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  1. Thank you! ❤️
  2. I post on there as a user 😘 everything I post there I generally post here too though! https://www.reddit.com/u/WinterAzaleaa
  3. Something I saw on Instagram… lol
  4. Thank you! Will do ☺️ It’s based on my real life relationship with my girlfriend. This didn’t happen (yet), but it totally could!
  5. My mom encouraged me to pee outside a lot. I was too shy to do it then, but she worked outdoors in construction so it was a common, casual thing for her. I remember going to a fair with her when I was in high school and she told me we should just pee in the parking lot because the portapotties would be crowded. I didn’t pee, but my mom did, right next to our car in the crowded lot. I was shocked! She encouraged me to piss, but I was really shy back then!
  6. The only person I’ve ever told (outside of this site/Reddit/fetlife lol) is my current girlfriend. I didn’t tell her until a month or so after we started dating and she admitted it to me first! We were both happy to find that we share a lot of the same kinks!
  7. I’ve noticed that in some videos too. Personally I only use 2-3 squares and I’m completely dry with just that lol
  8. My girlfriend and I did do some topless sunbathing at a beach recently though!
  9. She’s 100% submissive, and doesn’t- she likes to get peed on by me, but has 0 interest in peeing on me. 🙂
  10. How I dressed while working today (I work from home). I wonder how people would feel if they knew this was how their Tech Support was dressed? ;)
  11. This is honestly a great way to spend my day, I thought. If only I didn’t need to pee so badly. Tapping my foot on the floor to distract myself from my aching bladder, I waited for my girlfriend to turn around. She was currently pulling a short, tight black dress over her head. Only 10 more items for her to try on. I'm starting to regret that I did this to myself, I thought. For our date tonight, I had chosen to take her to the mall, pick a few outfits for her to try on, and buy my favorite for her to wear out to dinner tonight. It was a great afternoon until I needed to pee, tried to stop at
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