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  1. She has embraced that side recently and loving it.. just getting her into it slowly so I dont scare her lol. She has sat on my face and made me drink it all twice so far.
  2. This is about my personal weird fetishes for pee.. I’ve always had very particular fetishes in general.. Chime in if you’d like to add any or comment on mine! Refrain from “ew gross” believe me I already know Im weird haha My gf is a big part of my fantasy. I’d like if she would pee on the bathroom floor and make me lick it up while she is over me. Pee all over the bathroom, everywhere and make me clean it up for her. Wake me up at night/morning and use me instead if the bathroom because she don’t feel like getting out of bed. I have a strong fantasy of a
  3. Humiliation peeing.. Forced to wet themself… locked in a cage, stuck in elevator type scenarios
  4. Normal: Drinks from a big glass bottle and thinks nothing of it Me: I can’t wait to finish all this so I can keep the bottle to fill it up later Normal: Pees and it’s dark yellow - wow I need to drink more I’m dehydrated Me: That would be harsh to drink, let me drink more water
  5. Thank you lol it’s much harder than it looks I promise lol
  6. Vaginal ? I wonder if it’s healthy to do this I’d be interested in it.
  7. Still pretty new to the forum but I finally made an Erome account and here is my first video. Me pissing and driving at the same time. I managed to fill my bottle up about 18ish ounces after holding all morning. https://www.erome.com/a/OEAe8vYb
  8. My partner knows and has indulged a little into this kink.. if she gets some liquor in her she lets me do almost anything I want she’s very submissive so I’ve took videos of me peeing in her drinks and gave them to her.. she will drink it all too. I also tell her all the time to not wipe after she’s done peeing let me lick it up lol. She only has let me a couple times but I know ima get her to do a lot more 💪🏽👍🏽 I’m pretty persuasive lol.
  9. When she’s peeing in the bathroom and you’re beside her joke around “can I wipe for you?” Or “that sounds nice, let me watch?” I’ve had mine not wipe then I lick her clean .. then she ended up eventually letting me piss in her drinks when she’s drunk enough 👍🏽
  10. I have the urge to take a nice sized bottle in the shower with me and fill it as much as I can and dump in over my head letting it run down my face and body .. I’ve only did this once lol
  11. One of my exes was giving me head and kept hitting the top of my dick in a way it made me have a piss sensation.. I thought I was going to cum and bam I start pissing In her mouth.. she swallowed it all and looked me me “did you just pee in my mouth?” ... I said no lol but it was a weird sensation of pee and cum so I wasn’t exactly sure at the moment.. also was embarrassed.
  12. Same here, love peeing in cups for a couple reasons. 1 is I think very hard if I want to drink it or not I will always take a sip to try the taste .. 2 is I love to see the volume and a cup is a great way to measure that 💪🏽 I’ve filled up Gatorade bottles and still needed more room that always makes me feel good
  13. Ever thought about maybe having a heater or a fan next to you so that it can dry the bed out a little bit.. maybe keep your sheets dry with the heater or fan and don’t wash them for a few days see how it adds up. Good luck, love to hear about the wetting .
  14. I’m new and also from Ohio. Hope to hear and see more from you ! 😘
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