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  1. What a wonderful story, and such beautiful illustrations. Thank you for creating and sharing this with the community here.
  2. Absolutely not. Your stories are amazing because, as Alfresco says, you dive into how the characters actions affect them. It's not just "A happened, then B happened." There's a rich interior story going on that provides so much more texture to the events.
  3. This was outrageously hot.
  4. Welcome back! I'm happy you created a new account and are continuing this story.
  5. Are you aware of any videos showing this? I've looked for years but not come across much.
  6. This is quality writing and very hot. I loved it when Emily pissed on the door, and the pee seeped through to stain the floor on the other side. I'm looking forward to seeing more!
  7. Destroying her own stuff is good, and I think destroying someone else’s property would be even hotter. I know the logistics of that are a little tricker but it’s fiction after all.
  8. nopjans


    This is a topic of interest to me as well. I’d love to read stories or see any related content that is surfaced.
  9. nopjans


    The only semi-useful purpose for the site anymore for me is to see screenshots of a video to determine if it's worth seeking out elsewhere.
  10. Do you know your mother's approximate age when this happened? Just trying to form the right image in my mind's eye.
  11. I look forward to reading the next installment from you.
  12. Check out her videos on Manyvids for a sample. She’s peed on a dressing room, in a park on benches, in the snowy, etc.
  13. I found a new woman on OnlyFans who enjoys public and naughty peeing. Her name is DocNikkiFlowers. Obviously OnlyFans has its content restrictions but she’s fun to chat with and sells videos under the same name on ManyVids.
  14. Wetting holds no appeal to me personally, but I do enjoy peeing in public when the need and opportunity arise.
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