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    I’ve always had a piss fetish.. it turns me on so much to think about someone filling me up with their pee and I really hope to find someone who will someday

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    Naughty peeing, filling a diaper with pee, watching someone get filled with pee
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    hasn’t happened yet

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  1. yeah j definitely understand about the self conscious part. i used to feel that way but it’s my little secret and it’s kinda hot that way. but yeah i love the warmth it’s my favorite part.
  2. love this! it does feel so good to keep on and re-wet. i like wetting mine a couple times before i take it off
  3. Does anyone enjoy wetting themselves in a diaper and then wearing the dirty diaper for a while?
  4. i really enjoyed this story! super turn on
  5. this is awesome! i would love if one of my friends said that to me
  6. This is really hot. I love that you wet them again when you got home
  7. This is such an amazing story! I love how it got on the mans bag that was underneath your chair.. so hot!! Thanks for sharing this!
  8. JayLove

    new here

    hey there thanks 🙂 how were you thinkin?
  9. JayLove

    new here

    Hey i’m new here. looking for someone to hopefully have some fun with sending videos and possibly video chatting showing each other peeing
  10. Hey 👋 I’m also new here. love watching people pee and i love taking videos of myself peeing. would love to get filled up with pee someday
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