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  1. I like a good stainless steel trough urinal. Peeing in water is also nice, like a small pond, puddle or a ditch.
  2. I will be posting some pissing pictures/videos here every now and then. Today I I was driving to work and felt the need to pee so I pulled over to a rest area and pissed on a tree:
  3. It's perfectly understandable. Not sure if it's a thing where you live but going to a naturist beach or resort or something like that could help make nudity feel less awkward. You get to see all kinds of bodies (including penises) and realize that there's nothing to be ashamed about.
  4. Okay, sorry about that. I just thought it fit well into my penis size topic. My girlfriend once commented that my penis looks "narrow" while giving a blowjob. She tried to assure me that it was just a thoughtless comment, she feels bad about saying it and that my cock is actually great. It has left me a bit insecure still and I would like your guys opinions on it.
  5. Don't get me wrong, I still think troughs are a bit embarrassing but I always use one instead of the stall as I feel using it makes me feel more manly and confident. Yeah, there's a lot of (usually not explicit) comparing of genitals between guys in locker rooms, urinals, showers etc. and it can feel awkward to be naked (or have your penis out like at a urinal) around other men. I used to feel awkward showering in groups also when I was younger but luckily I'm over that too.
  6. Not sure if this counts as big but it's mine. Do you think the girth looks fine?
  7. Yeah, I realize that but it still felt awkward to me back then. A girl seeing my penis or something like that was a very embarrassing thought in my head back then, lol. I've gotten over it a long time ago, though. I also hated public restrooms with urinals as a kid because it just felt so awkward to pee next to other boys/men, especially if it was a trough urinal.
  8. He said stuff like "It's summer now, you don't have to go inside to pee, you can just find a tree or a bush on the yard." And I meant that peeing outside felt awkward as a kid to me: it felt awkward to do something private like that "in public". I was nervous that someone could see me and it was especially embarrassing in my mind that there was a possibility that a girl could see me peeing, lol. I only started appreciating peeing outdoors when I was a bit older like 11-12 years old.
  9. I definitely get what you mean about more urinals being more comfortable. It's sometimes awkward when the restroom is small and there is only 2 urinals very close to each other, lol. I personally think there should be either 1 urinal, 3 urinals or more than three so that proper "urinal etiquette" can be followed (leaving one urinal empty unless it is very crowded and there's a lot of guys needing to pee).
  10. My dad encouraged outside peeing but it always felt awkward to me compared to a toilet. I've only grown to like peeing outside when I was a bit older.
  11. Loller

    Penis size

    Yep. I honestly hate the whole idea that a man's worth is tied to his penis size and how prevalent size shaming is.
  12. Loller

    Penis size

    Time to bump this up. What do you people think about the idea that smaller guys must be compensating for their "shortcoming"? Like buying an expensive car, working out etc. I personally think the whole idea is stupid.
  13. Briefs with a fly for taking the penis out for a pee😎
  14. I see troughs mostly in some bars. And you are absolutely right how embarrassing it feels to just stand there at a trough with your dick in hand and no pee coming out. Happened many times when I was younger but I got over it.
  15. Shemales using the urinal. Would be really hot to have some porn that opens up with a scene of a shemale pissing next to some guys at a trough in a men's room at a bar.
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