs are often censored, and while subtitles are nice, I do not always trust that they capture the full art and intent of the dialogue.
  13. nopjans

    Where would you see me pee?

    What an incredibly sexy photo. Seeing a woman standing to pee against a wall makes my heart race. Do you ever pee into decorative fountains or anything like that?
  14. nopjans

    Mainstream Movies with pee scenes

    This scene is amazing and a longtime favorite of mine. I love the joyful laugh and huge smile she has while releasing a glorious stream onto the ground. And there's no doubt she's actually peeing. Some scenes with streams it's possible there's a harness and hose concealed beneath the actress's clothing but not this one. I'd love to have been on set when it happened. Sometimes when I watch non-porn movies with such explicit pee scenes, I wonder how it went down. Did the director have to convince the actress to urinate on camera, in front of the entire crew or was she willing to do it easily? How many takes were there? Here is a great version of the clip. Looks like it was ripped from a blu ray: http://celebsroulette.com/videos/41/anna-ammirati-frivolous-lola/?play=true