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    Michigan/Florida (Snowbird)
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    Married straight male (although have experience at passive bi and liked it enough so I would never say never- just not a priority for me). I never considered pee games until a girlfriend wanted to hold my penis while I peed- I was 17 and she was 16 and that was almost 40 years ago. Then she wanted me to watch her pee... I was to stupid and naive to understand what she was offering me and we broke up a few weeks later for reasons I can't recall. But it was that memory that stuck with me and gnawed at my sexual core... in other words, I became hooked on female pee. The rest, they say, is history. Btw, I'm not here just looking for a hook-up- if it happens, great! But I am looking to connect with like-minded folks.

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    I love watching pee spray out of vaginas and feeling its warmth wetness..
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    At work, my co-worker would occasionally invite me into her office (which had its own bathroom) and she would sit on it with legs spread as wide as she could to let me watch her pee. I would sit on the floor and get a bird's eye close-up view and it got better later- But that's another story for another time...

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  1. Wow, I LOVE that clit... my mouth waters every time I see you spread your lips to expose that plump nubbin😛💖
  2. My favorite... my nose, tongue, and lips have access to the entire region..
  3. Theo


    Welcome! Michigan male myself- (well, 6 months MI and 6 months FL-- snowbird😎). Lots of stories, personalities, and pics to choose from. Enjoy!
  4. ✋ I had a girlfriend back in my youth who had a very large clit (a solid inch) and long labia. She was very self conscious about it. She had a tough time in gym class she admitted. However, once when she finally realized I was telling the truth and absolutely loved her pussy, she relaxed and let me play down there practically at will. I LOVED it. Her clit would get erect and stick out like a small dick when she was aroused. She claimed it was very sensitive. I miss it and her labia terribly.
  5. I prefer clearer to darker (concentrated). There's still enough aroma yet the urea is not so concentrated that if I swallow, it won't be as upsetting to the stomach. Warm/hot and wet with a hint of pee smell... its' the best. 😊
  6. Theo


    That gal in the top left is so sexy and I can't define why...??? I just know I got an erection...
  7. I'm a sucker for redheads 🥰
  8. Amateur both vids AND images is the ONLY type of porn I like.
  9. Not so much skill as practice. Practice that one doesn't mind doing..😁
  10. This video of me is unique in that I was able to film myself peeing both urine and semen at the same time. NOT easy to do. It requires me to masturbate continuously for 2-3 hours edging myself for extended periods of time constantly. I do that usually at my computer reading Peefans posts/pics 😍 All the while however, I need to keeping drinking enough fluids to keep my bladder filled in case I need to empty some before I'm "ready". You can see how aroused I am by how taut my scrotal sac becomes. Once my bladder is full enough to make it urgent but not desperate, it's at this point I need to mas
  11. She's all puckered up just waiting for me to kiss her........<sigh>
  12. While not a prude, I tried to keep the title somewhat socially acceptable without being over the top. None-the-less, this is a short video I took of myself while enjoying an afternoon of masturbation and pee play. The background is fairly simple. My fantasy revolves around me having a female friend over and after a long period of foreplay (this is where I masturbate typically for an hour or more and practice edging for extended periods of time as well). My fantasy then evolves into me imagining watching her pee into a container or a glass (which is what I actually do because, remember, I'm fan
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