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  1. Speaking as someone who's been involved in film making, it's almost certainly faked. For a production like this, the schedule is tight, time is money, and daylight doesn't wait. Also, multiple takes are almost always needed and a team of 10-20 plus catering isn't going to stand around for an hour waiting for bladders to fill. The actors may have been invited to do it for real but they would have been fitted with bags and tubes to make sure they get the shot. Good scene though, and hopefully helps break down the taboo and we see more of it!
  2. Great story, well told. I definitely would have been the perv loitering at the stairwell with a phone on my ear. But wait, you're not supposed to peek at the urinals?
  3. Great story. Can I ask, what age group are your students, and what was the subject of the day?
  4. Wait, the sink? Isn't that like 750mm, at least, off the ground? Or do you climb up and squat over it?
  5. Enjoyed your description a lot Sophie. Next time, measuring cup!
  6. It could even have a heater, to deliver the pee at 36.5 degrees. (98.4 if you're one of those who hasn't woken up to the benefits of the metric system)
  7. Alana and I were due to get together Thursday night. So at about midday I thought I'd get a head start, and set a challenge. She once told me she'd like to be my pee slave, and now was the time. I started by asking her, via txt, where she was at, out of 10 (1 = I just peed, and 10 = it's flooding out, I can't stop it), and whether she was working from home or the office. Turns out she was working from home and her family were all out, and she was at level 5. Great start. I ordered her to fill two large glasses and drink them. We both had work to do so I instructed her to keep w
  8. Who'd want to go to heaven anyway? It's full of god fearing Christians. All the best people are down below - and a few arseholes, admittedly. Nothing a bit of face pee wouldn't fix.
  9. I'd really like my epitaph to read "Ladies, please feel welcome to squat right here and water me". Am I going to hell?
  10. Welcome! I've done a similar thing with panties. Never met the girl, but she sends me dirty pictures and videos (for $). One night she sent me a video of her masturbating in panties then did a dead drop in a nearby park for me. I never thought of bottled pee but I might hit her up, I'm sure she'd totally go for it! Try seekignarrangement.com, but ease into it. Any girl would be freaked if you came right out with it, you need to build trust. Besides, you're not supposed to make that kind of arrangement, so you need to be chatting with her off the site before you propose a cash deal.
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