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    Pan Male ? (Had to google it. No expert)
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    IT / Media / Helpdesk -> Jack of all trades
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    On Topic: I stumbled on this website through pure coincidence. I didn't know there was a community.
    Im still learning and exploring so have some patience with me. Oh and im really fascinated with this website.

    Off Topic: I like the usual Stuff: Mechs, Games, Anime, Movies, video and image editing, programming, Role Playing (D&D/Pathfinder/TDE/Chtuhlhu/Shadowrun).
    But i also like everything that is out of the ordinary or even obscure and weird.
    Chances are that if you are passionate about something i find it interesting.

    Relationship: I fear i have not much experience with "Love" because my Relationships tend to crash and burn before they even start. (Which at least leads to funny stories.) But if i ever got "lucky" i would probably be mad scientist style experimental xD.

    This text was improvised on the fly. I will probably improve this text in the near future.

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    I think i like everything that defies the norm. For example public wetting or nonchalant peeing. Forbidden fruits taste sweeter.
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    Currently: Having a nightly walk through the park only dressed in a Shirt, wet trunks and a butt plug.
    BUT (!): It doesn't really count because i was alone and there was more or less zero risk involved. So it was not the bold move i wanted to make.

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  1. I don't think its that important but sure. I have seen a couple of them with flaccid penises that are bigger than mine when it is erect. For some of them i know the number they told me matches the number their girlfriends gave me prior. In 2 cases i was present when they orderd custom condoms made for their size (Apparently this is a cool thing you can do. You send your measurements and they send you better fitting condoms in return.) So i think my "data" is pretty accurate xD.
  2. It definitely gets easier for me. I am usually a confident person and i am completely relaxed and in control after i had my first experience. The first step is literally the hardest for me and most of the time my only hurdle. I always wanted an older sibling or a friend which forces me in to those situations and offers me guidance. Sadly im this kind of guy for many of my friends which means there is no example i can follow xD.
  3. Yeah i don't know about that. I take the compliment tho :D. I definitely need to meet a lot more people if i ever want a chance to succeed. Love is weird and complicated and i don't make it easier for myself. But hey the easy way is never an option for me xD. No i didn't but i don't need to be to scientific to know that im way smaller than anyone else in the friend group. And i also know that im well below everything my female friends are used to. But as i said before i think my biggest issue is the feeling of not being able to fulfill a partners wishes. But im sure that i will overco
  4. This is a weird topic for me. I like to think that im good most of the time. But my biggest problem is the feeling of falling behind in life. Im 27 now and when i compare myself to my ambitious teenage version than i must say that i wasn't able to cross many things of my list. Additionally many of my friends are go getters (is that a word ? xD) and they have families, relationships and are successful in many ways. I tend to compare myself to them and feel like falling behind and i don't like the feeling of wasting time. So how do i cope with it: Sleep. I am someone who can sleep
  5. Had to measure as well because this is one of the few topics were i get uncomfortable with. Not really but let me explain. Im apparently around 13.5 cm (google says its around 5,3 inches) which is probably okay. BUT all of my male friends are well above average and all of my female friends had either only one experience with one penis (which is rather large in their cases) or they have a history of partners which are all huge. Oh by the way we are close friends, so i tend to talk a lot about intimate stuff with them. Back on topic. So my female friends either tell me that they are happy
  6. You should leave pee messages xD. Maybe like secret spot for dead drop messages. The pee marks the spot and secret agent wet strikes again ^^.
  7. I do like it. But my biggest struggle is to find the balance between it being practical and still feeling naughty. There are only a few days where i could wear damp cloths all day. Hiding the wet look is easy but im always paranoid that someone could smell anything and i don't really want to wet others property or things like train seats. (Im used to babysitting toddlers and a an incontinent dog and i think i got a sixth sense for detecting the scent of pee from that xD, which adds to my paranoia). But if you make it to practical like letting the stuff you just peed in dry, to reus
  8. Easiest way to start is sitting fully clothed on the toilet. Or maybe just pee trough your underwear while sitting on the toilet. But to do it in a standing or sitting position outside took me some mental gymnastics. You kinda need to teach yourself to allow yourself to pee in a situation you avoided your whole life. But if you want to try it, take baby steps and see if it is for you :D. Its fun and clothes are easily washable. Edit: Wait i thought i was in another thread xD. I thought this was the rewetting thread. Most of what i said still stands i would just suggest t
  9. Oh i thought you were talking about clothes that would change their color when getting wet. The stuff you posted is impressive. I mean the fact that it even exists is kinda cool. But its not really my style xD.
  10. I allways change it to A to mess with people xD.
  11. I might be stupid but i can't find a way to see all the old challenges. Is this part of the forums history lost to time or is there any way to see this stuff ? :3
  12. Oh shit i wasn't around back then let me "research that thread for inspiration" xD Yeah the pizza carton idea is good but to small xD. Most people will just overshoot. And making it in to a full on art project where you build a big as ramp is impractical xD. But i agree the serious/not serious planning is fun.
  13. I was more thinking about fun and not series competition but you are right. My approach would make the person with the best hill victorious xD. The measuring jung idea from @mickymoist gave me an idea. Someone could also build a ramp out of an old pizza box or something. If it was something everyone could easily build no one would need to drive anywhere and you could standardize the whole thing. But that would turn the whole thing in to a crafts and arts project xD. Does anyone else feel like we are brain storming the first pee olympics xD ?
  14. When i thought about it it was more like a fun forum challenge. But you went full on Pokemon Go here xD. (But i honestly think that we are to few active members to have local pee battle and traveling longer distances for some silly fun is to impractical.) P.s. Why am i in full event planner mode already xD
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