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  1. I hope you will use that old camper like a good toilet. I am looking forward to when you have another story to tell
  2. Do you have more stories to tell i like to hear all of your stories
  3. I would love to hear more about your experiences.
  4. @chelseastorm do you have more stories to tell about the camper/rv you use as a bathroom? I like to hear all of the stories you have
  5. Nothing wrong with a vauxhall corsa. If it can bring you fram a to b is fine
  6. That was a long but lovely story
  7. Loved it. To my disapointment i would have hoped that there where more of these stories.
  8. Lovely story. I hope there will be more parts
  9. This sounds like a fun story to read. I hope there is comming more
  10. Everytime these stories are getting better. Keep it going
  11. I cant wait for the next part i hope its just as good as this one
  12. I would let a girl pee on my carpet but it will not only be the carpet if she likes she can pee where and when ever she likes
  13. For me would probebly be the same just pissing where and when i want
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