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  1. Oh, I had forgotten this. But here's the artwork.
  2. Frenchpee was my 1st favourite. There are quite much of their videos in the net, but of course not all of them.
  3. I'm also in, very sharp pictures about the time I was 2-3. But peeing related things happened when I was 5-8. Edit: but I don't know how freely I can write here because family members were involved.
  4. Fellow artist started to draw a picture of a scene like this, I'll upload it when it is ready.
  5. Toilet paper stand might be a difficult thing because it is exposed to weather, but it could deserve a try. This could become a new service sector. If the deceased wished this, a special mourner could be commissioned. Of course, this could also be done on a voluntary basis. She (or he) would come to the cemetery, dressed with dignity, after the grave has been sealed. The toilet paper could be a cloth on which the relatives could order a final greeting. And then she would pee on the grave. This could make a nice photo montage for the relatives. And for the forum.
  6. ... my tombstone should be quite wide that it covers pale and round (ooh...) female ass for a little shelter. And grave itself should be low. It should be paved with some stones that high heels won't get stuck to soil. But not too much stones, I want all that piss get to soil and towards me. I had an idea: it will be so annoying if pee won't reach me, so what if I add a tube from ground level to my coffin? Admins please, remove this if it gets too snuffy, but that tube should have an S-shape to form an smell lock that odors of my rottening corpse won't distract damsels in distress too m
  7. This topic feels quite funny when thinking that the friendliest and most intimate thing a woman could do to me is to empty her bladder on me. I haven't any thoughts about my funeral and grave etc before, because that's something somebody else has to figure out for me. I have solved so much other's problems, so this has been something I haven't took a headache for. But let's think this further: it is a tempting image to have a woman squatting over me, legs wide open, pussy opening a little revealing her peehole, that waiting for her feromone-tainted liquid gold and feeling of her body war
  8. Visual effect is very important, so I prefer spread labia and good view to open or opening peehole. And it is nice to watch pussies and try to find peehole before the stream comes out, some women have more hidden peehole than most. It's maybe dirtiest when the Pisserin spreads her pussy with her fingers... One thing worth of trying are BDSM style toilet boxes. Women, do your pussy lips spread little apart when you sit on toilet seat? Anyway, they seem to do so... Then the peehole is clearly visible and woman can pee naturally, stream is strong and bladder empties well. And again, one very grap
  9. Almost snuff...😉 This curious teenage boy sees or gets involved on scene where an adult woman pees brazenly -stuff is my favourite type of porn scenes.
  10. I think Liliana is the mos brazen and voluptuous heroine in piss-fiction. And I get aroused from female dominance as well.
  11. Lovely... But wetmanjf, I haven't seen video of you and MissPiss. As a huge fan that really caugt my attention. Could you post it once more, please?
  12. Please, don't hurry because of ud but now the wait is long and torturing... I read earlier parts again and I'm almost ovet the edge of rageous m*sturbating. This is the best and inspiring pee story.
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