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    Married straight male (although have experience at passive bi and liked it enough so I would never say never- just not a priority for me). I never considered pee games until a girlfriend wanted to hold my penis while I peed- I was 17 and she was 16 and that was almost 40 years ago. Then she wanted me to watch her pee... I was to stupid and naive to understand what she was offering me and we broke up a few weeks later for reasons I can't recall. But it was that memory that stuck with me and gnawed at my sexual core... in other words, I became hooked on female pee. The rest, they say, is history. Btw, I'm not here just looking for a hook-up- if it happens, great! But I am looking to connect with like-minded folks.

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    I love watching pee spray out of vaginas and feeling its warmth wetness..
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    At work, my co-worker would occasionally invite me into her office (which had its own bathroom) and she would sit on it with legs spread as wide as she could to let me watch her pee. I would sit on the floor and get a bird's eye close-up view and it got better later- But that's another story for another time...

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  1. Whichever way he can come out to play unencumbered. Through the shorts leg, through the zipper, over the top, doesn't matter....
  2. That's not entirely true...😉 I remember, as a kid, I sometimes would pee in the bathtub. I would lay on my back with my penis looking up at me and I would pee and fill my belly button lol. It would give me an erection even though I had no idea why my penis got stiff. All I knew then as a very young boy was it felt "good" (for lack of a better term). I didn't do it all the time and I eventually outgrew it. When my first girlfriend turned me on to peeing games, (she liked to hold me while I peed, and she liked it when I would get on my knees in front of her while she sat on the toilet so I
  3. Back early in my life (before my wife and I were married), we used to go camping at a popular inland lake park. One night about 1:00 a.m. we walked out to the beach and sat down by a tree close to the water. I was able to talk her into sitting on my lap and pee on my cock- which she did. She had just guided my cock into her pussy when over her shoulder I could see another couple in the moonlight strolling the beach towards us. I told my (not-yet) wife to stop moving and they might not even see us. Wrong. The lady saw us an immediately turned her partner in another direction. I heard him ask "w
  4. Frequently and for the same reason as seems to be common here- brushing my teeth lol. However, I also frequently will masturbate/edging with a full bladder and do little squirts into the sink as well as I've talked about before on other thread topics here.
  5. Talk about a microcosm of society. The responses were fascinating to say the least...
  6. One of the greatest turn-ons for me is when I would go down on a girl and she had a full bush. I couldn't wait to bury my face in it cause I knew I was in for a treat. Very rarely was I disappointed. Ladies' pussy fur retains ALL her scents and smells... her own personal female scent as well as prior pee smell. There is no better fragrance or taste imo then a musky female scent sprinkled with her own previous pee drops mixed in. I get aroused just thinking about previous encounters...
  7. We always hold up our hand and point to the corresponding placement of where we live...😉
  8. My impression, with all due respect, is that you are making a huge mistake in your thinking. You state that many years ago she "...was tempted to do it but then bottled it at the last minute." That fact that she has never brought it up since on her own and that she is VERY well aware of your desires, tells me (and should you) she has NO desire to partake. Trying to "convince" her or "persuade" her would or might put undo strain on your relationship imo. My wife accommodated me many many years ago in this very endeavor at my suggestion. But I was soon aware that she was doing it out of love for
  9. I presently walk a minimum 5 miles a day and upper body weight workouts every other day. I will confirm that it IS hard to get/maintain "shape" as you get older. Now it's less about getting into shape and more about just slowing the process down.
  10. Welcome aboard!
  11. Several times daily- but I only cum about once a week. I'm a devotee of the exercise of edging. Of course, that also includes doing it with a full or near full bladder...
  12. Several times by different girlfriends- always their idea too-😊 Lucky I guess...
  13. Probably the strangest place would be on a grave in a cemetery....
  14. That sucks...and is kinda rare too- for a guy to be fighting a UTI. Wish you the best.
  15. That pool gal.....................mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm😘
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