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    Some links to my stories on this site:
    The Holiday series, staring Sarah and her friends: https://peefans.com/topic/8297-the-holiday-pt-1-on-the-beach
    At University series, returning to Sarah and co: https://peefans.com/topic/13120-at-university-pt-1-moving-in
    The Kaymala series, about a fictional country: https://peefans.com/topic/8758-welcome-to-kaymala
    The Skiing story (may become a series?), about a group of university students on a ski trip: https://peefans.com/topic/14644-a-night-in-a-ski-hostel

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  1. Reunited, the four of them bought drinks and found a group of deck chairs that faced the long windows. Outside there were more heated pools, and they watched more naked bodies drift around. The gang were in a stupor of relaxation and spent sexual energy. Freya was reading a book, while Olivia listened to music and Simon watched videos on his phone. Layla was content just to watch through the window. A few snowflakes were starting to fall. She saw a man of about her own age, built like a Viking, approach a petite young woman and say something to her. The woman shrugged in a way that seemed
  2. Layla supposed she might as well actually buy a drink, so she got a coke from the bar at one end of the room, charging it to the electronic wrist-strap reception had given her. She wandered on her own through the complex for a while, eventually finding an empty hot tub to sit in while she sipped her coke. The cold drink on her lips and the hot water up to her chest were a very pleasant combination. Her mind was going back to the morning that she first arrived in Kaymala. She had arrived at the hostel and checked into the dorm room, where she met Freya. The girl had been naked, and in the
  3. Hi everyone, this is the next episode in my Kaymala series. You can read this series out of order, but you might get more out of this one if you've read the introduction of some of these characters, especially part 7 which introduces Layla and part 8 which introduces Freya. You might also like the previous part. This story contains nonchalent peeing and casual sex in public. ##################### Layla, Freya, Simon, and Olivia entered the sports centre’s open-plan changing area together and found a bench to share. They were on their way to the spa, which shared a changing area with
  4. Ha, I guess the first answer is, whatever size you want 😉 I like to leave some descriptions vague so whoever is reading can imagine what they want the character to look like. When I'm writing though I do have a rough idea what each character looks like. In my imagining she is pretty average-sized downstairs, but more of a shower than a grower if that makes sense. By the way, it can be a hard balance to strike between being too vague and too detailed, but if you'd prefer more "anatomical" detail like that in the writing then I'm open to feedback.
  5. Hi everyone, this is another episode in my Kaymala series. Shorter than usual this time. This isn't a series you need to read in order, but if you want to then you can find part 1 here, or if you want to follow Layla's arc so far you could read part 7, part 8, part 9, and part 10. This story contains nonchalent peeing and nudity. The sports centre complex was a short bus ride from the hostel. As Layla and Simon stepped off the bus, a group of joggers ran past, wrapped in leggings and jumpers against the cold. They followed behind the joggers along a path that led through a small pa
  6. Similar to a few people here, my dormitory at uni had sinks in the rooms and it was pretty common knowledge that a lot of people peed in them, of all genders. People talked about it quite openly and sometimes you'd hear the taps running from someone else's room for a suspiciously long time. One guy would sometimes announce "I'm going for a piss" and then go back to his room rather than the bathroom, even though the distance was about the same. Sometimes someone would pee there while other people were around, but that was rarer - I only remember it a few times, and only when the person in quest
  7. If I take the story further, I think I'd like to explore more than just "Julian can do whatever he likes". Julian is a kinda nasty guy and I'd like to write him getting his come-uppence somehow. But I might not get that far with it, or it might not work out that way in the end ... anyway hope this was enjoyable!
  8. Hi everyone, this is a continuation of the fantasy story about a rich guy who does whatever he wants. You can read the first part here. Like with that one, this deals with a sexual relationship that has a huge power imbalance which might not be to everybody's tastes. It also contains nonchalant peeing, peeing on other people, sex, and exhibitionism. ############################ Julian awoke and sat up in bed, the luxurious covers falling off him. The light-up clock on the wall told him it was 9:30. He didn’t usually sleep in so late, but he had had a long journey the day before, so h
  9. I love it, brilliant! And what a great idea to join the worlds together like this. (In fact, as long as you don't mind, I might try to write about some Kaymalans visiting the same festival?)
  10. Just today I pissed while sitting around at the beach with some friends. If your shorts are already wet, who's going to notice that they dry a bit slower than they should?
  11. For me, my number one would be just to pee casually while chatting to friends. If I could just stand up and turn away from the pub table, or face the wall while watching Netflix together, that would be the best. Runners up include on public transport and in changing rooms. Also, if I can interpret "no repercussions" to mean "no clean up" I'd totally piss around my apartment all the time, from bed, while cooking, while on Zoom calls... I do it sometimes but the clean up is a pain.
  12. Hi everyone! This is a new story, perhaps a new multi-part story. It's about the fantasy of, basically, being a rich guy who can do whatever he wants. So just a warning - everything is consensual, but there is a big imbalance of power between the characters, which might not be to everyone's taste. The story also contains nonchalent peeing, sex, and exhibitionism. ############################ It was a gorgeous day in early June, and Cohnfaise House and its grounds glowed prettily in the afternoon light. The drive that wound towards the house was swept clean, the grass was freshly mown
  13. This was great, thanks! Very well written.
  14. Yes, do take care. I totally get what you mean, I moved back in with my family last year after years living apart, and since then it's been much harder to find time alone to write.
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