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  1. Another great read. It would be nice to see some more of them. What other kind of places they trash. Seeing them at a college dorm party or a wedding reception would be cool.
  2. Looking forward to the second part.
  3. Another great story. I love how casual his mother is. I love to see her soak something even naughtier. Looking forward to your next part.
  4. Another great instalment. I’d love to see his mom pee somewhere really naughty in his sister’s room. Maybe his mom could also surprise him by peeing somewhere really naughty in his room. Looking forward to the next chapter.
  5. Really enjoying this series, hope you post some more. Would love to see more naughty spots like Sina peeing on the books.
  6. Probably not for a while. I have several other stories I'd rather continue first depending on time. I'm probably going to finally finish Amazon Mom Part 3 next when I can.
  7. Features: Naughty peeing, Public peeing, Sexual acts. I will never forget the night my life changed forever. I was eighteen, in my last year of high school. I was a reedy little punk of a kid. I’d never been a hit with the ladies and I figured that wouldn’t change until I had a high paying job later in life. I was too shy to try anyway. The security in the bars near my city’s college was a little lax. I was able to sneak in every now and again. This story takes place on one such night. I was lurking by the counter with my drink when I heard a voice cut through the crowd. “What a
  8. Yeah, there's some good stuff on her onlyfans. You have to pay again to get most of her videos. She has a video of her peeing on a hotel bed. There was a cropped version on her youtube channel. It's not the longest pee, but it's nice. Most of the stuff on her onlyfans is just nudity or peeing on the toilet though.
  9. I think that sounds like a pretty great story idea. I'd definitely enjoy it. I think it's fine if you mention the past. There are other stories here where people think about their childhoods. Obviously erotic actions by a minor would be too much, but since you're not doing that I don't see the problem. We're not eroticizing a child, it's a fully grown woman who is the center of our attention.
  10. The weekly training camp at Extreme Muscles Gym was beginning to wind down. There were five regular members of the training camp, plus a new member who had joined the previous week. Irons were pumping, bodies were sweating and everyone was getting a good workout. The members of the class were as follows. Irene, a thirty-six-year-old mother who attended the class to maintain her physique. She had red hair, an athletic, if not quite slim, figure, and a pleasant face. Alex, a twenty-three-year-old who worked as a stripper in a local club. Alex had blonde hair with red highlights. She was thi
  11. I finished another story a couple of days ago, but I've been too busy to edit it. Thanks for all the feedback, it really makes me want to write more. I'll try to get another couple stories up by the end of the week.
  12. This is the second part of the story, if you want to read the first part here it is. Part One. I hope you enjoy the story. Last time I told you about the the first peeing experience with my girlfriend Elizabeth. I mentioned we had plenty more experiences. Well, after pissing on my favourite stuffed animal, the next time really spiced things up. We decided to do something about Elizabeth’s fetish, the one she had told me about. Exhibitionism. We took a bus down the highway to a city a few hours away from where we lived. We didn’t want anyone to recognize us. Elizabeth was wearing a tr
  13. Lovely story. Raven said you used to pee on things because you could. Can you tell us about any naughty objects you peed on just because you could?
  14. You should also share some of her stories on the forum.
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