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  1. Chapter 12. A Prophecy Fulfilled? One year later… Courtney stood behind her podium in the auditorium full of teenage girls. She felt nervous in front of the crowd, but at least her nether regions were shielded from view, lest she fail to “make it through” her presentation. She waited for the room to quiet down and then began. “Did you know that boys’ and girls’ urinary tracts are virtually identical at birth, save for the final portion?” A hand shot up immediately. “So then, why are we naturally incontinent?” “That’s just it,” Courtney replied. “I’m not sure we are.”
  2. Chapter 11. Revelations The next morning, Kyle and Courtney sat in her living room, by her invitation. She shared a story. “When I was thirteen years old, Jenny slept over. We talked late into the night, mostly about boys. But at one point I left to change my diaper, and when I returned, she asked, ‘Have you ever tried the toilet instead?’ I told her, ‘Here or there in an emergency—never on purpose,’ and with a gleam in her eye, she said, ‘We should try it!’ So we made a pact that the next day we’d attempt to pee only on the toilet and never in our diapers.” “I always wondered
  3. Chapter 10. Lovers’ Quarrels Courtney continued to mull over her night out with Kyle. Though she hated to admit it, his scheming had revealed a degree of control she hadn’t known she possessed. She stood reminded that learning to ride a bicycle required ditching the training wheels and climbing on, despite the fear of falling. That night, though, had also brought her face-to-face with the jagged pavement. What if there were no alley, no urinal, no cup—nothing but her clothes to absorb the hot mess, as the whole room looked on? While she appreciated the sentiment, Kyle’s confidence in her
  4. Chapter 9. Raising the Bar, part 2 So that’s why Kyle wanted her in a diaper. If she had kept her pull-up dry all night, Courtney never would have needed to change into this. The bastard must have known all the dispensers would be empty in a jam-packed club. No matter, she would just ask a stranger for a spare. She began to mouth the request, but then paused. A moment ago, this whole diaper scene disgusted her, and now she was stooping further below that—to be the girl incapable even of managing her own supply? She shoved her feet through the panty’s leg-holes in defiance. Yet
  5. I remember on this or another board, folks were discussing girls/women trying to pee in the toilet while standing up and facing it, like a guy would. Someone asked who had tried it, and a woman responded with something to the effect of, "Hasn't everyone at some point?" I was wondering to what extent that is true: Do most girls, at some point in their lives, try peeing in the toilet standing up--maybe because they know a male sibling does it that way, or simply out of sheer curiosity? Relatedly, have you tried it? And if so, what was the result?
  6. Chapter 8. Raising the Bar, part 1 Courtney and Kyle lay in bed, basking in the morning sun that pierced the windows. “So, should I?” she asked. “Do you wanna?” he replied. “Okay…what color?” “I say, pink.” Courtney went to shower and soon reemerged in a robe. “Are you ready?” Kyle nodded. “Ta da!” She parted the flaps, revealing pink panties and a floral lace bra to match. “See how slim my hips look?” She spun in front of him, the robe dropping to the floor. “Hmm, let me inspect.” He brought his hand to her rear and squeezed the softly yielding f
  7. Chapter 7. Intimate Confessions A thick silence loomed over breakfast the next morning. Whenever Kyle looked at Courtney, she would avert her gaze, and when she looked back at him, he would avert his. She shifted in her seat. For the first time in weeks, she hadn’t even tried to pee this morning. She’d simply swapped her overnight for a dry diaper, resigned to her need to wear it—as last night had made so painfully clear. Then they both began talking at once. “You go first,” said Courtney. “No, you.” “I’m really sorry about the dress,” was all she managed to say.
  8. Chapter 6. Birthday Adventures Over time, Courtney improved at peeing on cue. Certain techniques helped, such as running the faucet or picturing Niagara Falls. At times, though, her body still refused to cooperate—and she would emerge from the bathroom anxious and distracted. If circumstance allowed it, she would restart her timer and try again every 20 minutes until she managed to pee. More typically, though, she’d be out and about, or Kyle would be around, leaving her no option but to nervously await the impending flood. Every so often, she would gaze at a pair of panties and muse
  9. Chapter 5. Potty-Training, Take Two Each night Courtney practiced her pelvic floor exercises. By week’s end, she could reproduce Monday’s result with some consistency, but voluntary contraction still eluded her. That part of her body felt so disconnected from her mind that she might as easily lifted a spoon through telekinesis. Until one day, it happened—at work of all places. She’d been practicing behind her desk, searching and searching for that lost neural connection—when, miraculously, it fired. The faintest tremor, but she felt it plain and clear. “Got all that, Courtney?
  10. Chapter 4. A Prophecy Foretold Courtney placed her toilet aspirations on hold while she awaited the doctor’s advice. On Sunday, Kyle had checked the sheets and announced condescendingly, “All dry this morning—nice, sweetie!” To her, he had almost seemed disappointed. Well, he better get used to it. Now she sat waiting in the examination room, staring at all the scary equipment. Most of it looked similar to the gynecologist’s, with stirrups and a swiveling funnel and—she averted her eyes. At last the door swung open, and in walked a tall blonde lady in a white lab coat. “Allison
  11. Chapter 3. Potty-Training “Hi honey!” Courtney called when she arrived at Kyle’s place that evening. “How was the game?” Then she smelled the wafting aroma. She found Kyle in the kitchen, a goofy grin across his face. “You didn’t watch it, did you? Never even planned to. You cooked for me instead!” She kissed him on the cheek. “What’s gotten into you lately?” Dinner was exquisite; he even served wine. In the few months they’d been dating, he’d never done anything like this. Could it mark a new turn in their relationship? One thing led to another, and Courtney soon found herself
  12. Chapter 2. Saturday Memories Courtney awoke the next morning to the smell of bacon. “Good morning, sleepyhead!” Kyle beamed, holding out a steaming plate. “Oh, you shouldn’t have!” She wiped the sleep from her eyes. “Want to eat in bed?” he asked. “Um, let me change first.” Courtney peered under the covers and felt around. No leaks, thank goodness, but her overnight was plenty full. It felt cold and damp against her skin—not the most pleasant thing to wake up to. The plastic sheets squeaked a bit as she scooched off the bed. A few minutes later, she was back unde
  13. Thank you to all for the positive comments. After mulling over the feedback offered here and elsewhere, I've created revised versions of each of the chapters. As the editing time limit has expired, I've begun posting them in a new thread. Most of the changes are minor--corrected spelling, improved wording, etc. In later chapters, I tried to emphasize her desperation a bit more--allowing her to struggle before her bladder lets go. That felt more realistic to me. Relatedly, after timing myself walking between different rooms in my house, I realized I needed to increase her holding times to
  14. A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy by brucejedi Numerous posts on omorashi.org inspired this story. The most immediate is Noface’s “An Inconvenient Entanglement” that imagines a world where all women are assumed incontinent. Readers will notice many similarities between his “green” world and mine, though also some important differences. A second inspiration comes from stories where girls must wait until adolescence to toilet-train, and thus experience it as a rite of passage. Satyr’s magnificent “Developmental Biology” is the best example I know. Both story types normalize female incontinenc
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