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  1. Lovely story. Raven said you used to pee on things because you could. Can you tell us about any naughty objects you peed on just because you could?
  2. You should also share some of her stories on the forum.
  3. This one's a bit shorter than my usual stories, but I'm pretty happy with it. I'm probably going to work on the next Amazon Mom chapter soon. I hope you enjoy my story! As a musician once said, what you’ve been looking for has been here the whole time. It wasn’t until I returned for college that I realized I had feelings for my best friend Elizabeth. However, realizing I had feelings for her was just the beginning. We’d known each other since we were children. She lived a few houses down from me. We used to walk over and visit each other all the time. Our houses were on the edge of a forest, which had a small creek we turning into our own paradise. I couldn’t count the number of days we spent just splashing through those waters. I could talk to Elizabeth about anything; the same was true for her. We both saw other people while we were friends. Mostly I was only in it for the sex. Who can blame me? I was a horny teenager. I never really cared about any of the girls I was with. I thought I did, but when I think back, it was all pretty meaningless. We went to separate colleges, but we kept in contact. We spent a lot of time together during the summers. I had a few more girlfriends, nothing that lasted more than a year. It wasn’t long after I finished my undergraduate I got the call. Elizabeth had been seeing one guy for a couple years. The way she talked about him it sounded pretty serious. Well, she called me at three a.m. to tell me he had been cheating on her for almost a year. She had just found out. I could tell she was devastated. She was still at her college, but I hopped in my car and drove to see her immediately. I helped her clear her things out of their apartment, then I drove her home. I spent the next few days trying to cheer her up. I don’t know why it happened exactly, but one evening I was looking at her and it all just snapped into focus. I realized what I’d been missing. Well, one thing led to another and we ended up getting together. The sex was great, the chemistry was there. We were the perfect couple. We dated for a month before we started opening up about our more extreme sexual desires. We sat down in the living room and just began to talk. We’d always shared secrets, but there are some things we hadn’t revealed yet. Elizabeth admitted her last boyfriend had gotten her into exhibitionism. She loved getting naked in public and she didn’t care who saw. There were a few other fetishes that turned her on, like being eaten out, but that was the big one. Then it was my turn to share. It was the beginning of a memory I will never forget. We were both sitting on the same couch, both wearing metal shirts and jeans. Elizabeth had just finished telling me how she liked to be on top. I should explain what Elizabeth looks like. She’s five foot four with brown hair and freckles. She doesn’t have a lot upstairs, but she has a great ass. She goes to the gym several times a week so her figure is lovely. She has big blue eyes and a radiant smile I can’t get enough of. She fits the figure of the girl next door perfectly. “Your turn!” said Elizabeth. I told her about a few minor fantasies of mine. I made sure to tell her I thought her exhibitionism was hot. Elizabeth kept pressing me. “You’re holding something back.” she stated. She could read me like a book. “It’s pretty weird.” I admitted. Elizabeth laughed. God I love it when she does that. “Nothing will surprise me.” I hesitated. Was this the right moment? Would it screw things up? I swallowed hard. My decision was made. “I’m into peeing.” I admitted. “Oh.” said Elizabeth. “Well, I figured as much.” “Huh?” was all my dumb brain could muster. “Remember back at Daniel’s birthday party?” she explained. “I told you I peed in the pool and you couldn’t take your eyes off me. Your dick got really hard.” “You remember that?” I managed. It was back in the twelfth grade. We’d gone to one of our friend’s birthdays. The whole house was packed; the bathrooms were full. I was hanging out with Elizabeth in the pool. She was fidgeting around and I asked her what was wrong. She told me there was a huge line for the bathroom and she couldn’t wait. Her only option was to pee in the pool. I watched her crotch as a faint yellow cloud formed around it. It was one of the hottest experiences of my life. I’d already been into peeing before then, but if I hadn’t, I think it would have changed that day. “It stuck with me.” stated Elizabeth. We chatted for a while before Elizabeth started fidgeting. I couldn’t help but focus my eyes on her crotch. “I have to pee.” she said. “I can see that.” “I thought we could try one of your fetishes, later we can try some of mine.” explained Elizabeth. “Want to watch me?” “Of course.” I replied. This was a dream come true. Elizabeth started leading me towards the bathroom. I had to stop her. “As great as it would be to see you go in the bathroom. It’s way hotter if you pee on something naughty.” I said. “Would that be okay?” Elizabeth bit her lip. “Sure. What were you thinking?” I held up my hands. “Wait here a moment.” I turned and sprinted up the stairs. Elizabeth called out behind me. “Don’t take too long! I might piss all over your floor” That stiffened my cock even harder. I ran up to the attic and started searching for something Elizabeth could use. It couldn’t be something boring. I’d never had a girlfriend willing to pee for me before. I had to make it count. Finally I found something. It took a second for me to decide if it was worth it. I figured I wanted to see her Elizabeth on what I had more than I cared about it. I brought it downstairs with me. Elizabeth was bouncing up and down at the bottom of the stairs. I showed her my prize. Elizabeth’s eyes widened. “Mr. Bunster! I can’t pee on that!” I was holding my favourite childhood stuffed animal. A rabbit in a tuxedo I had carried around with me for years. Eventually my mother had put a stop to that, but he had a place on my bed until I left for college. “It’s my toy.” I stated. “Come on. It would be so hot.” “But he’ll be ruined.” replied Elizabeth. “We’ll find another use for him.” I said. Elizabeth looked reluctant, but she took Mr. Bunster from me. We walked into the bathroom together with our victim in tow. “God, I remember you used to go everywhere with this thing.” said Elizabeth. She had a wistful look on her face. “You’re sure you’re okay with this?” “I’m sure.” I assured her. Elizabeth shrugged. She set Mr. Bunster down in the bathtub. She fidgeted for a second before she took her pants off. I admired the way her tight rump looked when she stepped into the tub. Elizabeth squatted down over Mr. Bunster. I got in close so I could see. Nothing happened for a moment. Elizabeth had a look of concentration on her face. “I’m trying, but it’s hard.” she stated. “I really have to go; it’s just not coming out. I’ve never peed like this in front of someone.” “You’ll manage.” I assured her. “What about the pool?” “I wasn’t doing that to turn you on.” said Elizabeth. “Besides, peeing in the pool is easy.” I didn’t have a good response to that. “Remember when we used to have tea parties with our stuffed animals?” asked Elizabeth. “You had Mr. Bunster and I had Timmy the Teddy.” “I remember.” I replied. We made a bit of small talk while Elizabeth tried to pee. Knowing Elizabeth was attempting to urinate on my childhood stuffed animal while she chatted with me was exhilarating. She was reminiscing about the past when it happened. A spurt of piss shot out of Elizabeth’s pussy onto Mr. Bunster’s tuxedo. The fabric greedily absorbed the liquid. Elizabeth cut off from what she had been saying. “Oh my god, it’s coming!” she cried. Elizabeth released another stream of pee. Some of it splashed on to Mr. Bunster, but most of it hit the bathtub floor in front of him. Elizabeth pushed him up so he would receive a more direct stream. Her piss began to spray out in a steady flow. My girlfriends piss was blasting directly over Mr. Bunster’s face. His fur grew sodden under the deluge. Elizabeth laughed as she directed her piss over Mr. Bunster’s head and body. “I can’t believe I’m pissing on your stuffed bunny!” she exclaimed. “I’m soaking him!” “Fuck yes you are.” I said. I got my cock out and started stroking it as I watched. “This feels so good.” sighed Elizabeth. She must have really had to go, because her piss showed no signs of slowing down. Her stream splattered off Mr. Bunster and hit the sides of the tub. Elizabeth’s piss had fully soaked through the stuffed bunny at this point. Streams of pee dripped off his soaked fur. “He’s going to be destroyed.” stated Elizabeth. I was nearing a climax as I watched her ruin my stuffed animal. Her piss was finally beginning to weaken. She must have peed for at least forty seconds. I didn’t know how such a small girl could have such a huge bladder. Elisabeth’s stream died down, but she kept squatting over Mr. Bunster for a few more moments. She spurted another short burst of pee onto him, then started shaking her ass up and down. I came with a load gasp. “Pass me some toilet paper.” she said. I shook my head. “No need.” I stepped into the tub and got down on my knees. Elizabeth stood up so I could start eating her out. I licked the piss off her legs and pussy before I went in. Elizabeth started moaning as I stuck my tongue into her pissy pussy. Her piss was salty and delicious. When combined with her juices it was intoxicating. I dug into her until she loudly orgasmed. We both knelt in the piss filled bathtub, panting with exertion. Elizabeth looked at Mr. Bunster’s sodden form. “What are we going to do with him?” she asked. “Forget about him.” I stated. I grabbed Elizabeth by the hand and pulled her into the bedroom. We screwed like rabbits all night. It wasn’t the last experience I had with Elizabeth, but our first experiment with pissing will always hold a place in my heart.
  4. I'm actually planning a different story right now. Once I write that I'll work on the sequel. Things have just been busy recently.
  5. I love it when a girl laughs while she pees.
  6. When it’s a really hot girl/she peeing somewhere naughty, but the camera zooms all the way in on her crotch so you can’t see anything.
  7. Part two of the story. I was busy all week so I didn't have a lot of time to work on it. As always there is extreme vandalism in this. I hope you enjoy. Claire wanted to fill up before we went to the next location. She said it would be best if we were in and out of the place, but she still wouldn't tell me where we were going. We stopped at an old pub called the Red House to have breakfast. Pancakes are nice, but we were mostly there to drink lots of water and juice. We sat at a table to order. I was gazing around the pub with a wistful look on my face. Claire must have noticed. “What’s up?” she asked. “I performed here once.” I said. “It was a year after we got the band together.” It had been a good night. Saturday, March 14, 1998: We were on stage in the middle of the pub. Our last song was about to begin. We’d gotten the crowd rowdy. The building was filled with howls and screams. Several of our band members were missing articles of clothing, along with much of the crowd. My own tits were hanging out of my top. Boa was on the drums, Savage was base, Animal and I were on vocals and electric guitars. I sang the parts which required powerful vocals; Animal screamed the lines which needed to be belted out as fast as possible. I only had to sing the chorus of our last song. It was one of our more popular acts. The song went great. I stepped up to perform the chorus for the last time. The Jungle’s De-sire. It Buuuurns You! And-All-You Re-quire It Huuuurts You! The Tigers Roar, The Monkeys Howl In Ecstasy You Screammmmm! The crowd chanted their approval as we finished. Animal flipped off the audience and we walked away. Savage slipped off somewhere before we got back to the dressing room. I slumped into a chair with my feet up on a desk. I set my guitar back in its case on the floor. Animal packed her own guitar away and took a seat next to me. She let out a sigh. It had been a long session. The audience couldn’t get enough of us. Boa was busy cleaning off her drums. She had something of an obsession for her instruments. She never let them out of her sight. Savage returned a minute later, stuffing something into her pocket. “The manager made a pass at me.” she muttered. “That cunt.” hissed Animal. “He’s old enough to be you fucking dad.” I’d been friends with Savage since elementary school. The two of us had always been into music, starting the band together once we left high school had made perfect sense. Boa had already been in the scene for a few years when we got started. She was two years older than us, but she was the best drum player I knew. Animal joined a few months later. She happened to move from the UK when we were looking for another vocalist. Savage hair was styled in a red Mohawk. She had a tattoo of a flaming skull emblazoned across her chest. Animal wore her blonde hair over her eyes. Her black mascara ran down across her face, giving herself a haunting effect. Boa’s tattoos covered her entire body. They were mostly of her namesake. She even had one wrapped around her face. She’d shaved herself bald; she was the butch member of the group. Savage walked over to the bathroom. We’d left the door open before heading on stage. Savage squatted slightly and pulled her panties to the side. She sprayed a stream of piss all over the bathroom floor. Savage sighed as she arched her stream up to run against the mirror and sink. Then she shook her hips so her piss splashed over the bathroom from wall to wall. The whole bathroom was covered in piss by the time Savage was done. No one else could use it in that state. Savage hadn’t had to go as bad as usual. I knew because she’d pissed on stage around the beginning of our gig. Boa looked at the mess and sighed. “I was going to use that.” “Tough.” replied Savage. Boa walked over to the wall. She pulled her pants down. She grunted then started pissing against it. Her piss hit the wall and slid down; staining the wallpaper on its way to the floor. I knew Boa liked to pee herself where she sat while we played. She must have been saving some. Her piss created a pool on the ground. After a brief fifteen second pee she shook her ass and pulled her pants back up. Boa looked over at me and Animal. “You two didn’t pee on stage tonight. You must be bursting.” “I’m holding on right now.” I said. “Same.” agreed Animal. “Saving up for something?” asked Savage. “Yes, something.” I agreed. Animal and I left after a few minutes. Boa and Savage would pee wherever they wanted out of convenience or anger, but Animal and I had a thing for naughty pees. We had planned something for tonight. Which explained why we were holding our bladders. We crept through the hallways, making sure no one saw where we were going. The owner of the pub was out mingling with our audience, probably trying to find a woman half his age who would fuck him. While he was out, Animal and I snuck into his office. He’d made a big deal about his record collection when he hired us. We wanted to see it for ourselves. It was a small office. Every available inch was filled with a variety of music memorabilia. It was all old classical crap. Animal flipped through the records, muttering to herself. “This is all rubbish.” she decided. “The bastard probably only hired us because he wanted to get into Savage’s pants.” I shrugged. It wasn’t uncommon. Still, dickery of his variety deserved some kind of comeuppance. Animal lowered her pants and smirked at me. She held her vagina over the records. A stream of pee shot out of her tight pussy all over the songs. The look of bliss on her face was wonderful. Animal loved peeing over things. I grabbed several of the records and moved them forward so they could receive a portion of Animal’s pee. Animal was gushing piss out of her pussy at an alarming rate. She didn’t have the bladder capacity I had, but she could pee hard. Unfortunately her gush meant all too soon she was finished. Not before destroying the owner’s valuable record collection. I gave Animal a kiss on the cheek. She returned the favour eagerly. I had to push her away. We didn’t want to waste time in here. We had to pee and get out before the owner caught us. I swung bum up on the desk, I placed my feet to either side so my vagina was facing the open air. I spread my pussy lips with both hands. I peed as hard as I could. My piss shot across the room to splash over the door. I laughed out loud at the sight. Animal started holding pieces of memorabilia in front of my unforgiving piss. An Elvis coat got soaked, before a hat autographed by a member of the rolling stones was ruined. I giggled when Animal started filling up keepsake mugs with my stream. I felt like a keg of beer. Then Animal began putting documents in front of me. I didn’t care. I destroyed anything she brought before me with my piss. My pleasure mattered more than any of the owner’s belongings. I was pissing as hard as I always did. My urine was flooding the office. The floor was covered in soggy papers, mugs, memorabilia, records and an ever growing puddle of piss. Once Animal was finished putting things in front of me, I stood up so I could soak the desk itself. My piss pushed what papers remained to the ground, ruining them in the process. The desk took a beating from my golden waste. The varnish looked a lot less pristine once I was finished. We left the room behind. We retrieved the rest of our band mates from the dressing room, and then got out of there before we were caught. Our van would be well on its way to our next destination before the owner saw the mess we had left. Present: I returned to the present when our drinks arrived. Claire and I drank as much as we could before we hit the road. I wished all my memories with the Brides of the Jungle were as good as the ones at the Red House. Claire still refused to tell me where we were going. I thought it would be hard to find anywhere as naughty as the mall we had destroyed. Claire, however, did not disappoint. She told me to park before we walked to the location. My mind was on fire when I saw where Claire was taking us. We walked right up the steps of the city’s art gallery. “Do you know a guy in here?” I asked. Claire shook her head. “No, but I know where we can have some fun.” She smiled at me. “We just have to be quick about it.” “I can be quick.” I stated. We were both wearing baseball caps so we could avoid being caught on camera. Claire knew some dead spots, but we had to careful to avoid the rest. All this caution left a question burning in my mind. I might have been bold once, but I didn’t need to be arrested at thirty eight. “Couldn’t they find the video online and identify us?” I asked. Claire shook her head. “The videos in your son’s room were uploaded for anyone to see, but these go to a more select clientele. The kind of people willing to part with a lot of money. They’re vetted carefully.” She smiled at me. “The last location isn’t even going up online. It’s a specific request from a single client. They’re paying us a fortune.” Claire’s assurances helped ease my heart. It was a stark reminder I wasn’t quite as wild as I used to be. When a member of a punk band got arrested, it often did more to help their image than hurt it. Claire led me through the gallery. There were a lot of paintings. I have to admit my interests in the arts always began and ended with music. I suppose they were nice, but none of them reached me. Claire wasn’t paying any attention to them. She led me to a side door partially obscured by a section of paintings. “There’s a storage room in here.” explained Claire. “There are no cameras watching the door or inside.” “Why not?” I asked. Claire shrugged. “How should I know?” She knelt down and began fidgeting with the door. “Watch my back for me.” I looked around nervously while Claire unlocked the door. I didn’t know how she got it open, but she clearly had some skills. We crept inside. Claire locked the door behind us. She smiled at me and spread her arms around; showing off her bounty. There were paintings stacked up in canvases around the room. My eyes widened at the possibilities. Claire walked over to one of the canvases. She pulled it open to show off the painting within. The painting showed a starry night sky above a mountain top. Nothing too special. I really had to pee. “They store some paintings here. Nothing too valuable, but fun nonetheless.” stated Claire. “I have a different location in mind for myself, but I thought you should let yours out here. Your bladder is less discrete than mine.” I couldn’t argue with that. Claire got her phone out. I stood waiting for the camera to turn on. I had to cross my legs. I was starting to get a little desperate. Claire got the phone rolling and we began to shoot the video. “I’m back with Amazon Mom for another pissing playground.” said Claire from behind the camera. I stuck my tongue out at the screen. “Amazon Mom was about to show me what she thought about these paintings.” I dropped my pants and walked up to the painting. I grinned at the camera, and then I spread my pussy to pee all over the artwork. My piss blasted a hole straight through the canvas. The mountain now had a hole straight through its side. I couldn’t help but laugh at the destruction. My piss utterly obliterated the painting in seconds. It was a soggy mess with a massive hole in the centre. Claire rushed forward to show off some more paintings for me to annihilate. I blasted them with my piss, giving them the same treatment. I destroyed several pieces of precious artwork, and I loved it. I stacked up several paintings in a pile so I could hang my butt over them and release. I didn’t look at the destruction I was causing. I stared at the wall feeling sweet relief for thirty seconds before I turned around to see what I had wrought. If I hadn’t known they used to be paintings, I would have been clueless. There was nothing left but a sodden pile of trash on the floor. My puddle had spread across the entire width of the room. I still needed to go pretty bad. Not as bad as in the morning, but I figured I had a minute worth of pee left in me. There were shelves with tags and stuff on the walls. I walked up so I could soak them in a rain of piss. Then I created a big puddle in the floor. I grabbed another painting and made a show of trying to clean up the mess with it. I swung my hips around; blasting the wall with another stream of pee. I was starting to get a little low, so I looked for one last thing to ruin. There was a computer in the very back. It was probably used for cataloguing. I got up on the desk it was on and hung my ass over it. I let out a twenty second gush of piss until I was empty. I grinned at the remains. There was no way that computer was going to work again. I smiled at the phone. “That was Amazon Mom, people.” stated Claire. “I know you wish she was pissing on your cocks, but until then, keep jerking.” I stuck my tongue out before she turned the phone off. “I’m going to need you to record me on during this next one.” said Claire. “Be careful. We don’t want to be caught.” We left the room. Claire checked to make sure the coast was clear first. Then she led me to the centre of the gallery. It was still early, so the place was almost empty. Claire walked up to one of the paintings. She had switched into a short skirt after the last outing. I turned on the phone, keeping it low so no one would see it. “This is Ravenbitch.” whispered Claire. “I can’t talk too loud in case any bastards hear me.” She gave the phone the peace sign. “Sit back and enjoy the show.” Claire sidled closer to the painting; a scene of a man lounging on a boat. It looked like a nice piece of work, not that I could really tell. Claire lifted her skirt a little. She wasn’t wearing any panties. There weren’t ropes, so she could get really close to the artwork. Claire positioned herself so her pussy was an inch away from the painting. Claire held her vagina open so she could squirt a few spurts of piss onto the painting. She wasn’t very good at peeing standing up, so most of it went on her legs. She still got enough on the painting for it to show. The colours ran where Claire’s piss had defiled the artwork. It would be very difficult to repair. Claire tried again, with similar success. The painting was ruined now, but Claire had a decent amount of piss on her legs. Claire wandered away to a second painting, which she gave the same treatment. This time ruining the image of children playing on a beach. I made sure to get it all on camera. Then Claire walked over to a statue in the middle of the room. It was a statue of a marble woman holding a globe. Claire stood for a second as if she were admiring it. The she squatted down. She pretended to adjust her boot, but the phone caught the vile act she was actually perpetrating Claire slid her skirt up an inch when she squatted down and began peeing on the base of the statue. Her stream was better directed from her squatting position. She was creating a big puddle on the floor next to the statue. I wondered what sitting in piss would do to hundred year old marble. Claire rose from where she was kneeling after about twenty five seconds. She pressed her vagina against the side of the statue. Claire sighed as she peed against it. With her pussy in contact with the statue, she couldn't miss. Claire created a stream of piss flowing down the side of the statue. Leaving a massive stain on the otherwise pristine marble. Claire’s stream slowly came to an end. No one had appeared to apprehend us, so I suspected we had gotten away with our naughty acts. Claire grinned wickedly as she posed for the phone. “I hope that felt as good for you as it did for me.” she said. She blew the phone a kiss, which was my queue to turn it off. Claire looked around from side to side. “Let’s get out of here.” she whispered. “Someone could stumble onto us any second now.” “One minute.” I insisted. I handed the phone back to Claire. “Record me for a few seconds.” Claire did as I asked. I moved up to the statue. I pulled the front of my pants down enough to hang my pussy over the edge. I was thankful I was wearing spandex. I held my vagina open and sprayed a gush of piss on the statue for ten seconds. When was empty I pulled my pants back up. Claire gasped, and then she began to laugh. We hurried out of the gallery as soon as I was finished. I was a lot more obvious about what I had done then Claire. Fortunately, no one stopped us on our way out. I had gotten some piss all over my pants. I was going to need a change of clothing. Claire noticed me checking out the damage in the car. “Don’t worry. You’re going to want a skirt for the next location anyways.” She handed me a nice red one from the back. “Let’s go fill up.” “Of course.” I replied. We drove out of the art gallery’s parking lot. We still had two more locations to christen. I was getting excited.
  8. I have the whole thing plotted out. I have other stories planned for some of the side characters.
  9. This contains extreme vandalism. If that's not your thing, don't read it. This is the first in another multi-part series. It is a continuation of my previous story In My Room. If you want to read that here is a link. In My Room I finished this part yesterday, but didn't feel like editing it until now. I was standing in the kitchen, nervously drinking from a bottle of water. I would normally never be up this early, but Claire was insistent we had to leave before five if we wanted to make the most of the day. She had several locations in mind. The first one was time sensitive. I should introduce myself. My name is Lillian. I’m thirty eight, six foot three and muscular. I have black hair, massive tits and a big ass. I’m often told I look like a modern day Amazon. I live alone with my son, but my sister, Sarah, has been staying with us recently. Not long ago I found out my sister was peeing in my son’s room, but I had to go so bad I did as well! I know. I’m bad. It reminded me of the things I did as a young woman. When I was younger, I used to enjoy peeing in the locker room after boxing practice. When I got a bit older I was even wilder. I used to get into all sorts of trouble. I was pretty good at peeing standing up before I became “respectable.” I’d left my wild past behind fourteen years ago. I married a man with a good job and settled down to raise a family. Everything was great until six months ago when my husband died in an accident. I guess I never stopped blaming my son for it, which is why peeing in his room was so fun. The fact he’s a lazy pain in the ass also helps contribute to the fun factor. This all leads to today. My niece Vanessa is staying at our house with two of her friends. One is her girlfriend, the other is a young cam girl named Claire. Claire is the gothic type. She wears leather and makeup, has tattoos and piercings, the whole works. Anyways, Claire specializes in pissing. She suggested I could make a lot of money if I got into the business. I didn’t need the money, but something inside me wanted to do it. I hadn’t embraced that side of myself for a long while. I didn’t want to be seen peeing in my son’s room on the internet, so Claire said she would find some other places for us to go for some naughty pees. Claire came into the kitchen as I finished my water. There was already a pressure in my bladder. I hoped the first location wasn’t too far. I could last for a while, but you never knew how bad traffic would be. “Are you ready?” asked Claire. “Y-yes.” I managed. It was hard talking about this. Claire led the way out to the car. I was driving, but she knew where to go. My eyes were locked on her ass. Every time I saw Claire I couldn’t help but remember when she masturbated herself to a furious orgasm while watching me pee. I climbed into the driver seat as Claire got into shotgun. Claire was absentmindedly rubbing her pussy through her skirt. She stuck her tongue out at me when she saw I was watching. “How many places are we going today?” I asked. “I have four spots in mind.” replied Claire. “I hope that’s alright with you?” “I’ll be fine as long as we have lots to drink.” Claire grinned. “I can promise you that.” Claire gave instructions as I drove. She wouldn’t tell me where we were going. She said the surprise was one of the best parts. I was expecting a park or something. When Claire had us pull into a shopping complex I was shocked. “Where are we going?” I asked. Claire just smiled. “I know a guy.” It was easy to find a parking spot. The place was practically empty. The mall wasn’t even open yet. I had been wondering if Claire planned to go in a changing room or something, but that didn’t make any sense. We climbed out of the car. Claire hurried over to the entrance of the mall. I noticed she was clutching her crotch as she ran. The poor girl must be bursting. A security guard opened the door and walked out to meet us. I prepared to book it, but he didn’t look upset. Instead he was grinning from ear to ear. Claire stopped in front of the man. “This is Jack.” she introduced. “He’s a fan of my videos. He agreed to let us into the mall so we could have our fun.” Jack checked me out while I did the same. He was tall and muscular. Although, I was still a few inches taller than him. He had absolute confidence in his motions. I would place him somewhere in his early thirties. The cropped hair cut and clean, spotless uniform made me think military. “It’s a pleasure to meet you ma’am.” said Jack. He held his hand out. I took it and gave him a firm shake. He seemed impressed. He pointed to the doors. “This way ladies.” “Aren’t the other security guards?” I asked. Jack shook his head. “This mall has always skimped on the detail. I’m the only one here this morning.” “Jack’s also going to fill in for our cameraman.” explained Claire as we walked into the building. She handed Jack the case she had brought with her. Claire said she wanted a good camera for the first location. We might have to use a phone for a few of the other sites. Phones were more discreet than the beast Jack took from her. He removed the camera and set it up quickly. In a minute he was ready to shoot, which was good because we were both desperate for a piss. “We have three hours before anyone else shows up.” said Jack. “You should have time for a couple pisses if you manage your time correctly.” “I know where I want to go.” said Claire. She looked at me. “I think we can use the first store together. Then we can look for stores which strike us each individually while we wait for our bladders to fill again.” Claire led Jack through the mall. It took her a few minutes to find the store she was looking for. She stopped in front of the mall’s GameStop and pointed. My face turned a bright red. I knew for I fact I’d taken my son to this store before. Now Claire wanted me to pee in it? “This is the spot.” stated Claire. “You ready, Lily?” “To be honest, if I don’t go in here I’m probably going to wet myself.” I admitted. I reminded myself this wasn’t the worst thing I’d done. Jack unlocked the store for us so we could go inside. Before we did Claire motioned for me to stand next to her. Jack stood in front with the camera ready. He began to count us down. I could barely stare at the camera. Was I really doing this? I tried to hold in my fear, but I wanted to run away. Claire slapped my ass which jolted me out of my funk. Jack turned the camera on. We were recording. I swallowed my butterflies. “This is Ravenbitch with a new friend!” exclaimed Claire. She gestured to me. “This is my friend’s cousin’s mom. You can call her Amazon Mom.” We’d spent a while discussing what my name would be and had finally settled on that. The one Claire had originally wanted was a lot more vulgar. “We’re here in the local mall to spread some of our patented pissing pleasure. This is just the first stop of our trip so don’t put your cocks away too soon!” Jack swung the camera around to show we were in fact in a mall. Then he zoomed out to show the store we were in front of. “I figured this would be a good place to get our game on.” said Claire. “Have you ever played with games?” she asked. “N-no.” I replied. Claire laughed. “There’s a first time for everything.” She spun to the camera. “We’re going to fuck this place up.” Claire strode into the GameStop. I followed behind her. Claire started stripping slowly in front of the camera. I took my clothes of as well, but she made it look more natural. I was an old woman trying her hand at a young woman’s game. I felt as if my blush was spreading over my entire body as I got my boobs and butt out for the whole world to see. Jack’s cock stiffening in his pants as he watched me didn’t help. Soon the only thing Claire wore were the heavy leather boots she had brought. She’d made me bring a pair of my own, but I wasn’t wearing them. Claire jumped over the counter and grabbed a key from somewhere. She walked over to a case filled with small cartridges. I didn’t know anything about video games, but I thought I’d seen my son walking around with a few of them before. Claire pulled the games out of the case and threw them on the floor. She gathered them all up in a pile. Claire stared directly at the camera and bit her lip. She put one finger in her mouth before giving an evil smile. “I think I know where I’m going.” she stated. Claire slowly lowered herself down until her vagina was a hanging inches away from the cartridges. Her pee began soft, then quickly intensified. She was blasting piss all over the little games. The games were pushed around by her pee stream. They floated over and spread around the floor. Claire giggled as she made her naughty toilet. She peed on the games for a good thirty seconds before she halted her flow. Seeing her pee had made my need ever more urgent. Claire smiled at the camera then began jumping up and down on the cartridges. Her heavy leather boots showed them no mercy; they were crushed under her feet. The cracking noises I heard made my nipples harden. I remembered being into this kind of stuff when I was young. To know it still turned me on was something. After she was finished destroying the games, Claire hung her ass over a bin which held a bunch more in plastic cases. It said something about them being used on the card. Claire began to empty the rest of her bladder into these games. She gasped as she soaked the games thoroughly with her piss. She smiled open mouthed as she did it. I felt my pussy grow slightly wet at the sight. Claire only managed another twenty seconds before she hopped off the bin. She’d left a pool of piss at the bottom of the bin. Claire shook her ass, sending droplets of piss raining down to the floor. She wiped her pussy with one hand and licked the drips from her fingers. I was looking for a place to relieve myself. I was filled to the bursting. I knew how big my bladder was. It was going to be a mess. Claire stopped me before I could find my location. “You guys have to see this.” she stated. Claire jumped back behind the counter and grabbed another game. This one had a cowboy on the cover. She tore the plastic off it and removed the disk. Claire grabbed several more games, removing their disks the same way. “Can you piss standing up?” she asked. I managed to nod in response. “Watch this.” instructed Claire. She held the disk out in front of me. “Pee.” I figured out what she wanted. I aimed my pussy towards the disk and let out a spurt of piss. I piss hard. I don’t know how, but the piss that fires out of my pussy is like nothing else you’ve ever seen. My piss shot out of my cunt and hit the disk so hard it couldn’t handle it. The force of my pee snapped the disk in half. I immediately ceased my stream once the first disk was destroyed. Claire clapped her hands and got another disk. She had me destroy half a dozen games this way. Every time she threw the broken disk away and grabbed another one for me to blast to pieces. I was starting to get turned on. Soon the pile she had gathered was gone, but my bladder had barely been tapped. I tilted back, aiming my pussy at the shelves filled with games. I fired a stream of piss at the rows. My pee splattered all over the games. I heard a cracking noise as one of the cases broke. Several of the games were pushed off the wall by the force of my pee. I peed all over the games for twenty seconds before I stopped. I almost managed to hit the top shelf at my furthest, although I didn’t have the best angle. Claire had grabbed a couple cardboard boxes with what I thought were called consoles in them. I squatted over them, subjecting the consoles to a further wave of my piss. The boxes didn’t last long. I was soon peeing full force over the consoles themselves. Claire was rubbing her tits as she watched me destroy the electronics with my pee. After peeing on the consoles for thirty seconds I still wasn't done. I guess I had half my bladder left. I knew where I wanted to go. I climbed up on the counter and stood facing the rest of the store. My nipples were rock hard. I sprayed my piss as hard and far as it could go. I managed to reach the doorway with my furthest squirt. I turned my deluge’s wrath over every shelf I could hit. I sprayed piss over the entire store as I swiveled back and forth. Claire was standing in the way of my spray, but she didn’t try to dodge. She received a coating of piss, she seemed to enjoy it. I rained piss down on the store for a full minute before my bladder ran dry. There was scarcely a patch in the GameStop which wasn’t coated in my piss. Claire began throwing games off the shelves. She made a huge pile of merchandise in the centre of the room, then began to crush it with her boots. We knocked over shelves and smashed everything we could get our hands on. The store was in tatters by the time we left. “That was round one.” said Claire to the camera. “We’ll see you soon.” She blew a kiss to the camera. As soon as Jack turned the camera off, he sagged. “That was incredible.” he sighed. “I came in my pants watching you piss off the counter.” “I’m with him.” agreed Claire. I looked back at the destruction we had caused. “Are you going to get in trouble for this?” I asked. Jack shrugged. “Maybe, but it’s my last day. I can just say I was slacking and someone snuck in. I lose a reference, but it’s worth it.” Jack led us over to the food court where we got refills. Then we set about looking for another store. I didn’t know what I was looking for. Claire insisted I would know when I saw it, but I wasn’t sure. What kind of store would grab my attention? We walked around the store naked. Claire was able to convince me to put on the leather boots she had brought. I didn’t want to walk around the mall in my bare feet. Jack had a great time watching us. “I wonder what it would feel like to be peed on by you.” he pondered as he stared at my ass. I couldn’t help but blush. “I bet it would hurt.” pointed out Claire. She had only received the edge of my stream “That’s what I’m guessing.” said Jack. “I’d still do it.” I tried to focus on looking for a store to perform my naughty act. I was about to give up when one store called out to me. It was something I hadn’t thought about for years, but it was the perfect match. Claire wanted to go first. She’d already picked out a store a while ago. She just had to wait until her bladder filled up again. She was bursting about an hour after we destroyed the GameStop. I was pretty full myself. I had a much bigger bladder than Claire, but I chugged a lot of water to fill it up. Claire walked back to the store she had found earlier. It had a similar name to the last one. This one was called Game Workshop, but instead of video games there appeared to be a lot of toys inside. Claire told Jack to turn the camera on. “This is Ravenbitch and Amazon Mom again.” she told the camera. “We’ve both picked out our stores. I’m going to turn this Games Workshop into a pissing workshop.” Claire went into the store. She grabbed boxes filled with figures and took them to the back. There was a massive map set on a table. Two huge armies were faced off across it. Claire climbed up on top of the map and started dumping more figures all over it. She threw the boxes on the floor before squatting down. Claire grinned at the camera. “I’ve always wanted to do this.” she admitted. Claire started peeing on the map. Her piss ran down a plastic mountain and washed over an army of figures in strange bulky suits. Her piss knocked them over, sending the army sliding down the mountainside. Claire turned her piss on the other army next; a swarm of green monsters. She pushed them around with wicked glee. Then she peed on the pile of figures she had poured on the table. Claire’s pee sprayed off the hard plastic, sending splatters every which way. Claire looked content as she drowned both sides in piss. She peed a hard stream for a minute before she was done. Then she held her hand out for me. I took Claire hand and stepped up on the map. It creaked under my mass. Claire started jumping up and down, so I followed suit. The map couldn’t take it. This abuse was too much. The plastic was cracking under the weight of our feet. We crushed every bit of the map we could. I have to admit it was fun to destroy something a lot of time had been put into. “That was my piss.” said Claire. “Now let’s see where Amazon Mom wants to pee.” We left the Games Workshop after destroying the big map. I knew where I wanted to go, but I was giving Claire the same treatment she had given me. Despite her numerous requests, I refused to tell her until we got there. Jack turned the camera off while we walked. He got a bit of our conversation first. Claire was surprised when I showed her the location I had in mind. “A music store?” She asked. “I didn’t take you to be the type.” I cocked my head. “Why’s that?” Claire shrugged. “You don’t look like the musical type.” I snorted. “I used to be in a band, you know.” Claire’s mouth dropped. She looked me up and down. I didn’t know what she found so surprising. I might not look artsy, but I had quite the career. “What was it called?” asked Claire. I hesitated for a minute before responding. “Brides of the Jungle.” If Claire’s mouth dropped any harder I worried it would come off. “Holy shit! You’re not just Amazon Mom, you’re fucking Amazon.” She gave me the once over. “I didn’t recognize you without the makeup. You guys were fucking legendary.” I smiled under her praise. It had been a long time since I had gone by Amazon. I had been a member of a four girl punk band. I’d started the band the day I got out of high school. We’d gotten into more trouble than I could remember. I was way worse than Claire when I was her age. We ended up in the papers several times. All the punks loved us; everyone else thought we were menaces. “Shit.” muttered Jack. “I went to a few of your concerts.” Claire leaned over. “I heard you got arrested for beating up a boxer once.” I laughed. “Yeah, his name was Mark Sago. He was a light heavyweight contender or something, thought he could get handsy with me. I’ve done a fair share of boxing myself, so I gave him a surprise.” I smiled. “It’s funny you should mention that. It’s how I met my husband.” “How so?” asked Claire. “Well, I didn’t have the money to pay for a lawyer so I was going to go in there all on my own.” I explained. “My husband was a lawyer. He saw me and offered to take on my case pro bono. He looked at the evidence for an hour and had me off on self defense. It helped the only person who wanted to press charges was Mark’s manager.” “Your husband was a lawyer?” said Jack. I nodded. “Yeah. I found out later he’d just helped one of the mob’s top hitmen walk.” I sighed, remembering my late husband. “He gave me a ride home and well...one thing led to another. I ended up pregnant. I tried to keep the band going, but there were too many commitments.” “If your husband was a hotshot lawyer, why do you need money so bad?” questioned Claire. “To be honest I don’t” I stated. “I wanted to do this. I just needed convincing.” “Why do you live in that old house?” carried on Claire. “It was his mother’s.” I explained. “I’ve never liked the place, but it reminds me of him. I couldn’t move.” Claire nodded, then she asked. “What happened to the other members?” I frowned. I didn’t like to think about my old band mates much. They were from a different time in my life. “Boa went the same root as me. She’s married with two kids and lives in a mansion in New York.” I said. “Animal is still in the scene. She’s with some band called Animal Phallus now.” I paused. It had been years since I had spoken with any of them, but we kept tabs on each other. “What about Savage?” pressed Jack. “She OD’d back in 2008.” I stated. “She never could kick the habit.” “Sorry to hear that.” said Claire. “She never did want to be an old woman.” I muttered. I put on a smile. “Now am I going to piss in this music store or what?” Jack unlocked the door for me. He set the camera up and told me to roll. Remembering my past gave me a sense of confidence I wasn’t expecting. I stepped in front of Claire before she could do her introduction. “I’m Amazon Mom.” I nodded behind me. “I know you want to see me fuck this place up.” Claire’s nipples were like razors as we walked inside. I checked the equipment. They had some nice stuff in here. I picked up an electric guitar and plugged it into an amp. I’d made sure to stay in practice over the years; both in music and boxing. I never played in front of my son, but I often went out to practice late at night. I tuned the guitar and put the strap over my shoulder. I started with a simple riff before I began getting more intense. Claire started dancing to the music as I shook my head back and forth. Then, while still playing, I started peeing full force on the floor. My piss sprayed out of me, splattering against the floor and my legs. I wasn’t holding my labia, but this wasn’t the first time I’d peed while playing a guitar. I knew how to angle myself just right. It was like riding a bicycle. I strode through the store while blasting the floor with piss. I turned my pussy to pee against the rows of amps I wasn’t using. My piss smashed against them. I doubted they would ever work the same. I knew how susceptible amps were to liquid. I walked down a row of instruments and sprayed them with my urine. Flutes, clarinets, guitars, they were all the same to me as I used them for my toilet. I tiled my cunt up to fill the inside of one nice classic guitar. Claire followed behind me, swinging widely to the music. I walked over to a drum set and gave it a dose of my piss. The cymbals clattered under the stream. A coating was left on top of each drum when I finished. I had made sure to grab the longest cord the store had. I hopped up on a piano stool so I could pee all over the keys. I loved watching my yellow waist pour over the pristine white keys. I was leaving a trail of piss everywhere I went. I walked up to the music books at the back and gave them a thorough soaking. The books couldn’t stand up to my assault. They curled up and were ripped apart by the force of my stream. I knew I was running low, so I used a stool to get up on top of the counter-I never stopped peeing. Claire stood below me as I blasted her with the last of my bladder. She cried out in joy as my pee washed over her tits and hair. I only had ten seconds of pee to splatter over her, but every second of pee from me was a fire hose. It wasn’t just how long I peed. It was how hard. Claire was drenched when I finished. I threw the guitar on the floor. I jumped down next to Claire. Without warning I swept her off her feet into my arms. I carried her like a husband holding a newly-wed to the camera. Claire wrapped her arms around my chest. I stopped in front of Jack and stared into the lens. “This is Amazon Mom and Ravenbitch signing off.” I stated. I stuck my tongue out at the camera. “Keep on jerking.” I walked past Jack. He held the camera on my ass as I cared Claire away. He turned it off after a few moments and hurried after me. I could see his cock was rock hard. I smiled down at Claire. I could see she was enjoying herself. “Why didn’t you ever get any tattoos?” she asked. “No design ever caught my attention.” I replied. “I used to have all sorts of piercings. Those have mostly healed.” “I noticed.” said Claire. I carried her all the way back to the GameStop where we had abandoned our clothes. Claire ran into a nearby clothing store to wipe off with some of their wares. She threw me a cute t-shirt to clean up the piss that had gotten on me. I wiped myself down before I flung the shirt on the floor. The two of us got dressed. Claire gave Jack a big kiss before we left. I wonder how long it will be until her isn’t masturbating to memories of us. He’s probably going to be the first person to buy all our videos. We climbed back into the car. I checked the time. It was only eight o’clock. We had plenty of time to hit up our next few stops. “Where to next?” I asked. “You’ll have to wait and find out.” replied Claire. I hit the gas and left the mall behind. I’d never forget what we’d done inside. It was one of the naughtier things I’d done.
  10. The next story I'm going to write is a direct continuation of this, but it's not in Isaac's room so I'm going to post it in a different topic. There's no poop in this one. My mom didn’t use my room as her personal toilet nearly as often as my aunt did. Still, often late at night she would come into my room to piss all over my floor. The two of them mostly kept their piss to the floor and on my toys. My room still smelled like a public toilet, but I made sure to pick up as many of my toys as I could so they didn’t receive a coating of piss. Then my cousin, Vanessa, came to visit. It was a week after the fiasco with the broken toilet when we got the news she was coming with a few of her friends. My aunt drove out to pick her up at the airport while my mom stayed with me. They arrived later in the evening. My cousin had brought two of her friends. My cousin is around the same height as my aunt, but her father was black so they don’t look that similar. One of her friends was a tall black girl named Jessica who was into mma. She’s already fought three times and won them all. The last of the group was Clair. She was around five six and more of the gothic type. She had black hair, piercings and tattoos all over her body, and heavy white makeup on her face. All three of them were in their first year of university. Jessica and Vanessa were girlfriends so they were taking my aunt’s room. My aunt was moving down to the couch while Clair was staying in my room. I didn’t know what that meant, but my room wasn’t pretty. I was sitting in the living room playing a board game when they came in. Jessica walked over to where I was sitting. She crouched down behind me. “What are you playing?” she asked. “Risk.” I replied. Turning back to my game. A stream of liquid shot past me and fell onto the board. I turned back in shock. Jessica had parted her legs and was pissing on my board game! She let out a sigh as she drained her bladder. My cousin saw the scene and hurried over. “Good idea!” she said. She stood astride my game and pissed on it. She was wearing a dress so the piss had a straight line to fall down on the board. The two of them were pissing full force all over my game. Their pee spread across the surface, pushing the little men around. They laughed when they saw this and directed their streams to blast as many little men as possible. Needless to say when they were finished my game was ruined. “I’ve been holding that the whole car ride.” sighed Vanessa. She grinned wickedly at her girlfriend. “Let’s go upstairs.” My mom saw the damage. “I told you girls not to piss outside Isaac’s room!” The two girls hurried upstairs with unconvincing apologies. “Kids will be kids.” said my aunt. “Since there’s already a mess…” She walked over and added her own contribution to the puddle. “You’d better clean that up later.” She told me. Claire walked over to me and threw her bag my way. “Catch, big man.” she said. I got her bag and took it upstairs for her. “How old are you?” asked Claire as we climbed the stairs. “Sixteen.” I replied. I got asked a lot because I looked young for my age. We both walked into my room and looked around. “I know it’s a mess.” I stated. “It’s not my fault.” Claire put her hand on my shoulder. “It’s fine, just how I like it.” She pulled her phone out of her pocket and handed it to me. “I need you to film me.” “Doing what?” I asked. “Pissing all over your room of course!” replied Claire. “Vanessa told me about your room and I knew I could get some great videos. I’m a cam girl you know. I specialize in piss.” “And you want me to record you?” I said. Claire nodded. “Yep. Now hurry, I really gotta piss. That was a long ride.” I knew there was nothing I could do. Claire was going to piss in my room regardless. If I filmed it at least I could watch. If I refused Claire would probably just get my cousin and they’d make sure to make my life a living hell for it. I turned her phone on and started recording. Claire smiled for the camera. “Hey piss lovers, this is Ravenbitch.” she began. “I’m at my friend’s cousin’s house. His parents are letting me piss all over his room.” Claire stared over the camera at me. “Show them the room.” I obeyed, spinning the camera around to show off everything I owned. I then returned the camera to Clair. “Her cousin is filming me right now.” Claire explained. “I’m desperate for a piss.” She clutched her legs together and held her crotch. My cock got hard. Claire gave a wicked smile. “But where should I go?” She looked around the room. She somehow managed to look innocent while looking for a place to relieve herself. “I think I’ll go on that pile of stuffed animals to start with.” decided Claire. She walked over to the pile and lifted her leather skirt. She pulled down a pair of black panties, showing off a shaved pussy. I noticed that her lips had a silver ring piercing them. Claire crouched down over the pile. She stuck her tongue out and flashed the peace sign. Then she started to pee. Claire didn’t have the monster gush of my mom, but she was peeing a steady stream. The bear on top of the pile was receiving a thorough soaking. Claire moved her stream to soak some of the other stuffed animals in the pile. A deer and a crocodile received the brunt of her attention. She picked up another bear and held it up to her pussy. It turned sodden in her hands. Claire kept flicking her eyes from the camera to the pile below her. She was clearly enjoying her naughty piss. She sighed in relief when she finished. She had gone for most of a minute. The pile under her was covered in her piss. “That felt great.” she told the camera. “I’m going to be here for a while, so if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them.” Claire blew the camera a kiss and motioned for me to shut it off. I did as she asked. She walked over to me and took her phone back. She sat down on the bed to watch the video. I sat next to her, watching it as well. God, she made my penis hard. Something about the way she acted was different than my aunt or mom. Not to mention the fact we weren’t related. Claire put her arm around my shoulders. “You’re a good cameraman. We’re going to shoot some great footage together.” I don’t know why, but for the first time I was actually looking forward to seeing someone piss in my room. “I’m going to get some water.” said Claire. “Gotta fill up the old bladder.” Claire left the room, returning a few minutes later with a few bottles. She spent the next twenty minutes sitting on my bed drinking. Then she got a laptop out of her bag so she could talk with someone online. She was wearing headphones so I couldn’t hear what the other person was saying, but I could hear her side of the conversation. “Yeah, I’m filling up right now.” “You want to see it? There’s not much yet.” Claire pulled her shirt up to show a slight bulge in her belly. He must have said something funny, because she laughed. “I’m not sure how possible that would be, but I can try.” “Love you, baby.” Claire closed the laptop. She went back to drinking water. After fifteen minutes she was clutching her bladder. I was playing my 3ds while watching her out of the corner of my eye. After another minute she got up. “Ready for round two?” she asked. “This is the last one tonight.” I nodded before taking her phone from her. Claire walked over to my bookshelf and stared at it. I held my phone up when she indicated I should start filming. “This is Ravenbitch. I’m in my friend’s cousin’s room again.” said Claire. “I had a request to piss on his bookshelf, but I’m not quite sure how I’m going to pull it off.” Claire tried to angle herself with her skirt pulled up. She found she couldn't do it, so she stripped from the waist down. She spread her pussy lips and tried peeing on my bookshelf. She pissed a brief stream which fell down her legs. Claire stopped the stream and laughed. “That didn’t work.” Claire tilted her head as she tried to figure out how to get her urine on my bookshelf. She put one foot on a shelf while leaning over so her pussy was only a few inches away from the books. That way she couldn’t miss. “I think this should work better.” said Claire. She held her breath for a second before she started peeing on my books. Her piss splashed down upon the row of pristine novels, despoiling them utterly. Claire laughed as she coated my bookshelf in piss. “Get a close up!” she instructed. I hurried over and held the camera near her crotch so the stream could be seen hitting the books. Claire was pissing much harder this time, perhaps to guarantee she got it over the books and not her legs. “Fuck, I love this.” sighed Claire. She tried to swivel and dowse more books, but she had a hard time moving. She almost slipped a few times. Claire had to settle for absolutely destroying a small section of my collection. She peed for another minute. The books in front of her pussy were no match for her stream. Her piss seeped through them to soak the books around them. Claire hopped down from the bookshelf. She wiped herself on a stuffed animal and turned to the camera. “How’d you like that piss lovers?” she asked. “I’m going to bed now, but I’ll be sure to give the rest of his room a thorough soaking. Stay tuned.” Claire blew another kiss before motioning for me to turn off the camera. She took the phone from me so she could watch her newest video. After she was finished she smiled at me. “I think that’s enough for the night.” said Claire. It was already past midnight. Claire started stripping out of her clothes. She was already naked from the waist down, but my jaw nearly dropped when she took off her shirt to bare everything to the world. She had great pierced tits. I wanted to touch them, but she just lay back on the bed. I had a sleeping bag set up on the floor. Claire rooted around in her bag and pulled out a massive dildo. There was no way she was planning to…? The thought was cut off when Claire started furiously masturbating on my bed. I climbed into my sleeping bag and started jerking off. Just listening to her moan was enough to explode my load all over my sleeping bag. I stayed awake long enough to hear Claire come to her conclusion. We both drifted off to sleep. We woke up in the morning when everyone else did. There was bustling through the hallways as everyone tried to get into the shower first. This was followed by cursing from the ones who didn’t. Claire stretched out like a cat when she got out of my bed. She was still naked as the day she was born. “Sleep well, big man?’ she asked. I nodded. I was going to say something more, but there was a knock on the door. Claire walked over and opened it up. My mom was standing there. She looked nervous. She was briefly shocked by Claire’s appearance. “What do you want?” asked Claire. “Oh...well…” mumbled my mom. “Speak up.” requested Claire. “Vanessa and Jessica are in the bathroom.” explained my mom. “I think they’re having sex in there. They’re taking forever and I really need to pee.” Claire looked around the room. “You don’t need my permission.” My mom looked embarrassed as she entered. Claire watched with obvious interest, but when my mom squatted down she jumped in. “You’re not going to pee on the floor, are you?” said Claire. “I was planning on it.” admitted my mom. “That’s boring!” protested Claire. “Wait there, I’ll get you some stuff.” Claire walked around my room to gather a few items. My mom watched her with a look of curiosity painted on her face. Claire grabbed my Highlander blu-ray, a white stuffed cat, my Dungeons and Dragons 5e Player's Handbook and a set of power ranger action figures. Claire set the handbook on the floor spine first with the pages open to the world. She put the blu-ray in the centre of the book after removing it from the case, which she tossed away. Then she set the power rangers in a circle around the blu-ray so they looked like they were guarding it. She made the red ranger ride the stuffed cat. “Pee on that.” instructed Claire. My mom stared at the toys for a moment. “I’m not sure I can.” “Come on.” insisted Claire. She heckled my mom until she agreed. My mom squatted over Claire’s design. She sat there with her mouth open for a minute before she began blasting my toys with her powerful morning piss. The green ranger was the first one to receive her attention. He was knocked clean across the room by the initial surge. The pink ranger fell next, followed by blue. My mom seemed to enjoy aiming for each ranger. She tilted her pussy to hit the red ranger right in his chest, knocking him off his mount. The cat’s white fur was stained yellow. Her piss sprayed across the floor and nearly hit my foot. Claire was watching my mom’s piss with glee. She stroked her tits and ran a finger through her slit as my mom released her bladder. My player’s handbook was receiving a healthy dose of urine; the pages becoming sodden under the constant deluge. I don’t know how, but the pressure of mom’s piss was enough to break my Highlander blu-ray in half. Claire let out an ecstatic gasp when that happened. My mom started flipping through the manual so she could soak as many pages as possible. Some of the pages were so soaked they fell apart in her hands. The book was completely ruined by the time she was done. My mom peed a torrent for at least a minute and a half. They puddle she left on the floor was nothing less than massive. Claire came to a furious orgasm before my mother even finished. My mom stood up from her makeshift toilet. She seemed embarrassed about the effect it had on Claire. “I’ve never seen anyone piss like that.” admitted Claire. “I thought I had a big bladder.” “I’ve seen her piss longer.” I admitted. Claire looked at me with wide eyes. She turned back to my mom and smiled. “You know, if you did that on camera you could make a lot of money.” My mom actually hesitated for a second. “I could never do that. I don’t want to be seen peeing in my son’s room.” “It doesn’t have to be in your son’s room.” pointed out Claire. My mom froze again. “...No-no, I couldn’t.” “Think about it.” insisted Claire. My mom made her way out of my room. Claire held her vagina. I knew my room was about to receive another bladder’s worth of piss. There was something I had to take care of before I could record her. “Do you think Vanessa’s done in the bathroom now?” I asked. “Why?” replied Claire. “I need to pee.” I explained. Claire looked at me like I was crazy. “You mean you don’t pee in your own room?” I shook my head. “Why not?” she demanded. “Because I don’t want to destroy my own things.” I stated. Claire strode over to me. She stared up into my eyes. I was standing inches away from a naked girl. My cock was rock solid. Claire reached down and unbuckled my pants. She gently pulled my penis out from where it lay. “You’re going to pee in your room.” she commanded. There was no arguing with her. “I’ve always wanted to aim a guy’s dick while he peed. I’ve never met the right guy before.” Claire led me over to my bookshelf and pointed my cock at the upper rows. She stood there for a second waiting for me to pee. When I didn’t do anything she let go of my cock. Claire put her hands on her hips and stared at me. “What’s the problem?” she asked. “I don’t want to pee on my bookshelf.” I replied. “You’ll pee wherever I want you to.” said Claire. “If you’re a good boy I’ll give you a present.” I was intrigued by what she offered. Most of my shelf was already destroyed. It wasn’t like the rest of it was going to last long. I had a big bladder. I couldn’t match my mom, but I could give Claire a run for her money. Claire directed my penis and I focused. It was hard to let go. I was standing in my room in front of my shelf with a rock hard cock, but I tried my best. It took me a minute before the first stream of piss shot out over my books. Claire laughed as she directed the stream up to the very top shelf. She sprayed it from side to side over as many books as she could. “You’re so much better at this than me.” she giggled. Claire turned me and started directing my stream over my racks of games and movies. I wanted to stop because they’d mostly avoided damage so far. (There could only be one which was destroyed first.) I was pissing full force now and couldn’t stop. I’d never developed the skills to halt in the middle of a stream. I could have tried to pull away, but who knew where my piss would go then. Besides, I liked the feeling of Claire’s hand around my dick. Claire ran my piss over my games before she made me pee all over my dresser. My piss splattered all over the place. She was causing a huge mess. After a minute of destruction, my bladder finally emptied its last burst. Claire let my cock drop and licked her hand. “I believe a present was promised.” she stated. Claire lowered herself and started sucking my cock. I was a virgin. I’d never had a woman grab my cock before today, much less suck it. Her mouth felt amazing, like nothing I’d ever experienced before. I tried to hold it, but my cum gushed out of me after a few seconds. Claire swallowed my load with a smile. She licked my cock to clean it off. “Do you have a round two in you?” asked Claire. She watched my expression. “Maybe you need something to perk it up.” Claire pushed me down to the ground. I was lying in the middle of my mother’s puddle. The carpet was still warm. Claire spread her pussy lips and started pissing all over my cock. She laughed as I immediately began to stiffen again. Claire directed her stream up my body until she was peeing directly on my face. She was getting piss all over my hair and mouth. Her morning piss was disgustingly bitter. I tried to turn away, but that only made her aim her stream closer. After around thirty seconds of pissing on me, Claire brought her stream to a halt. She climbed over me to my sleeping bag. She began emptying the rest of her bladder over the bag. She swivelled from side to side, totally drenching the sleeping bag with the rest of her piss. “It looks like there’s only one bed now.” said Claire. She walked over to me and took a seat on my face. “Lick me clean.” she instructed. The taste was terrible, but I did what she wanted. She moaned as I stuck my tongue into her vagina, licking away the drops of piss. Claire spurted one last stream of piss directly on my tongue. She giggled at my shocked reaction. Claire got up and backed over my rock solid cock. She slowly lowered herself down until her pussy engulfed it. It was amazing. She rode my cock as I tried to hold on for dear life. I didn’t manage to last longer than her bladder, but it was better than my first showing. Claire got off my cock and started furiously masturbating. This soon brought my penis back to life. Claire lowered herself again and rode me until I came a third time. She repeated this until we were both able to reach satisfaction. I felt completely drained by the time we were finished. Claire lay down on the floor next to me. She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. “We should do this again.” she whispered.
  11. This is two stories. The first one has a superhero fight which is kind of violent. The second one has a lot of sexual content. A Hero In Need Fortuity sat on the rooftop waiting for the villain to appear. She had heard Crimson Silk was in town and she intended to catch him. His string of destruction would be brought to an end. The jewelry store across the street fit his MO perfectly; she just had to wait until he appeared. The only problem was she’d been waiting on the rooftops for a few hours and the villain hadn’t shown. Her bladder was beginning to hurt. Fortuity was wearing a full body purple spandex outfit, hot, but not the best for a quick pee. If she left to go to the bathroom and Crimson Silk struck, she’d never forgive herself. She couldn't go here, the last thing she needed was the paparazzi catching a hero urinating in public. Fortuity waited for a while before she was about to give up. She was worried she about to piss herself. Then her vision flashed. She saw Crimson Silk throw a car through the pedestrians on the street to smash the front window of the jewelry store. Who knew how many innocents would be hurt. That was Fortuity’s power. She could see flashes of danger shortly before they happened. She combined this ability with an arsenal of useful gadgets and martial arts to become a force to be reckoned with. Fortuity leapt up from where she was hiding. “Everyone, get down!” she yelled to the people below. She threw a force field generator down to the ground, moments before the car crashed into it. The force field was able to shield the bystanders from harm. Fortuity looked around. Where was Crimson Silk? Another vision flashed across her field of view. The rooftop she was on consumed in flame, her body burning. Fortuity leapt of the building before it was engulfed in an inferno. Her hover boots cushioned the fall. She landed and rolled out of the way of another flung car. The civilians were already fleeing the scene. Rolling caused Fortuity’s bladder to scream in protest. She had to stop herself for a second to prevent her pee from gushing out. This gave Crimson Silk time to pinpoint her position. She saw a vision of him dropping from the wall and impaling her. Fortuity threw a smoke bomb and ducked into the nearest building to get out of the way. She released one of her spy drones so she could watch the villain as she moved further into the building. She ducked behind a cupboard and held her crotch. She didn’t need to pee herself in the middle of a fight. Knowing her luck someone would get a picture. Besides, Crimson Silk would be able to smell her if she did. Her suit was masking her body scent, but peeing herself would almost certainly overwhelm it. Fortuity watched Crimson Silk search for her on her holovisor. There were several nearby buildings she could have ducked into from where she had been standing. He had wasted time setting up his ambush. Another villain entered the frame. Fortuity recognized the villainess from the files she had read. Igneous; a killer with a penchant for targeting heroes. She had fire powers, hot enough to turn an entire street into lava. Fortuity didn’t want to take her on in a straight fight. She wished she’d known Crimson Silk had picked up a partner. Igneous was wearing a suit of armor which appeared as if it was made of molten rocks. Her red hair was dampened by ash and soot. Crimson Silk was wearing a red outfit which resembled a soldier’s uniform. He had a red spider mask on his face. “Come out little hero!” called Igneous. “We’ll find you!” “Why not just torch the entire street?” asked Crimson Silk. Igneous laughed. “You know I want to watch her face while she fries. There’s only one way I like heroes, well done.” Igneous and Crimson Silk were walking closer together. If Fortuity had been more focused she might have been able to take advantage of the situation. However, she was too distracted by her pressing need to relieve herself to be proactive. “I don’t know.” said Crimson Silk. “I rather like them tied, gagged, and filled with poison.” Igneous put her hand on Crimson Silk’s chin. “Careful dear, uncooked heroes can be hazardous to your health.” “I love you, babe.” stated Crimson Silk. He grabbed Igneous by her ass and pulled her in for a kiss. “Let’s split up and find her. You can have first dibs.” “I knew there was a reason I teamed up with you.” laughed Igneous. Crimson Silk ran off to check a nearby building. Igneous walked into the one Fortuity was hiding in. Fortuity was forced to focus on something other than her need to piss when the villainess drew near. She couldn’t let her bladder get her killed. Fortuity rolled a ball across the floor. It hit the far wall and made a loud noise. Igneous immediately spun and released a blistering burst of flame in its direction. Everything on the far side of the room was set ablaze by the heat. “Wha...” began Igneous, but Fortuity didn’t give her time to get over her confusion. She ran up behind the villainess and wrapped a wire around her throat. Igneous let out a gurgle of surprise and flailed around trying to get her hands on Fortuity. She sent blasts of fire out wildly, but she couldn’t get an angle. Finally, Igneous was able to get her hands on the garrote. Fortuity cursed silently when the villainess melted the wire. Igneous spun around. “You bitch!” she screamed as she raised her hands. Fortuity punched the villainess in the throat. Igneous’s hands naturally clutched her windpipe as she tried to draw in air. Fortuity grabbed the back of her head and pulled it down. She brought her knee up to meet with the villainess’s nose. Igneous’s nose broke with a wet pop. She fell down to the floor. Fortuity brought her hand down and smashed the back of villainess’s head as she tried to rise. Igneous slumped back down; unconscious. Fortuity had another vision and ducked before a blast of acid could strike her. It flew past and landed against the back wall, where it began eating through the cement. Fortuity scrambled out of the way as Crimson Silk entered the building. “Where are you!?” he roared. “I’m going to kill you.” Fortuity snuck past Crimson Silk to get outside the building. She glanced over her shoulder to see him tending to Igneous. She didn’t want to risk him reviving the villainess so she rolled a few smoke bombs into the building. Fortuity waited a few moments for them to deploy and activated her stun baton. She’d have used it on Igneous, but the villainess’s armor looked like it could withstand a shock. Crimson Silk emerged from the building holding Igneous in his arms and coughing. Fortuity swung her baton at him as soon as he emerged. He dropped Igneous and caught the baton before it could hit him, but catching it was enough. Fortuity dropped the baton as a wave of electricity burst out from it. Crimson Silk roared in pain and flung it away, but he was dazed. Fortuity closed in a punched the villain in the gut. Her fists were enforced with steel, they hurt when they hit. Crimson Silk reeled back and tried to get his bearings. Fortuity hit him again in the face, but she couldn’t put him down. Crimson Silk swung his fist wildly and nearly took Fortuity’s head off. She had enough warning to duck out of the way. Fortuity saw the villain was preparing to hit her with another blast of acid, but she didn’t give him time. She slammed her fist into Crimson Silk’s chin before he released it. The acid splayed out the sides of his mouth and burned holes though his clothing. Fortuity ran past him and used the wall, with the help of her hoverboots, as a jumped point to get on the villains back. She wrapped her arms around Crimson Silk’s neck and tried to get him in some kind of choke. Crimson Silk rushed backwards. Fortuity had to let go before he could slam her into a way. That would have knocked the wind, and piss, out of her. Crimson Silk lunged forwards at her. Fortuity dodged his attack and brought both hands together on his eardrums. The villain howled in pain and clutched his head. Fortuity grabbed her baton from where it had fallen and rammed it into Crimson Silk’s chest. He screamed again and fell over. Fortuity didn’t let up until she knew he was done. The cops had arrived on the scene by the time she was finished. Fortuity left the wrap up to them. She didn’t need to get caught up in the media storm that would follow. She had to get back to the hall of heroes so she could relieve herself. She didn’t think she had ever been this full before. All the jumping around definitely hadn't helped. Fortuity was able to limp back to the hall without having an accident. She used her card to open the back and hurried into the members section. It wasn’t far to the toilet. Then she had another vision. She came around the corner just as several other members of her team did. She couldn’t hold her piss and started peeing. Four members of her own team saw her wet herself. Fortuity couldn’t let that happen. She looked around and found a storage closet. She ducked inside before anyone could see her. She turned to the door and relaxed. There was no time to fiddle with her bodysuit. She just let loose. Hot piss gushed out of her vagina into her spandex. She wasn’t wearing any underwear so there was almost no barrier to her piss. She had her legs together so she wouldn’t make as much noise. Fortuity couldn’t believe how warm her pee felt traveling down her legs. She had expected it to feel gross, but instead it was oddly...sexy. Fortuity couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief as she flooded the storage closet. She had been holding it for far too long. Her warm piss was pooling around her feet on the floor. It was almost orgasmic. Fortuity had to lean against the door to prevent herself from falling over. She lowered her hand to her crotch so she could feel the piss seeping out. It was so warm in her hand. She couldn’t help but rub her pussy through her soaking spandex. Fortuity came to a satisfying orgasm just as her piss stop flowing. She looked around at the mess she had made. She was going to have to clean up the puddle before anyone found it. She had soaked half the floor in the closet. Fortuity splashed her feet up in down in the puddle a few times, giggling. Her suit was going to need some cleaning. She had to figure out how to get to her room without anyone seeing her. There was no way she could disguise the massive wet patch covering her pants. She still couldn’t get how great peeing herself had felt out of her head. Fortuity decided she might have to try it again. A Brazen Villainess Black Diamond floated above the small coastal town. She was a super villain. She had been in the game for years and had never been caught. She almost never took stupid risks, but there was one thing she enjoyed more than anything else. She would take a chance to do it every once in a while. The chances of running into a superhero out in the boonies were slim. Black Diamond was wearing a black leotard with a gold belt. (A similar look to powergirl.) It showed off her great tits and shapely ass. She let her long black hair flow freely behind her. She tied it up for real fights, but she wanted to look great while she had her fun. She pulled the crotch of her uniform aside to show off her shaved pussy. She stroked it a few times as she watched the town below. She was high enough that no one would be able to see her from the ground. What Black Diamond loved most of all was to hover somewhere high in the sky and let her piss rain down on an unsuspecting town below. It felt like she was turning the whole world into her toilet. The relief and naughtiest she felt were simply orgasmic. She came to the best conclusions up high in the sky after finishing her naughty business. Black Diamond let out a moan before she started peeing. She held her labia so the piss sprayed out in a huge arc in front of her. The villainess laughed as she subjected the town to her golden rain. She wondered if anyone would feel it as it fell down to the ground. Black Diamond pissed full force. She knew she had a massive bladder. Black Diamond flew from side to side as she peed, making sure to get her spray over as much of the town as she could. She knew it would barely affect anything on the ground, but it made it so much better for her. Her piss was streaming out of her at an incredible rate. She wished it would never end, but eventually her piss tapered off. She’d peed for more than a minute this time. That was a good amount for her. Black Diamond rubbed her pussy, now she was horny. She was prepared to rub out an amazing orgasm. “...Ahem…” said a voice behind her. Black Diamond spun around to find herself face to face with Grandmaster. He was leader of the biggest super hero team in the world. He must have run into her while coming back from a mission. The man was unbelievably powerful. There was no way she would be able to escape from him. This wasn't what filled Black Diamond’s thoughts. Grandmaster was wearing a tight white spandex bodysuit. It showed off his rock solid abs and did nothing to hide the massive erection he had. If the spandex didn’t lie, Mrs. Grandmaster was a lucky woman. “Did you catch a glimpse?” asked Black Diamond. She flew closer to the hero. “Liked what you saw?” Instead of grabbing her, Grandmaster looked away. Black Diamond leaned up close to his ear and whispered. “I bet the missus doesn’t do that.” He wasn’t saying anything, but she could have sworn his erection got even bigger. “Did seeing me piss turn you on?” “I...no.” mumbled Grandmaster. “You’re saying no, but your little man’s saying something else.” said Black Diamond. She felt his rigid cock through his spandex. His whole body tensed. God, she was horny. Black Diamond lowered herself and tore away the crotch of Grandmaster’s spandex. His dick fell out. It was massive; the beast must have been a foot long. Grandmaster was staring down at her as her gaze locked on his cock. “Do you want me to?” she asked. “Yes.” said Grandmaster. “Oh god, yes.” “I’ll show you something else the missus doesn't do.” stated Black Diamond. Black Diamond licked down the length of Grandmaster’s shaft, then she took his entire cock in her mouth. It would be impossible for any ordinary woman to do this, but Black Diamond was no ordinary woman. His cock was all the way down her throat, but she still managed to suck back and forth on it. Grandmaster moaned in pleasure. The villainess sucked on his cock until his moaning reached a fever pitch, then she pulled off. “I have to piss.” said Grandmaster. Black Diamond gave him a wicked smile. “Go.” He hesitated for a second. Black Diamond took his cock in her hand and aimed it down towards the town. After a minute, Grandmaster was able to pee a long hard stream. Black Diamond loved holding cocks while they peed. Holding a hero’s cock was even better. She had fun spraying his piss all over the place. All too soon he was empty. He hadn’t been as full as she was. Black Diamond let go of his cock after giving it a final stroke. She smiled innocently at Grandmaster. “Now it’s your turn.” she instructed. Black Diamond turned around and presented her posterior to the hero. Grandmaster pulled her crotch aside and shoved his dick into her eagerly awaiting pissflaps. Black Diamond cried out as his cock filled her completely. She’d never felt anything like this. It was so dirty and so hot. She pulled her tits out of her top and started massaging them. Grandmaster leaned over and grabbed her tits himself while he rammed her mercilessly. The hero had unbelievable endurance. He fucked Black Diamond faster and faster until she thought she was going to burst. They were yelling so loud she wouldn't be surprised if the whole town heard them. Finally they both came to a screaming orgasm. When it was finished they both floated there, panting and staring at each other. Black Diamond floated up and kissed Grandmaster on the lips. “I can’t give you any more of that from a jail cell.” she glanced down at his cock. “Plus, I don’t think you want to be seen in that outfit.” “Just go.” managed Grandmaster between breaths. Black Diamond turned to leave. “Will I see you again?” he continued. Black Diamond turned around. She smiled. “I know where to find you.” She flew off. Her naughty pleasure was even better when she shared it with someone. She knew they’d meet again.
  12. I'm half way through the next part, but that's because I'm taking a bit of a break to work on another story. That will either be up later tonight or tomorrow, then I'll finish part 3.
  13. The second part. Warning: There is some poop. A few days had passed since my aunt started peeing in my room. The morning after she destroyed my ps4, she returned the Darth Vader and stuffed bison to me. The Darth Vader was broken in half, the stuffed bison had been torn apart. Both were covered in piss and cum. My aunt pissed on the wreckage one last time before she left them with me. She came back that night and sat on one of my huge body sized stuffed animals. I didn’t see a stream, but I could hear the piss running over it. She just sat there smirking as she emptied her bladder over it. She came back and pissed over my toys a few more times, mostly at night. One time I woke up at five am to find her pissing full force over my Starship Enterprise model. She noticed me looking and waved, then crushed it to pieces with her ass. My room was starting to smell like a public toilet. Then the toilet in our bathroom broke. Two plumbers arrived to fix it the next morning; a fifty year old man and a blonde woman in her late twenties. They were doing their best, but it wasn’t going to be ready until the evening. We were sitting in the kitchen eating lunch. My mom was crossing her legs and holding her crotch. The plumbers were in and out of the kitchen. Whenever they appeared she stopped holding herself. “I’m about to piss myself.” admitted my mom. “That sucks.” I replied while playing my 3ds. I wasn’t really paying attention. My mother looked over at my aunt who was drinking a big cup of tea. “How do you not have to go?” she demanded. “I haven’t pissed since the toilet broke last night!” My aunt glanced at mom and smiled. “I found an alternate solution.” My mom clutched her crotch again. “Tell me!” My aunt looked around the room for a second. She took a long drag from her tea before she replied. My mom looked like she was in pain. “I’ve been using Isaac’s room.” she stated. “What do you mean?” asked my mom. “You can’t go anywhere down here without the plumbers seeing. There’s nowhere upstairs that you’d be willing to go.” said my aunt. “But, you never even enter the brat’s room.” “That’s horrible!” protested my mom. I breathed a sigh of relief. Perhaps my mom was finally going to put an end to my aunt’s habit. My room would be safe at last. “Think about it, Lily.” insisted my aunt. “Would you rather piss yourself in front of some strangers, or use that brat’s room? It’s not like he does anything for you.” At that moment the older plumber walked into the room. Mom let go of her pants. She cursed and a wet patch appeared on her crotch. She was about to have an accident. My mom looked at the damage and turned to my aunt. “Let’s go.” she said. My mom and aunt headed up to my room. I followed them. I couldn’t believe what my own mother was about to do. “You can’t pee in my room!” I protested. My mom didn’t give me a reply. They reached my room and my aunt pushed open the door. My mother looked like she was about to squat down and let loose, but my aunt stopped her. She walked over to my bookcase and opened a drawer. Inside was my comic book collection. “I think this would be a good place.” she stated. My mom nodded and hurried over to the drawer. I watched in horror. My aunt had peed on a lot of my things, but she’d left my comic books alone. My own mother was going to destroy them. I was relieved when my aunt took the first comic book trade off the pile. It was my Uncanny X-Men Omnibus, the comic I cared the most about. I watched in horror as my mother whipped off her jeans. She was naked from the waist down. My mom’s pussy was hairy. I wondered how long it had been since she trimmed it. She was holding one hand over her vagina to keep the piss in. Then she squatted over my comic book collection and let loose. My mother’s piss was like a torrent. The top comic book was one of my Secret Six trades. The force of her piss began to make a hole in the cover. Her piss was dark yellow. She mustn’t have drunk anything since the toilet stopped working. She was letting it all out now. My mother’s a big woman, so I had no idea what the capacity of her bladder was. The piss was soaking through my comic books. I watched as the pages greedily absorbed the liquid, turning into soggy messes. There was no way I could salvage any of them. My mother was letting everything go and they drank it up. The smell was horrible. My room had already smelled like a toilet, but compared to my mom’s, my aunt’s piss smelled like roses. This was vile, morning piss of the worst variety. I’d watched pissing videos online, but I’d never seen anyone pee for as long and hard as my mother was now letting loose. My mom let out a massive sigh. “I really needed this.” “I can tell.” laughed my aunt. “You’re fucking soaking those things.” My mom looked down at the damage she was causing and laughed. “You’re right. What am I peeing on?” “I think they were comic books.” replied my aunt. My mom hadn’t let up the whole time. She was still blasting my comic books with massive amounts of piss. My mom’s face twisted. She let out a massive wet fart. “I have to do more than pee.” she admitted. “Go ahead.” said my aunt. “Fuck it.” While still pissing full force, my mom grunted and began to release a massive log of shit. The stench was even worse than her piss. Her shit fell out of her and landed upon the soggy mess, and then she started pushing out another one. “Oh my god!” cried my mom. “I’m shitting in my son’s room!” “Damn straight you are!” agreed my aunt. My mom let out half a dozen massive logs of shit before she was done. My mom was a huge lady and she had been filled to capacity, but I still couldn't believe what she had inside of her. Piss was leaking out of the bottom of the drawer onto the floor. “Damn, you had to go.” laughed my aunt. “I’ve been holding it all night and morning.” said my mom, still peeing. “I know you’ve always had a big bladder, but wow.” stated my aunt. My mom finally finished. She must have gone for over two minutes. That was impressive enough, but she was like a fire hose the entire time. Her piss was spilling over the edge of the drawer onto the floor. The comic books were utterly ruined. The ink had run, the pages were mush and she’d blasted a hole through the first trade. “I need to wipe.” said my mom. My aunt held out my X-Men trade. “I got you covered.” My mom didn’t hesitate. She grabbed the trade and started ripping pages out. I had been relieved my aunt had saved it, but now that I knew why I was crushed. My favourite comic book reduced to toilet paper. My mom shoved the pages into her ass to wipe the shit away. The pages came out crumpled, ripped, and covered in shit. She dropped them into the drawer and tore out more pages. She showed no mercy to my book, treating it like any other roll. It took a few dozen pages before she was clean. My aunt watched the whole thing with a gleam in her eye. “Wasn’t that easier than going downstairs to the bathroom?” she asked. “I guess it was.” said my mom. “And...well, to be honest it was kind of fun.” I knew I was doomed. Nothing in my room was safe. I was going to be living in a public toilet from now on. “I have to piss as well.” stated my aunt. “Where are you going to go?” asked my mom. My aunt looked around my room until she spotted my Gundam poster. She pointed it out. “That poster looks like it could use a good rinse.” “You kinky bitch.” laughed my mom. My aunt flashed her a grin and got up on my bed. She pulled her skirt up to reveal she wasn’t wearing any panties. My aunt spread her legs and adjusted her lips with her fingers. She began spraying piss onto my poster. Her yellow piss splashed against the poster, causing the ink to run. She left a huge stain on the wall, seeped down onto the floor. She was laughing her head off while she did it. Her stream was messy; she was getting piss all over my bed as well. Fortunately she didn’t have to go that bad. After about twenty seconds her stream died down. The last of it falling directly on my bed. My mom tore out a few more pages and handed them to my aunt. She had to wipe down her legs and pussy because she’d made a mess. My aunt dropped the used pages on my bed and hopped onto the floor. She walked out of the room with my mom, leaving me behind. My room smelled horrible. My mom’s shit was sitting at the bottom of a drawing filled with piss. There was no way I was cleaning it up. I slowly closed the drawer so nothing spilled. Then I took the pages off my bed. They were ruined. I lay back on my bed and held my hands over my eyes. This was terrible. I lay there for an hour replaying the destruction over and over again in my mind. My cock was rock solid, but that didn’t fix my comic books. The door opened and one of the plumbers walked in. It was the young woman. She had long blonde hair that was tied back in a ponytail. She was wearing a baggy shirt so it was hard to tell what she had upstairs, but she had a great ass. She looked around my room and pulled out her cell phone. “What do you want?” I asked. “Gotta piss.” she replied. “You’re going to piss in my room?” I said. She shrugged. “Dave can piss in the sink, but I can’t get up that high. Your aunt said I could use your room.” She dropped her trousers and popped a squat over my switch. She started to piss on my console. She had a bored expression on her face while she went. She had her cell phone in her hands and was texting or something. She acted like she was on the toilet. She didn’t pay any attention to me. She was casually ruining my switch with her pee. I couldn’t pull my eyes away from her shaved pussy. The plumber grunted and I saw the beginning of a turd push its way out of her asshole. She grunted with exertion as she forced it out. It fell on my switch with a wet thud. I wondered what kind of woman could use a strangers console as a toilet without a care in the world. She didn’t seem to get any pleasure out of it like my aunt did. She had to piss and my room was offered up as a receptacle. After forty seconds she had finished peeing. She sidled over to my bookshelf and grabbed the Chamber of Secrets. She tore out a few pages, wiped herself with them and threw them on the floor. Then she walked out of the room without saying a word. I looked on in shock. Was there nothing sacred about my room anymore?
  14. You're right about the age. I increased it to sixteen (Age of consent in Canada.) because it doesn't change the story at all and makes things less uncomfortable. Part 2 is all ready to go I just got home so I'll put it up in a few minutes.
  15. This is the start of a multi-part series. II plan to release more frequently. (I've already written the second part.) My name is Isaac. I’m sixteen years old. I live with my thirty eight year old mother Lillian in an old townhouse in the middle of the city. My mother looks like an amazon. She’s six three and she works out all the time. Her muscles are evident, but she’s not bulky. She has short black hair and brown eyes. She would definitely be described as handsome, not beautiful, but there are plenty of people who are into her type. I myself am a small, scrawny nerd. I take after my father. Recently my mother’s younger sister, Sarah, has been staying at our house. She’s five seven with red hair and a great body. I don’t know how big her boobs are, but I mean...wow. She’s thirty three, but she got pregnant in high school and already has an eighteen year old daughter, Vanessa. Sarah had just gone through a messy break up, so my mom decided to let her stay with us. Our house has three bedrooms, but only one bathroom and that’s downstairs. Don’t ask me why. My room is off in a corner across from Sarah’s, while my mom is on the other side of the house. The house we live in may be old, but my room is pretty awesome. My dad used to buy me just about everything I wanted. I have a collection of comics, all the newest game systems, actions figures, novels, figurines, you name it, I have it. My mom never comes into my room. She makes me do my own laundry, but at least I don’t have to clean it up. I must admit, I can be a bit of a pain to deal with. I don’t think my mother likes me very much and I know my aunt hates me. She never calls me by my real name, she just says brat. One of my friends dared me to install a camera in our bathroom to catch my aunt on the toilet. He has a massive crush on her. Unfortunately I must not have hide it well because my aunt found the camera before I got anything. It pissed her off something fierce. She hadn’t told my mother about it, but I knew it was only a matter of time. She spent the better part of an hour cussing me out about the damn thing. If my mother found out what I’d done she would kill me. I’m not sure that’s an exaggeration. If mom decided to tear me apart I couldn’t do much to stop her. I was lying on my bed reading a comic book. It had been a few days since my aunt found the camera. My room was a mess. There were action figures, stuffed animals and books all over the floor. I could have picked them up, but I didn’t feel like it. I was surprised when the door to my room opened. My aunt walked in and looked around at the state of my room. I expected some kind of a lecture, but instead she just stood there, biting her lip. “Er...what is is aunt Sarah?” I asked. I didn’t know what she wanted. I was afraid she was going to start screaming at me. My aunt smiled at me, it wasn’t natural. “I realized a solution to my problem.” she replied sweetly. “What problem?” I demanded. “I’m bursting for a piss, but your mother’s in the bathroom.” explained my aunt. “She always takes forever in there.” “What does that have to do with me?” I asked. “Well, I’d go in the sink, but it’s filled with dishes. I can’t pee anywhere without her knowing.” stated Sarah. “There’s only one room she never comes in to.” With that, Sarah dropped her pants, revealing a black thong. She walked into the middle of my room. I jumped off my bed in panic. “You can’t pee in my room!” I protested. “I’ll tell my mom.” “Then I’ll show her the camera.” replied my aunt. “I could tell her you blackmailed me into peeing in your room with the footage. I know she hates you, brat. She’ll believe me.” My aunt pulled down her thong. I could see her pussy. She had a single strip of pubic hair leading to it. I was taken aback by the sight and her statement. She was right. If I went to my mom, nothing good would happen. Hell, if my aunt finished before I got my mom she could claim I’d pissed in my room and was trying to blame her for it. My aunt squatted down over my floor. “Watch out for my stuff!” I cried. “Right.” said my aunt. She adjusted her butt so she was hovering over a pile of toys and stuffed animals, then began to piss. Her pee was bright yellow. I watched in horror as it splashed down upon my things. I couldn’t believe my aunt was ruining my belongings with her piss! My aunt let out a satisfied sigh. “This feels awesome.” She was pissing a steady stream. I watched as it coated a teenage mutant ninja turtle figure and splashed all over a stuffed elephant. There was no way I could wash them without my mother finding out. I’d have to leave them like that. I hate to admit it, but the sight of my aunt voiding her bladder made my cock stiffen. I always had a thing for pee, but seeing it in person was something else. I just wished it wasn’t all over my things. “Are you getting hard?” laughed my aunt. “I should create more of a show.” My aunt shook her butt from side to side spread her pee around onto as many objects as she could. She was watching her piss cover my belongings with a wicked smile on her face. She must have had to go bad, because she just kept on peeing. The toys under her were beyond salvation. She tilted her pussy up to spray piss across the room. It hit the side of my bed and splashed on everything around it. I had to take a step back to avoid being hit. My aunt giggled and returned her stream to the toys belong her. The wet patch from her piss was spreading to nearby toys around her. I wondered how long she could keep up the unrelenting assault. Sarah’s relief lasted for about forty five seconds, but it felt like an eternity. She shook her ass up and down to dry off and grabbed a stuffed bear. She rubbed it on her pussy wiping away a few drops of piss, then she dropped it in the middle of her pee puddle. My aunt pulled her thong and pants back up. She surveyed the damage she had caused and laughed again. “You know what happens if you talk.” she warned. She left me behind with the mess. My room was covered in piss. She must have pissed over a few dozen of my toys and stuffed animals. I reached down to pick one up, but flinched back when I felt the wetness on it. I sighed and went back to my bed. I didn’t feel like cleaning up my aunt’s piss. I figured the smell would eventually fade. Later that night I was playing my ps4 with the volume up high. I knew my mom couldn't hear it from her room. My room still smelled like piss, but to be honest I didn’t really mind. The thought of my aunt pissing in my room made me a little horny. It was past my bedtime, but I hated going to sleep. I could stay up past three in the morning playing video games and often did. I was in the middle of an overwatch match when my aunt came in. She walked over and pulled the headphones off my head. I turned to see what she wanted. I was still playing out of the corner of my eye. “Turn the damn game off, brat.” she said. “I can hear it in my room. I’m trying to go to sleep.” I looked at my aunt. She was wearing a flimsy nightgown with nothing underneath it. I could tell, because I could see her ample breasts through the fabric. My cock once again got hard. They were practically in my face. “I’m in the middle of a game.” I replied. “You’re always in the middle of a game.” growled my aunt. “You’re not my mother.” I stated. “Thank god.” she sighed. She rubbed her brow. “Look, would you please just turn the game off?” I was still mad at her for pissing in my room, so I held my ground. “I won’t play for too much longer. I’m going to bed soon.” This meant I would be up for hours. My aunt sighed and walked away. I put my headphones back on and went back to killing people as Road Hog. Instead of leaving my room, my aunt walked over to my ps4 and hung her bare ass over it. I pulled my headphones off. “What are you doing!?” I roared. “Turning the game off.” she stated. My aunt began pissing full force over my ps4. Yellow piss streaked down the surface and entered the disk drive. I could hear an unnatural buzzing coming from the machine. After a few seconds the display went dead, but my aunt kept on pissing. She had a huge smile on her face as she destroyed my ps4. I looked on in shock. This was the second time today she had used her piss to destroy my belongings. I have to admit my dick was rigid, but my ps4 was trash! “This is much easier than walking downstairs in the dark.” sighed my aunt. She was still peeing a steady stream on my console. “Your room is now my official spare bathroom.” My aunt’s piss was clear like water. She must have been drinking a lot to build up her reservoir. The ps4 was taking the full brunt of her stream, but piss was leaking over near my other consoles. I ran over and moved them out of the way. I didn’t try to take my ps4. It was already ruined and I was afraid Sarah would piss over my other consoles if I moved it. My aunt was too intent on her toilet to notice. She was grinning from ear to ear while she watched her pussy gush. She only peed for around thirty seconds this time, but it was more than enough to ruin the delicate console. She shook herself off and sat down hard upon the console.. There was a cracking noise as she settled. My aunt grabbed a Darth Vader action figure off the floor and began rubbing it against her pussy. Getting piss and something else on it. “Peeing in your room is kind of hot.” she admitted. My aunt plunged Vader’s head into her vagina. She let out a moan of pleasure before she realized what she was doing. “I think I’ll play in my own room.” she mused. She took my Darth Vader and a stuffed bison and left my room in shambles. I sat on my bed. Did that really just happen?
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