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  1. Great idea. When I published a book, applying for an ISBN was straightforward, and I think it applied to the publication not the publisher. Have you checked whether the POD companies allow adult content? In some countries, 'golden showers' is unpublishable. I can source some high quality copyright pictures of female urination. Would you accepted branded images? Therefore giving the owners some publicity.
  2. Great story, well told. I bet we all wish we coulda been there ha.
  3. As I was reading this, I was thinking "that sounds just like the men's urinal at Princess Park where I used to go to the footy as a kid", not realising you're from Australia. I wonder if that was it? I remember my dad taking me in there and teaching me how to pee in a urinal, so I must have been like 5 or 6. It stank.
  4. Or even, make out like you're just discovering it. You don't say what aspect you're into, but could you work it into your time together? Like pee in the shower and turn it into something fun, which could lead to asking her to pee on your feet. Or if it's public peeing you're into, tank up then go out with her somewhere and have a pee emergency, no options. Whatever it is, you could bring it up later as "you know this might sound weird, but I keep thinking about what happened the other day and..."
  5. Ha, interesting question. It was a local singer-songwriter who used to have a band but sings solo these days. She has a small but loyal following and a lot of them know Alana so I probably shouldn't reveal her name. And yes I count myself very lucky :)
  6. It was a beautiful warm night tonight, unusually so for Easter, and Alana bought us tickets to see a live show - a singer we used to see a lot when we dated in the late 90's when she was my illicit teenage lover. When I arrived, Alana was already on her second drink, and told me she'd been drinking tea all day - so by the time the show was over, she was ready to pee. She moved to go to the toilet but I waved my finger, and she knew what I meant. After the show I took her round the corner to a car park I knew of, but it was crawling with people so we found an alley and headed down it.
  7. I'd be curious to know what, if any, pee scenarios you fantasise about while masturbating? And if I can ask another, what's the most unusual/inappropriate place you've gotten yourself off?
  8. DrownMeQuick


    Well then I guess I needn't ask about the gif in your avatar either! Which was my next question.
  9. DrownMeQuick


    Ok excuse me for blustering in here like a horny schoolboy but if nobody else is going to ask, I feel I have to: is this a self portrait? It's a great picture.
  10. Excellent stuff. How's the radio going? :)
  11. My pee-artner in crime Alana has now joined this forum and she's loving the stories. I hope she posts herself! Alana was the first person to pee on me - a harmless tinkle on my feet in the shower back in the 90's. It felt pretty wild, I thought we were SO kinky. We've been friends and occasional bonk buddies ever since, and a few years ago she confided that she'd developed a real interest in Omo, so pee came back on the agenda. Last night we met for dinner and drank lots of water (and wine). The restaurant was on the seafront so we took a walk along the boardwalk/pier thing after
  12. You probably lose more water through perspiration, than pee (depending on climate, activity etc). Also, you'd get a buildup of toxins - the stuff your kidneys are trying to get rid of.
  13. And?? Well?? So...?? Please tell me you gave him a cup of....something!
  14. I'm fairly new here and I'm amazed at the number of people who pee on their own carpet, furniture, beds (although I think some of the posts might belong in the Fiction section :)) Anyway I'm a fan of wet & messy but I don't want a house that smells like a public beach urinal. Just this week I cleaned up a massive pee from my hardwood floor by soaking it up with a towel, which I then dropped in the washer and forgot about. A day and a half later, the stench came wafting from the laundry, reminding me to put the washer on. It was so bad I had to wash it twice, and there's still a faint
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