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  1. very interesting. thanks. I like your stories.
  2. I am really sorry if you think this story is a fiction. The problem is the english not my first language and I use very simple words. Sorry.
  3. Friday evening I sat in the kitchen when my wife came home. She came straight to me and sat on my lap. She was wearing a business suit. When she sat down her skirt went up to her waist. I felt across my trousers that her knickers vas soaking wet. I thought she peed herself on the way home. She told me the story.They were very busy in the office all day and she did not have to go to the toilet.At the end of the shift only she and her boss were in the office. She really had to pee and she want to go to the toilet but her boss asked her to wait until the job is completed.She tried hold but sh
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