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  1. Nice piss! You have a really nice glans, by the way.
  2. It's good that you are not ashamed of your penis. We can't choose our penis size so we must make do with what we get. Rock on, dude!
  3. Do you really feel that you shouldn't be peeing outdoors in a place like a bush, a tree or some grass? I think those places are pretty okay to pee on and most people would agree.
  4. Yes I definitely have an "opening" most of the time but sometimes my dick is shriveled up (I'm a grower, sometimes a little bigger and sometimes pretty small when flaccid depending on stuff like temperature) and then I have foreskin hanging off the end.
  5. I dunno how many flaccid dicks you have seen but living in a country where being uncut is the norm and having showered in public showers many times, foreskin covering the entire glans seems pretty usual.
  6. Yep. Uncircumcised and I have a pretty long foreskin.
  7. The hissing only happens when I pee through my foreskin. I usually retract the foreskin though, I find I get better aim that way.
  8. Is landing strip style pubic hair considered "hairy" these days? Lol
  9. This is true equality. Women getting the urinal experience too.
  10. These work really well. Always a pleasure to use a urinal with one of these in it.
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