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  1. Probably not for a while. I have several other stories I'd rather continue first depending on time. I'm probably going to finally finish Amazon Mom Part 3 next when I can.
  2. Features: Naughty peeing, Public peeing, Sexual acts. I will never forget the night my life changed forever. I was eighteen, in my last year of high school. I was a reedy little punk of a kid. I’d never been a hit with the ladies and I figured that wouldn’t change until I had a high paying job later in life. I was too shy to try anyway. The security in the bars near my city’s college was a little lax. I was able to sneak in every now and again. This story takes place on one such night. I was lurking by the counter with my drink when I heard a voice cut through the crowd. “What are you doing here?” When I saw who the voice belonged to I dropped my head. I was busted. It was Mrs. McMillian who lived three doors down from me. Talk about bad luck. Mrs. McMillian was in her mid-forties. Her son was a few years younger than me. She was short and on the chubby side. She had long brown hair and brown eyes. Her face was cute, but no one would call her a heart snatcher. She looked like your average neighborhood mom. She brought pies to every bake sale, very good pies, she babysat when my parents were out of town, and she was always happy to lend a hand. “Please don’t tell my parents!” I begged. Mrs. McMillian laughed. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to rat you out.” She took the seat at the bar next to me. “I was surprised to see you.” “Oh, thank you, Mrs. McMillian.” I sighed. She laughed again. “Please, call me Elizabeth.” We sat and drank together for a while. She was a pleasant conversationalist. I explained to her that my parents were out of town for the week, leaving me free to do what I pleased. She told me her husband had taken her son to a hockey tournament. We had a good time. We decided to head home together since we lived so close. The subway was nearly deserted when we arrived. I sat down next to Elizabeth. I noticed a purse sitting on the seat across from us, but I was a little drunk and didn’t think much of it. Two college girls got on the bus right before the doors closed. They were in a considerably worse state than us. One had raven black hair, the other’s was dyed bright pink. The pink-haired girl saw the purse and pointed at it. “Somebody forgot their purse.” she slurred. “See if there’s any money in it.” advised her friend. Seemingly oblivious to our presence, she rooted through the purse for a moment before emerging triumphantly with a wallet. She pulled the cash out and dropped the wallet back in the purse. Then she stopped and grabbed her crotch. “Fuck man, I’m dying for a piss.” she moaned. “I dare you to do it in the purse.” shot back her friend. “Really?” “Yeah.” The pink-haired girl giggled. “I’ll do it.” “I know you will.” Without pause, the pink-haired girl pulled down her leather pants to her knees. I couldn’t believe it, her trimmed pussy was on full display. This was the first time I’d ever seen a vagina in real life. The girl held the purse up to her pussy and bit her lip. After a moment a steady stream of pee shot out of her lips all over the purse and its contents. “Fuck, man. This feels so good.” she sighed. She was pissing as hard as she could. Her stream only lasted for a few seconds, but she soaked the purse. Pee was dripping out the bottom of it, it was ruined. The two college girls couldn’t help themselves, they broke into a fit. “Give it to me.” demanded the raven-haired girl. She grabbed the purse and hiked her skirt up to reveal her lack of undergarments. She squatted down with the bag in her hand and began to piss into it. Already sodden, the bag did little to contain her bladder. Pee leaked everywhere, creating a massive puddle on the floor. I had no idea how to react to what I was seeing. My cock was rock hard. This was like nothing that had ever happened before, but my night was about to get even crazier. The two girls had collapsed into their seats and passed out. I looked over and saw Elizabeth smiling at me. She leaned over and whispered into my ear. “ Do you want to fuck me?” I was taken completely aback. This was the last thing I expected. “Wh-what?” I stammered. “I said, do you want to fuck me?” she replied. I glanced from side to side. “But you’re married.” “Never stopped me in the past,” she stated. “I’m guessing you’ve never done it before. Trust me, I have a lot of experience.” I took a second to collect my thoughts. The answer was obvious. “Yes.” I decided. She grinned. “There’s just one condition.” “What?” I asked. She stretched herself out. “You have to let me piss in your backpack.” I was struck silent again. Why would she want this? Where was the friendly neighbor I was used to know? This was a side of Elizabeth I’d never seen before. “But, its got all my school stuff in it.” I protested. “I know,” said Elizabeth. “That’s what makes it so fun. I saw your reaction to those girls over there.” she nodded in their direction. “Come on, it’ll be worth it, I promise.” I had to think about it. This was my chance. Like any boy my age, I was horny all the time. I wasn’t a jock with a pick of the school. My cock stayed rigid thinking about it. Regardless of the cost, there was only one answer. “Fine,” I said. Elizabeth leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. “Thanks, dear,” she whispered. The two college girls were still passed out when we reached our stop. We stepped onto the platform, no one else was in sight. Elizabeth held out her hand. After a moment of hesitation, I pulled off my backpack and gave it to her. Elizabeth pulled down her jeans and panties. She was standing half-naked in the middle of the station. She unzipped my bag and held it with one hand below her naked crotch. She opened her mouth wide and moaned as a spurt of piss shot from her plump pussy. The first spurt was followed by a raging storm. The college girls had nothing on Elizabeth. She’d been drinking for quite a while. She peed full force into my backpack. Elizabeth swiveled her hips to soak as much of the contents as she could. She had broken out into a grin. I could tell she was enjoying this. I don’t know how long she lasted. She just kept pissing and pissing. She totally destroyed the contents of my bag. My textbooks, notebooks, pencil case, sweater, none of them were spared. Her piss leaked out the bottom of the bag much like the purse. Still, Elizabeth kept peeing. She was laughing now. “I really had to go!” she said. “You did.” I agreed. After another thirty seconds, she finished. My bag was completely sodden. She handed it back to me. I stared at it, unsure of what to do. “Put it on,” instructed Elizabeth. I did as she told me to. The bag was warm and wet on my back. Piss leaked down my shirt and into my pants. It was a strange feeling. Elizabeth put her jeans back on and we walked the rest of the distance to my house. I’d heard older women are more skilled in bed. I might not have had as much experience, but considering what came next, I was converted. Elizabeth knew exactly what she was doing, it was heaven in her tender arms. When we had finished making love, Elizabeth pulled herself out of my embrace. She slipped out of the covers and walked over to where my video game consoles lay on the floor. She glanced back at me and bit her bottom lip. Then she tilted her vagina towards my delicate game systems. I watched in awe, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Elizabeth gasped as she shot pee all over my consoles. Her piss splashed down on my ps4 first, coating it in a layer of her essence. She laughed as she watched her golden waterfall splatter over my belongings. After soaking my ps4, she turned her attention to my Xbox which received her stream. Despite our recent activities, my dick was rock hard. Here Elizabeth was, a woman I had known since I was a child, destroying my consoles with reckless abandon. Elizabeth’s bladder wasn’t empty yet. She was smiling as she rained down upon my Xbox. Once the green light flashed off she diverted her pee towards my Switch. She didn’t have much left at this point, but I heard her grunt as she pushed as hard as she could. She managed a finally burst all over my Switch, ruining it for good. Elizabeth turned back to me and bit her thumb. “I always pee after having sex.” She explained, “It helps prevent UTI’s. Now move over, let me get in there.” Elizabeth got into the bed next to me and snuggled up under the covers. My penis was ready for round two (Or ten considering how long we’d been going at it.) but she didn’t pay me any more attention. I fell asleep with her warmth next to me. It was a strange sensation, one I enjoyed immensely. Elizabeth woke me up around seven with her shuffling. I looked over to see what was the matter. She was lying on her back with her feet spread. Only her head was above the covers. She seemed to relax and then I heard a splashing sound under the covers. “Are you peeing in my bed?” I asked. She looked over at me. “I’m fucking soaking your bed.” “Damn.” was all I could muster. “Man, I love pissing in beds.” she sighed. Still releasing her morning capacity. “I don’t get to do it in my own house, but here? Fuck it.” “You don’t respect my stuff?” I asked. “When I look around your room I just see one big toilet.” she shot back. “Hmm.” “I noticed you haven’t told me to stop.” she pointed out. I couldn’t disagree. Her piss was getting everywhere in the bed. It pooled out from under her soaking me and the sheets completely. She was still peeing, as relaxed as ever. “We’ve still got a few days to ourselves,” said Elizabeth. “We should make the most of them.” She turned over, while peeing, and kissed me on the cheek. Then she slid on top and rode me slowly while the last of her pee escaped her bladder. Needless to say, I didn’t last long. After she was finished she left to shower and get ready for the day. I couldn’t believe the wild way my night had gone, but that was just the beginning. Things were going to get a lot crazier in the days to come. Especially when her husband found out about our little affair.
  3. Yeah, there's some good stuff on her onlyfans. You have to pay again to get most of her videos. She has a video of her peeing on a hotel bed. There was a cropped version on her youtube channel. It's not the longest pee, but it's nice. Most of the stuff on her onlyfans is just nudity or peeing on the toilet though.
  4. I think that sounds like a pretty great story idea. I'd definitely enjoy it. I think it's fine if you mention the past. There are other stories here where people think about their childhoods. Obviously erotic actions by a minor would be too much, but since you're not doing that I don't see the problem. We're not eroticizing a child, it's a fully grown woman who is the center of our attention.
  5. The weekly training camp at Extreme Muscles Gym was beginning to wind down. There were five regular members of the training camp, plus a new member who had joined the previous week. Irons were pumping, bodies were sweating and everyone was getting a good workout. The members of the class were as follows. Irene, a thirty-six-year-old mother who attended the class to maintain her physique. She had red hair, an athletic, if not quite slim, figure, and a pleasant face. Alex, a twenty-three-year-old who worked as a stripper in a local club. Alex had blonde hair with red highlights. She was thin with medium boobs and a tight butt. The young woman always looked like she was up to something. Darlene was a twenty-seven-year-old powerlifter. She had deep black skin, black hair and bulging muscles. She stood half a foot taller than any other woman in the class. Trish was a forty-three-year-old divorcee. She worked as an investment banker. She had moved to America from Thailand with her husband, but it hadn’t worked out. She had brown hair, large breasts, and still looked like she was in her thirties. The last regular was Lila, an eighteen-year-old from the middle east who still lived with her family. Her parents didn’t approve of the gym, but Lila didn’t care. She had black hair, large breasts, and an ample rear. She was still filling out her figure but was already gorgeous. She could be a model if she wanted. The name of the class’s newest member was Dave. He was a tall, young, athletic man. The women assumed he was in his early twenties, but he didn’t talk much. He had short blonde hair, tight muscles, and a handsome face. The women often took peeks at him when they thought he wasn’t looking. They also had a tendency to squat down or stick out their rear a little more when they thought he was. The instructor was also a woman. Her name was Nicole. She was thirty-one and had been an instructor in the gym for years. Her own muscles were firm from long days spent training. She was fairly short and had long black hair which almost reached her butt. She might be short, but she was well filled out. Her boobs, butt, and thighs were all a delicious sight. “Okay. That’s a wrap for the day,” stated Nicole. The women headed off to their changing room, Dave entered his. As soon as the women were alone in their room, Irene let out a sigh of relief. She pulled her shorts aside and began pissing freely on the floor. “I’ve been holding it in all session,” she exclaimed. “It’s so hard to work out when we can’t pee in the gym anymore.” Since the training camp was the last session of the day, the women had taken to peeing during their workout. Nicole had no problem with it. In fact, there was a good chance she enjoyed it most of all. However, the women had been forced to hold it ever since Dave joined in. They didn’t want to go to the bathroom; they all had way too much fun peeing wherever they wanted. The changing room was the best option. “He’s quite the looker though,” said Trish. She took her top off and began rubbing her tits. “I wouldn’t mind a little extra workout with him.” Irene’s pee was shooting out of her with force. She was creating a huge puddle in the middle of the floor. The other women watched her toilet with eager eyes. They had all been holding it in while they waited for the session to end. “Maybe he wouldn’t mind.” suggested Alex. “We could clue him in.” “How would we do that?” asked Irene. Still pissing full force over the floor. Alex smirked. “You could pee yourself in the middle of the session. See how he reacts.” Irene gave the stripper a flat look. “Why don’t you pee yourself? You’re the one used to having men ogle you.” Alex leaned back on the bench. “Maybe I will.” Most of the women were naked by this point. Sometimes they worked out in the nude, it made things more exciting. Darlene sat back on the bench, lifted her feet in the air, and opened her pussy. She let out a sigh as she fired her piss across the room. Darlene had a powerful stream; she was able to spray the far wall with her relief. The other woman watched. They knew the power of Darlene. They’d had a few competitions to see who could pee the farthest. Darlene had doubled the next best pisser, Alex. Darlene had her eyes closed in bliss as she enjoyed her relief. Watching such a magnificent pee made the other women's’ bladders tinge in protest. Irene finally finished her pee. She shook her hips a few times before walking over to her bag. Her puddle covered almost a quarter of the floor. To get out the other women would have to jump over it, although they didn’t all mind wet feet. Lila was watching the other women with hungry eyes. She’d always had a thing for women, but had never dared act on it. These weekly training camps were a way for her to express herself. They gave her the freedom she could never have at home. She knew if her parents found out what really happened here they would never allow her to return. One day she would leave them, but she wasn’t ready yet. Something caught her eye as she watched her fellow training mates’ antics. Lila pulled a red gym bag out from under the bench. “Someone forgot their bag.” she stated, “Who does this belong to?” Nicole walked over and took the bag. “This is Clarissa’s,” she answered. Nicole dropped the bag on the floor. None of the women in the class liked Clarissa. She was married to a rich man but had no other redeeming qualities. She belittled other women by flaunting her wealth and making rude remarks at their expense. She was also a horrible gossip incapable of keeping a secret. Nicole’s eyes lit up, she saw a chance to get some much-needed revenge. Nicole opened the expensive gym bag and squatted over it. Clarissa had left a spare set of expensive clothes, some pricey looking jewelry and various other knickknacks she was constantly boasting about to the other women. She was one of those people into all sorts of new wave crap. “What are you doing?” asked Trish. “I’m going to teach that bitch a lesson,” explained Nicole. She looked around at the other woman. “None of you are going to tattle?” There was a chorus of no’s. Trish walked over to Nicole. She squatted down next to her by the bag. “We’d never piss and tell,” said Trish. “That woman deserves everything coming her way.” Darlene had just shot her last burst of piss. She swung herself off the bench so she could get a better look. The other women crowded around to see the naughtiness about to transpire. Trish and Nicole grinned at each other. Trish and Nicole began shooting their piss into the gym bag. They laughed as they coated Clarissa’s belongings in their pee. The clothes took the brunt of the first assault; they darkened and stained under the yellow rain. The fine fabrics greedily absorbed everything the women gave them. Next, the jewelry received a shower of pee. The sight of gold and jewels being used as a toilet made Trish and Nicole laugh out loud. They’d never done anything quite like this before. Clarissa’s new wave medicine was treated to a hot blast as well. Nicole wondered how much of her husband’s money had been wasted on these trinkets. She didn’t care, all she wanted to do was destroy them with her pee. Trish was having the time of her life as well. She’d been Clarissa’s friend in the past. Then the bitch had told her husband several secrets she’d been trusted to keep. Trish felt Clarissa was at least partly responsible for the divource. This was a small measure of revenge for what she had done. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. The streams of the two women eventually died down. The group stood there giggling over the wreckage. The expensive gym bag was a sorry sight. The jewelry was salvageable, but everything else was ruined. Nicole imaged Clarissa wearing jewelry she had used as a toilet. The thought gave her great joy. Lila stepped away from the carnage. She walked to a corner of the room. She wasn’t bold enough yet to make such a spectacle. She squatted down and began emptying her bladder as quietly as she could. She sighed as she peed, she had been holding it in for such a long time. Her nipples were hard, peeing on the floor was such a turn on. She wished she could do this in her room. If she could, she’d squat in the corner and pee on the carpet whenever she had to go. Lila blushed when she realized Darlene was watching her. The older woman grinned at her awkwardness. Darlene spread her legs and showed off her pussy. Lila’s heart skipped a beat. She’d been sneaking peeks at Darlene constantly, but her naive brain hadn’t realized she’d been noticed. Darlene spread her pussy and shot a hidden burst of piss Lila’s way. Lila let out a little gasp, the piss almost hit her. Darlene smiled and blew Lila a kiss. The young girl couldn’t help but blush again. She wondered where this might lead. The women filed into the showers and cleaned themselves off. Once they were all clean they got dressed and began to make their way out of the gym. Nicole stopped and looked back at Alex. The stripper was still sitting naked on the bench; dripping wet from the shower. “I noticed you haven’t peed yet.” said Nicole, “What’s up?” Nicole smiled slyly, “I want to pee in the gym. I figure Dave’s left by now. I’ll wait a few more minutes, then go.” Nicole nodded, Alex always liked to pee in naughty places. She’d been surprised Alex hadn’t joined in on their revenge. Now it made sense. “Sounds good. I’ll wipe everything down before we open tomorrow,” said Nicole. She threw Alex the spare key. “Lock up behind yourself.” “Will do,” replied Alex. Alex waited another few minutes. Her bladder felt like it was going to explode. Alex loved the feeling of a full bladder. The only thing she loved more was releasing a full bladder where she wasn’t supposed to. She’d had a whole host of boyfriends, but she’d never found the right one. She wanted someone she could enjoy her fetish with. Someone who she didn’t have to hide from. Alex stepped out into the gym naked as the day she was born. She walked up to the windows and stretched herself out like a cat. If anyone walked by they would have seen her, but Alex didn’t care. Being seen naked was nothing new to her. Alex walked over to the dumbbell rack. She selected an appropriate dumbbell and began rubbing it against her pussy. Masturbating while her piss screamed for release was so hot. Alex couldn’t help but gasp at her naughty actions. She put the dumbbell down and stood over the rack. She sighed as she sprayed a stream of piss over the dumbbells. Alex’s piss flew true and struck the rack. She shook her hips from side to side to spray as many as possible. She turned her head and saw her next target. Alex stepped away from the dumbbells and walked over to the yoga balls. She never stopped peeing. She left a trail behind her across the floor. Alex flopped down on a large, purple, yoga ball and let her piss spray out behind her. She rolled on top of the ball so her feet weren’t touching the floor. She had fun lounging there as she released her bladder. Alex knew she had the largest capacity of all the women. Alex rolled off the yoga balls, sending streaks of piss into the air. She lay on her back for a few seconds, enjoying shooting her pee across the floor. Then she got up and turned the treadmill on. Alex walked on the treadmill as she peed, she loved the sound her pee made when it hit the tracks. Alex hadn’t stopped peeing since she began. Alex heard one of the mats squeak behind her. She turned around, still peeing, and saw Dave standing behind her. He looked surprised and embarrassed to be caught. The young man was standing behind her with his cock in his hand. His gym bag lay discarded on the floor behind him. He must have been on his way out when he saw her. Alex had been so enraptured by her naughtiness she had never noticed. Alex stared at Dave’s rock hard cock. It had to be at least nine inches long. Alex didn’t care about size, but it was still nice to see a large tool in a man’s hand. Dave had seen her at her best and he clearly enjoyed it. Alex smiled at Dave. She rubbed her tits with one hand while she lowered the other one to her spewing pussy. “What are you waiting for?” she asked. Dave needed no further prompting. He rushed forward and thrust himself inside her. Alex gasped as he pounded his hard member deep inside her. She’d always wanted to piss during sex, but there had never been an opportunity before. Dave thrust away as Alex released her bladder. His thrusts grew quicker as Alex grew closer to the end of her toilet. With one last grunt, Dave came inside her as Alex’s bladder emptied its last drop. Alex screamed in ecstasy as she experienced an orgasm like never before. Alex and Dave lay on the ground, panting, in their sweat and piss. Alex rolled over onto her belly and grinned at her new lover. “That was great, but next week’s going to be even better.”
  6. I finished another story a couple of days ago, but I've been too busy to edit it. Thanks for all the feedback, it really makes me want to write more. I'll try to get another couple stories up by the end of the week.
  7. This is the second part of the story, if you want to read the first part here it is. Part One. I hope you enjoy the story. Last time I told you about the the first peeing experience with my girlfriend Elizabeth. I mentioned we had plenty more experiences. Well, after pissing on my favourite stuffed animal, the next time really spiced things up. We decided to do something about Elizabeth’s fetish, the one she had told me about. Exhibitionism. We took a bus down the highway to a city a few hours away from where we lived. We didn’t want anyone to recognize us. Elizabeth was wearing a trench coat. All she had underneath was a bra and thong. She planned to remove them at some point during the day. It was a long bus ride, but it was worth it to get where we were going. We got off the bus and headed to our first destination. Elizabeth didn’t care who saw her, but she wanted to put on a private show for me at our first destination. We headed to the public library. It was a week day, so the place wasn’t extremely busy. There were plenty of empty rows to get up to all sorts of naughtiness in. I could tell Elizabeth enjoyed walking past librarians who had no idea she was wearing next to nothing underneath her coat. I wrapped my arm around her as we walked through the library. We entered an empty row near the back of the library. That’s when the fun began. Elizabeth pressed herself up against the books and opened her coat. She showed me the thin lacy undergarments she was wearing while grinning wickedly. Elizabeth pulled her bra down, showing me her tiny boobs, then turned around to give me a nice view of her ample rear. My cock was hard in my pants. Elizabeth walked over and stroked me through my jeans, my cock stiffened further. Elizabeth grimaced. “What’s wrong?” I asked her. “It was a long bus ride.” explained Elizabeth. She held her crotch. “I have to pee.” I smiled. “I know we’re here for your fetish, but why don’t we try combining them?” I asked. “Peeing exhibitionism.” Elizabeth looked around. “Are you crazy? We’re in a library.” “All the better.” I insisted. Elizabeth looked around before grinning. I knew she couldn’t resist the challenge. She knew how much this would turn me on. “I don’t know.” she said. Even if she wanted to, this was hard for her. “I’m not sure I can let go here.” “Do you need somewhere less public?” I asked. I had a few other ideas. Elizabeth shook her head. “It’s not that. It just feels so wrong to pee here.” she glanced down the aisle. “I need somewhere I can sit down and relax. Then I can let go.” “I have an idea.” I stated. Elizabeth followed me through the rows as I led her to what I had in mind. She let out a little gasp when I stopped in front of the children’s section. It was off to the side in this library. All the kids were in school, no one was around. “What do you expect me to do here?” asked Elizabeth. “The books are in wooden boxes.” I explained. “I thought you could sit on one and pee into it like a toilet.” Elizabeth was wide eyed. “I thought you’d find me a chair or something so I could go on the floor.” She looked around. “Peeing on books feels so wrong.” “That’s what makes it hot.” I stated. Elizabeth walked over and stared into one of the cubes. “These books are for kids.” she said. “What if some kid sticks their hand in my pee?” I shrugged. “You won’t be around to see it.” Elizabeth stood there for a minute. Eventually she sighed and threw up her hands. “I’m bursting anyways. You always get the best of me.” Elizabeth raised her coat up and slid off her thong. She put her thong in her purse which she set down next to her. She pulled one of the cubes out and sat down on it. Elizabeth glanced from side to side as she prepared for her naughty deed. “Tell me if anyone comes.” she instructed. “The last thing I need is to get caught.” I took a step back so I could watch for anyone approaching while still maintaining a good view of Elizabeth. I gave her the thumbs up, everything was clear for now. A look of concentration crossed over Elizabeth’s face. She was absolutely desperate, but it was still difficult for her to let go. She opened her mouth as she tried to force her pee out. Watching my darling girlfriend trying to pee in the children’s section was amazing. Here she was about to spray hot piss over colourful books with beautiful illustrations. “Oh my god, it’s coming.” blurted Elizabeth. A moment later I heard the faint hiss of pee as Elizabeth started to release her bladder. The hiss intensified into a blast as Elizabeth let loose. Piss streamed out of her all over the books inside the cube, ruining the carefully drawn illustrations with her waste. Elizabeth stuck her tongue out at me as she peed. I could tell she was enjoying this. Elizabeth flashed me one of her breasts as she urinated. I loved the splattering sound Elizabeth’s pee made upon contact with the paper below. It made my cock so hard I worried I would cum in my pants. Elizabeth was staring at my crotch as she peed. She knew this was turning me on. She’d only been peeing for a few seconds, but it was heaven. It was at that moment I saw a man approaching the section from a few aisles away. I motioned to Elizabeth to warn her. Elizabeth jumped off the cube. It took her a second to stop pissing. She left a small puddle on the floor beneath her. She pushed the cube back into the wall so the destruction wouldn’t be as evident. I got a glance inside. The books were sitting in a pool of piss. She’d really let them have it. The books were going to have to be thrown out. My sweet, innocent girlfriend had ruined them beyond repair. The man walked over into the children’s section next to us. Elizabeth gave him a shallow smile as he walked past her. She was shifting from foot to foot. She’d only been able to pee for a few seconds. It had been a hard gush, but she was still desperate. I could tell she needed to pee badly. The last thing I wanted was for her to wet herself in front of a stranger. She loved exhibition, but I knew that would be too much too fast. The man stopped next to us. I cursed. I was hoping he would pass us by. He was middle aged, I would assume somewhere in his forties. He was looking through the children’s section. He smiled back at us from where he was standing. “I’m looking for a book for my daughter.” he explained. “Do you two have any suggestions?” I didn’t know what to say. “I’m sorry. We were looking for something for my cousin, but I’m not too great with these things.” said Elizabeth. Even desperate to piss she was quicker on her feet than me. The man walked nearer to us. I stared in horror as he slid the wooden cub Elizabeth had peed in out from the wall. I expected him to turn on us yelling obscenities. Inside he let out a sigh of disappointment. “It looks like the roof is leaking again.” said the man. “I heard they were having trouble during the summer. I’ll have to tell them when I leave.” “Everything’s always leaking.” agreed Elizabeth. She was holding herself through her trench coat. The man stood up and waved goodbye. He had picked out a few books. “Well, I hope you find something good for your cousin. I can never seem to pick out what my daughter wants.” The man left us alone in the children’s section. I turned to Elizabeth. “That was a close call. Maybe we should find a bathroom?” Just the few seconds I had seen were enough to satisfy me for a long time. Elizabeth shook her head. She was trembling “I have to go so bad. If I try to reach a bathroom, I'm going to pee myself.” She grinned, “Besides, you were right, this is fun.” I noticed something else as Elizabeth talked. Her nipples were rock hard. She wasn’t scared. She was trembling out of excitement and the need to pee. Almost getting caught had seriously turned her on. “We can’t stay here.” I stated. “Let’s move over a few aisles.” suggested Elizabeth. We walked a couple rows over in the library until we thought we were far enough. A splash of piss escaped from Elizabeth before we reached our destination. She soaked the edge of her trench coat, fortunately it wasn’t noticeable unless you were looking for it. When we got to the aisle Elizabeth told me to stand next to her and block her from view. She selected a book off the shelf. I looked at the title, it was a collection of Shakespeare plays. It was nice too, it looked like an older edition of the book. I wouldn't have been surprised to learn Elizabeth was holding a book from a hundred years ago. I expected Elizabeth to squat down and pretend to read while peeing on the floor, but instead she held the book underneath her trench coat. I didn’t get a good few, but I could hear the sound of hot piss splattering against paper. Elizabeth let out a long sigh as she peed on the book. I stood to the side and pretended to browse the selection. I wonder if the bard knew his work would be used as a toilet by a woman in a few hundred years. I couldn’t take my eyes off of Elizabeth. She had never looked more beautiful than she did now. She had this divine smile plastered across her face. I could hear my beautiful girlfriend’s pee streaming off the book to land on the floor. There was going to be quite a puddle left behind. Elizabeth peed on the book for a few seconds before pulling it out from under her trench coat. I could see the pages had been soaked yellow by her pee. Elizabeth put the book back on the shelf where she had found it. Some of her pee pooled around the bottom and stained the books next to it. “I don’t want to stay in one place for too long.” explained Elizabeth. “I still really have to go.” We walked over another few rows. Halfway there Elizabeth stopped. She smirked at me and let out a stream of piss. Her pee fell to the floor and splattered around. Her legs were soaked in pee by this point. Elizabeth cut off her stream and we moved on. We reached another row of books. I stood next to Elizabeth while she squatted down. Elizabeth pretended to look at the books on the shelf. We were in the romance section. What she was actually doing was spreading her legs so she could shoot her piss on the bottom row of books. A thick gush of pee shot from her pussy and splattered over the books. The helpless novels were coated in my girlfriends pee. Elizabeth wasn’t struggling to let go anymore. She swiveled her hips from side to side to ruin as many books as possible. Elizabeth let out a short laugh. “This is actually kind of fun.” After destroying the bottom shelf of romance novels we headed over to where the DVDs were kept. Elizabeth stood upright next to them and sprayed piss all over their cases. She only did this for a second because we were right out in the open. Finally we head downstairs to the archives. The library stored old editions of the town newspaper there so they can be read by future generations. Elizabeth took out a box of newspapers and set it on the ground. The archives were never the busiest of places and now was no exception. “I want to relax for this last bit.” stated Elizabeth. Elizabeth sat down over the newspaper like she had the children’s books. Within moments she was spraying the delicate paper with a steady stream of urine. Elizabeth sighed with content. She didn’t seem to care she was destroying something which didn’t belong to her anymore. She wasn’t rushing it this time. “This is the naughtiest thing I’ve ever done.” said Elizabeth. “You’re a terrible influence.” I gave her a kiss on the lips. I’d always wanted to kiss a girl while she peed. “You know you love me.” “Damn straight.” replied Elizabeth. Elizabeth finished her pee in the newspapers and got up. The newspapers below her were completely destroyed. They ink had run off and the paper had turned to mush. They had barely held together as it was. Now they were no more. Elizabeth opened another box and pulled out some newspaper clippings. She started wiping herself down with them. Her legs had been soaked. It took several pages of newspaper to get herself clean. When she was down, she dropped the impromptu toilet paper back in the box she had gotten it from. “Let’s get out of here.” she said. I couldn’t agree more. We hurried out of the library before the proof of our deeds could be discovered. The two of us embraced on the steps of the library. “That was amazing.” I beamed. Elizabeth grinned. “The day is still young.”
  8. Lovely story. Raven said you used to pee on things because you could. Can you tell us about any naughty objects you peed on just because you could?
  9. You should also share some of her stories on the forum.
  10. This one's a bit shorter than my usual stories, but I'm pretty happy with it. I'm probably going to work on the next Amazon Mom chapter soon. I hope you enjoy my story! As a musician once said, what you’ve been looking for has been here the whole time. It wasn’t until I returned for college that I realized I had feelings for my best friend Elizabeth. However, realizing I had feelings for her was just the beginning. We’d known each other since we were children. She lived a few houses down from me. We used to walk over and visit each other all the time. Our houses were on the edge of a forest, which had a small creek we turning into our own paradise. I couldn’t count the number of days we spent just splashing through those waters. I could talk to Elizabeth about anything; the same was true for her. We both saw other people while we were friends. Mostly I was only in it for the sex. Who can blame me? I was a horny teenager. I never really cared about any of the girls I was with. I thought I did, but when I think back, it was all pretty meaningless. We went to separate colleges, but we kept in contact. We spent a lot of time together during the summers. I had a few more girlfriends, nothing that lasted more than a year. It wasn’t long after I finished my undergraduate I got the call. Elizabeth had been seeing one guy for a couple years. The way she talked about him it sounded pretty serious. Well, she called me at three a.m. to tell me he had been cheating on her for almost a year. She had just found out. I could tell she was devastated. She was still at her college, but I hopped in my car and drove to see her immediately. I helped her clear her things out of their apartment, then I drove her home. I spent the next few days trying to cheer her up. I don’t know why it happened exactly, but one evening I was looking at her and it all just snapped into focus. I realized what I’d been missing. Well, one thing led to another and we ended up getting together. The sex was great, the chemistry was there. We were the perfect couple. We dated for a month before we started opening up about our more extreme sexual desires. We sat down in the living room and just began to talk. We’d always shared secrets, but there are some things we hadn’t revealed yet. Elizabeth admitted her last boyfriend had gotten her into exhibitionism. She loved getting naked in public and she didn’t care who saw. There were a few other fetishes that turned her on, like being eaten out, but that was the big one. Then it was my turn to share. It was the beginning of a memory I will never forget. We were both sitting on the same couch, both wearing metal shirts and jeans. Elizabeth had just finished telling me how she liked to be on top. I should explain what Elizabeth looks like. She’s five foot four with brown hair and freckles. She doesn’t have a lot upstairs, but she has a great ass. She goes to the gym several times a week so her figure is lovely. She has big blue eyes and a radiant smile I can’t get enough of. She fits the figure of the girl next door perfectly. “Your turn!” said Elizabeth. I told her about a few minor fantasies of mine. I made sure to tell her I thought her exhibitionism was hot. Elizabeth kept pressing me. “You’re holding something back.” she stated. She could read me like a book. “It’s pretty weird.” I admitted. Elizabeth laughed. God I love it when she does that. “Nothing will surprise me.” I hesitated. Was this the right moment? Would it screw things up? I swallowed hard. My decision was made. “I’m into peeing.” I admitted. “Oh.” said Elizabeth. “Well, I figured as much.” “Huh?” was all my dumb brain could muster. “Remember back at Daniel’s birthday party?” she explained. “I told you I peed in the pool and you couldn’t take your eyes off me. Your dick got really hard.” “You remember that?” I managed. It was back in the twelfth grade. We’d gone to one of our friend’s birthdays. The whole house was packed; the bathrooms were full. I was hanging out with Elizabeth in the pool. She was fidgeting around and I asked her what was wrong. She told me there was a huge line for the bathroom and she couldn’t wait. Her only option was to pee in the pool. I watched her crotch as a faint yellow cloud formed around it. It was one of the hottest experiences of my life. I’d already been into peeing before then, but if I hadn’t, I think it would have changed that day. “It stuck with me.” stated Elizabeth. We chatted for a while before Elizabeth started fidgeting. I couldn’t help but focus my eyes on her crotch. “I have to pee.” she said. “I can see that.” “I thought we could try one of your fetishes, later we can try some of mine.” explained Elizabeth. “Want to watch me?” “Of course.” I replied. This was a dream come true. Elizabeth started leading me towards the bathroom. I had to stop her. “As great as it would be to see you go in the bathroom. It’s way hotter if you pee on something naughty.” I said. “Would that be okay?” Elizabeth bit her lip. “Sure. What were you thinking?” I held up my hands. “Wait here a moment.” I turned and sprinted up the stairs. Elizabeth called out behind me. “Don’t take too long! I might piss all over your floor” That stiffened my cock even harder. I ran up to the attic and started searching for something Elizabeth could use. It couldn’t be something boring. I’d never had a girlfriend willing to pee for me before. I had to make it count. Finally I found something. It took a second for me to decide if it was worth it. I figured I wanted to see her Elizabeth on what I had more than I cared about it. I brought it downstairs with me. Elizabeth was bouncing up and down at the bottom of the stairs. I showed her my prize. Elizabeth’s eyes widened. “Mr. Bunster! I can’t pee on that!” I was holding my favourite childhood stuffed animal. A rabbit in a tuxedo I had carried around with me for years. Eventually my mother had put a stop to that, but he had a place on my bed until I left for college. “It’s my toy.” I stated. “Come on. It would be so hot.” “But he’ll be ruined.” replied Elizabeth. “We’ll find another use for him.” I said. Elizabeth looked reluctant, but she took Mr. Bunster from me. We walked into the bathroom together with our victim in tow. “God, I remember you used to go everywhere with this thing.” said Elizabeth. She had a wistful look on her face. “You’re sure you’re okay with this?” “I’m sure.” I assured her. Elizabeth shrugged. She set Mr. Bunster down in the bathtub. She fidgeted for a second before she took her pants off. I admired the way her tight rump looked when she stepped into the tub. Elizabeth squatted down over Mr. Bunster. I got in close so I could see. Nothing happened for a moment. Elizabeth had a look of concentration on her face. “I’m trying, but it’s hard.” she stated. “I really have to go; it’s just not coming out. I’ve never peed like this in front of someone.” “You’ll manage.” I assured her. “What about the pool?” “I wasn’t doing that to turn you on.” said Elizabeth. “Besides, peeing in the pool is easy.” I didn’t have a good response to that. “Remember when we used to have tea parties with our stuffed animals?” asked Elizabeth. “You had Mr. Bunster and I had Timmy the Teddy.” “I remember.” I replied. We made a bit of small talk while Elizabeth tried to pee. Knowing Elizabeth was attempting to urinate on my childhood stuffed animal while she chatted with me was exhilarating. She was reminiscing about the past when it happened. A spurt of piss shot out of Elizabeth’s pussy onto Mr. Bunster’s tuxedo. The fabric greedily absorbed the liquid. Elizabeth cut off from what she had been saying. “Oh my god, it’s coming!” she cried. Elizabeth released another stream of pee. Some of it splashed on to Mr. Bunster, but most of it hit the bathtub floor in front of him. Elizabeth pushed him up so he would receive a more direct stream. Her piss began to spray out in a steady flow. My girlfriends piss was blasting directly over Mr. Bunster’s face. His fur grew sodden under the deluge. Elizabeth laughed as she directed her piss over Mr. Bunster’s head and body. “I can’t believe I’m pissing on your stuffed bunny!” she exclaimed. “I’m soaking him!” “Fuck yes you are.” I said. I got my cock out and started stroking it as I watched. “This feels so good.” sighed Elizabeth. She must have really had to go, because her piss showed no signs of slowing down. Her stream splattered off Mr. Bunster and hit the sides of the tub. Elizabeth’s piss had fully soaked through the stuffed bunny at this point. Streams of pee dripped off his soaked fur. “He’s going to be destroyed.” stated Elizabeth. I was nearing a climax as I watched her ruin my stuffed animal. Her piss was finally beginning to weaken. She must have peed for at least forty seconds. I didn’t know how such a small girl could have such a huge bladder. Elisabeth’s stream died down, but she kept squatting over Mr. Bunster for a few more moments. She spurted another short burst of pee onto him, then started shaking her ass up and down. I came with a load gasp. “Pass me some toilet paper.” she said. I shook my head. “No need.” I stepped into the tub and got down on my knees. Elizabeth stood up so I could start eating her out. I licked the piss off her legs and pussy before I went in. Elizabeth started moaning as I stuck my tongue into her pissy pussy. Her piss was salty and delicious. When combined with her juices it was intoxicating. I dug into her until she loudly orgasmed. We both knelt in the piss filled bathtub, panting with exertion. Elizabeth looked at Mr. Bunster’s sodden form. “What are we going to do with him?” she asked. “Forget about him.” I stated. I grabbed Elizabeth by the hand and pulled her into the bedroom. We screwed like rabbits all night. It wasn’t the last experience I had with Elizabeth, but our first experiment with pissing will always hold a place in my heart.
  11. I'm actually planning a different story right now. Once I write that I'll work on the sequel. Things have just been busy recently.
  12. I love it when a girl laughs while she pees.
  13. When it’s a really hot girl/she peeing somewhere naughty, but the camera zooms all the way in on her crotch so you can’t see anything.
  14. Part two of the story. I was busy all week so I didn't have a lot of time to work on it. As always there is extreme vandalism in this. I hope you enjoy. Claire wanted to fill up before we went to the next location. She said it would be best if we were in and out of the place, but she still wouldn't tell me where we were going. We stopped at an old pub called the Red House to have breakfast. Pancakes are nice, but we were mostly there to drink lots of water and juice. We sat at a table to order. I was gazing around the pub with a wistful look on my face. Claire must have noticed. “What’s up?” she asked. “I performed here once.” I said. “It was a year after we got the band together.” It had been a good night. Saturday, March 14, 1998: We were on stage in the middle of the pub. Our last song was about to begin. We’d gotten the crowd rowdy. The building was filled with howls and screams. Several of our band members were missing articles of clothing, along with much of the crowd. My own tits were hanging out of my top. Boa was on the drums, Savage was base, Animal and I were on vocals and electric guitars. I sang the parts which required powerful vocals; Animal screamed the lines which needed to be belted out as fast as possible. I only had to sing the chorus of our last song. It was one of our more popular acts. The song went great. I stepped up to perform the chorus for the last time. The Jungle’s De-sire. It Buuuurns You! And-All-You Re-quire It Huuuurts You! The Tigers Roar, The Monkeys Howl In Ecstasy You Screammmmm! The crowd chanted their approval as we finished. Animal flipped off the audience and we walked away. Savage slipped off somewhere before we got back to the dressing room. I slumped into a chair with my feet up on a desk. I set my guitar back in its case on the floor. Animal packed her own guitar away and took a seat next to me. She let out a sigh. It had been a long session. The audience couldn’t get enough of us. Boa was busy cleaning off her drums. She had something of an obsession for her instruments. She never let them out of her sight. Savage returned a minute later, stuffing something into her pocket. “The manager made a pass at me.” she muttered. “That cunt.” hissed Animal. “He’s old enough to be you fucking dad.” I’d been friends with Savage since elementary school. The two of us had always been into music, starting the band together once we left high school had made perfect sense. Boa had already been in the scene for a few years when we got started. She was two years older than us, but she was the best drum player I knew. Animal joined a few months later. She happened to move from the UK when we were looking for another vocalist. Savage hair was styled in a red Mohawk. She had a tattoo of a flaming skull emblazoned across her chest. Animal wore her blonde hair over her eyes. Her black mascara ran down across her face, giving herself a haunting effect. Boa’s tattoos covered her entire body. They were mostly of her namesake. She even had one wrapped around her face. She’d shaved herself bald; she was the butch member of the group. Savage walked over to the bathroom. We’d left the door open before heading on stage. Savage squatted slightly and pulled her panties to the side. She sprayed a stream of piss all over the bathroom floor. Savage sighed as she arched her stream up to run against the mirror and sink. Then she shook her hips so her piss splashed over the bathroom from wall to wall. The whole bathroom was covered in piss by the time Savage was done. No one else could use it in that state. Savage hadn’t had to go as bad as usual. I knew because she’d pissed on stage around the beginning of our gig. Boa looked at the mess and sighed. “I was going to use that.” “Tough.” replied Savage. Boa walked over to the wall. She pulled her pants down. She grunted then started pissing against it. Her piss hit the wall and slid down; staining the wallpaper on its way to the floor. I knew Boa liked to pee herself where she sat while we played. She must have been saving some. Her piss created a pool on the ground. After a brief fifteen second pee she shook her ass and pulled her pants back up. Boa looked over at me and Animal. “You two didn’t pee on stage tonight. You must be bursting.” “I’m holding on right now.” I said. “Same.” agreed Animal. “Saving up for something?” asked Savage. “Yes, something.” I agreed. Animal and I left after a few minutes. Boa and Savage would pee wherever they wanted out of convenience or anger, but Animal and I had a thing for naughty pees. We had planned something for tonight. Which explained why we were holding our bladders. We crept through the hallways, making sure no one saw where we were going. The owner of the pub was out mingling with our audience, probably trying to find a woman half his age who would fuck him. While he was out, Animal and I snuck into his office. He’d made a big deal about his record collection when he hired us. We wanted to see it for ourselves. It was a small office. Every available inch was filled with a variety of music memorabilia. It was all old classical crap. Animal flipped through the records, muttering to herself. “This is all rubbish.” she decided. “The bastard probably only hired us because he wanted to get into Savage’s pants.” I shrugged. It wasn’t uncommon. Still, dickery of his variety deserved some kind of comeuppance. Animal lowered her pants and smirked at me. She held her vagina over the records. A stream of pee shot out of her tight pussy all over the songs. The look of bliss on her face was wonderful. Animal loved peeing over things. I grabbed several of the records and moved them forward so they could receive a portion of Animal’s pee. Animal was gushing piss out of her pussy at an alarming rate. She didn’t have the bladder capacity I had, but she could pee hard. Unfortunately her gush meant all too soon she was finished. Not before destroying the owner’s valuable record collection. I gave Animal a kiss on the cheek. She returned the favour eagerly. I had to push her away. We didn’t want to waste time in here. We had to pee and get out before the owner caught us. I swung bum up on the desk, I placed my feet to either side so my vagina was facing the open air. I spread my pussy lips with both hands. I peed as hard as I could. My piss shot across the room to splash over the door. I laughed out loud at the sight. Animal started holding pieces of memorabilia in front of my unforgiving piss. An Elvis coat got soaked, before a hat autographed by a member of the rolling stones was ruined. I giggled when Animal started filling up keepsake mugs with my stream. I felt like a keg of beer. Then Animal began putting documents in front of me. I didn’t care. I destroyed anything she brought before me with my piss. My pleasure mattered more than any of the owner’s belongings. I was pissing as hard as I always did. My urine was flooding the office. The floor was covered in soggy papers, mugs, memorabilia, records and an ever growing puddle of piss. Once Animal was finished putting things in front of me, I stood up so I could soak the desk itself. My piss pushed what papers remained to the ground, ruining them in the process. The desk took a beating from my golden waste. The varnish looked a lot less pristine once I was finished. We left the room behind. We retrieved the rest of our band mates from the dressing room, and then got out of there before we were caught. Our van would be well on its way to our next destination before the owner saw the mess we had left. Present: I returned to the present when our drinks arrived. Claire and I drank as much as we could before we hit the road. I wished all my memories with the Brides of the Jungle were as good as the ones at the Red House. Claire still refused to tell me where we were going. I thought it would be hard to find anywhere as naughty as the mall we had destroyed. Claire, however, did not disappoint. She told me to park before we walked to the location. My mind was on fire when I saw where Claire was taking us. We walked right up the steps of the city’s art gallery. “Do you know a guy in here?” I asked. Claire shook her head. “No, but I know where we can have some fun.” She smiled at me. “We just have to be quick about it.” “I can be quick.” I stated. We were both wearing baseball caps so we could avoid being caught on camera. Claire knew some dead spots, but we had to careful to avoid the rest. All this caution left a question burning in my mind. I might have been bold once, but I didn’t need to be arrested at thirty eight. “Couldn’t they find the video online and identify us?” I asked. Claire shook her head. “The videos in your son’s room were uploaded for anyone to see, but these go to a more select clientele. The kind of people willing to part with a lot of money. They’re vetted carefully.” She smiled at me. “The last location isn’t even going up online. It’s a specific request from a single client. They’re paying us a fortune.” Claire’s assurances helped ease my heart. It was a stark reminder I wasn’t quite as wild as I used to be. When a member of a punk band got arrested, it often did more to help their image than hurt it. Claire led me through the gallery. There were a lot of paintings. I have to admit my interests in the arts always began and ended with music. I suppose they were nice, but none of them reached me. Claire wasn’t paying any attention to them. She led me to a side door partially obscured by a section of paintings. “There’s a storage room in here.” explained Claire. “There are no cameras watching the door or inside.” “Why not?” I asked. Claire shrugged. “How should I know?” She knelt down and began fidgeting with the door. “Watch my back for me.” I looked around nervously while Claire unlocked the door. I didn’t know how she got it open, but she clearly had some skills. We crept inside. Claire locked the door behind us. She smiled at me and spread her arms around; showing off her bounty. There were paintings stacked up in canvases around the room. My eyes widened at the possibilities. Claire walked over to one of the canvases. She pulled it open to show off the painting within. The painting showed a starry night sky above a mountain top. Nothing too special. I really had to pee. “They store some paintings here. Nothing too valuable, but fun nonetheless.” stated Claire. “I have a different location in mind for myself, but I thought you should let yours out here. Your bladder is less discrete than mine.” I couldn’t argue with that. Claire got her phone out. I stood waiting for the camera to turn on. I had to cross my legs. I was starting to get a little desperate. Claire got the phone rolling and we began to shoot the video. “I’m back with Amazon Mom for another pissing playground.” said Claire from behind the camera. I stuck my tongue out at the screen. “Amazon Mom was about to show me what she thought about these paintings.” I dropped my pants and walked up to the painting. I grinned at the camera, and then I spread my pussy to pee all over the artwork. My piss blasted a hole straight through the canvas. The mountain now had a hole straight through its side. I couldn’t help but laugh at the destruction. My piss utterly obliterated the painting in seconds. It was a soggy mess with a massive hole in the centre. Claire rushed forward to show off some more paintings for me to annihilate. I blasted them with my piss, giving them the same treatment. I destroyed several pieces of precious artwork, and I loved it. I stacked up several paintings in a pile so I could hang my butt over them and release. I didn’t look at the destruction I was causing. I stared at the wall feeling sweet relief for thirty seconds before I turned around to see what I had wrought. If I hadn’t known they used to be paintings, I would have been clueless. There was nothing left but a sodden pile of trash on the floor. My puddle had spread across the entire width of the room. I still needed to go pretty bad. Not as bad as in the morning, but I figured I had a minute worth of pee left in me. There were shelves with tags and stuff on the walls. I walked up so I could soak them in a rain of piss. Then I created a big puddle in the floor. I grabbed another painting and made a show of trying to clean up the mess with it. I swung my hips around; blasting the wall with another stream of pee. I was starting to get a little low, so I looked for one last thing to ruin. There was a computer in the very back. It was probably used for cataloguing. I got up on the desk it was on and hung my ass over it. I let out a twenty second gush of piss until I was empty. I grinned at the remains. There was no way that computer was going to work again. I smiled at the phone. “That was Amazon Mom, people.” stated Claire. “I know you wish she was pissing on your cocks, but until then, keep jerking.” I stuck my tongue out before she turned the phone off. “I’m going to need you to record me on during this next one.” said Claire. “Be careful. We don’t want to be caught.” We left the room. Claire checked to make sure the coast was clear first. Then she led me to the centre of the gallery. It was still early, so the place was almost empty. Claire walked up to one of the paintings. She had switched into a short skirt after the last outing. I turned on the phone, keeping it low so no one would see it. “This is Ravenbitch.” whispered Claire. “I can’t talk too loud in case any bastards hear me.” She gave the phone the peace sign. “Sit back and enjoy the show.” Claire sidled closer to the painting; a scene of a man lounging on a boat. It looked like a nice piece of work, not that I could really tell. Claire lifted her skirt a little. She wasn’t wearing any panties. There weren’t ropes, so she could get really close to the artwork. Claire positioned herself so her pussy was an inch away from the painting. Claire held her vagina open so she could squirt a few spurts of piss onto the painting. She wasn’t very good at peeing standing up, so most of it went on her legs. She still got enough on the painting for it to show. The colours ran where Claire’s piss had defiled the artwork. It would be very difficult to repair. Claire tried again, with similar success. The painting was ruined now, but Claire had a decent amount of piss on her legs. Claire wandered away to a second painting, which she gave the same treatment. This time ruining the image of children playing on a beach. I made sure to get it all on camera. Then Claire walked over to a statue in the middle of the room. It was a statue of a marble woman holding a globe. Claire stood for a second as if she were admiring it. The she squatted down. She pretended to adjust her boot, but the phone caught the vile act she was actually perpetrating Claire slid her skirt up an inch when she squatted down and began peeing on the base of the statue. Her stream was better directed from her squatting position. She was creating a big puddle on the floor next to the statue. I wondered what sitting in piss would do to hundred year old marble. Claire rose from where she was kneeling after about twenty five seconds. She pressed her vagina against the side of the statue. Claire sighed as she peed against it. With her pussy in contact with the statue, she couldn't miss. Claire created a stream of piss flowing down the side of the statue. Leaving a massive stain on the otherwise pristine marble. Claire’s stream slowly came to an end. No one had appeared to apprehend us, so I suspected we had gotten away with our naughty acts. Claire grinned wickedly as she posed for the phone. “I hope that felt as good for you as it did for me.” she said. She blew the phone a kiss, which was my queue to turn it off. Claire looked around from side to side. “Let’s get out of here.” she whispered. “Someone could stumble onto us any second now.” “One minute.” I insisted. I handed the phone back to Claire. “Record me for a few seconds.” Claire did as I asked. I moved up to the statue. I pulled the front of my pants down enough to hang my pussy over the edge. I was thankful I was wearing spandex. I held my vagina open and sprayed a gush of piss on the statue for ten seconds. When was empty I pulled my pants back up. Claire gasped, and then she began to laugh. We hurried out of the gallery as soon as I was finished. I was a lot more obvious about what I had done then Claire. Fortunately, no one stopped us on our way out. I had gotten some piss all over my pants. I was going to need a change of clothing. Claire noticed me checking out the damage in the car. “Don’t worry. You’re going to want a skirt for the next location anyways.” She handed me a nice red one from the back. “Let’s go fill up.” “Of course.” I replied. We drove out of the art gallery’s parking lot. We still had two more locations to christen. I was getting excited.
  15. I have the whole thing plotted out. I have other stories planned for some of the side characters.

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