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  1. I really liked it. Can't wait to see more.
  2. Great story, looking forward to see what else the girls get up to.
  3. Another great chapter. Hope the series continues.
  4. Absolutely loved it. Hope you put out part two with the mustang soon.
  5. Another great addition. Looking forward to seeing what they target next.
  6. Looking forward to seeing what they get up to at the farm house.
  7. I've been thinking about writing it for some time. It will happen someday. To give you a hint, it's somewhere they'll have to be quiet.
  8. I really love in the first chapter how casual the girls are about it. Treating his room like it's any other restroom.
  9. The second part was great. I hope they pee in even naughtier places.
  10. Another great read. It would be nice to see some more of them. What other kind of places they trash. Seeing them at a college dorm party or a wedding reception would be cool.
  11. Looking forward to the second part.
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