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  1. So your saying I could donate anything I want Of course miss, every little ting counts Okay than, hold that thing a little lower for me will you, zippp
  2. That was I nice stay, should we leave something for the cleaners? Janna! Why are you pulling up your squirt? I meant a leaving a tip! Oh well zipp.
  3. Mommm! Jenny stole all my soda! What! That’s not true, I only borrowed it. I put it right back when I was done with it.
  4. Sadly I forgot my profile password so I made a new account. It has been a long time since I wrote anything here, so because of Halloween I decided to make a Halloween-themed story. I hope you enjoy it! The Halloween Party This story contains: Male and female peeing, humiliation, sex, pee drinking and naughty peeing The story is about the not-so-popular Michel, who is convinced to throw a Halloween party. Only during the party, he quickly gets taken advantage of, as most guests do not bother to use the toilet to relieve themselves ___________________ The small
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