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    Pan Male ? (Had to google it. No expert)
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    IT / Media / Helpdesk -> Jack of all trades
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    Germany / Leipzig
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    On Topic: I stumbled on this website through pure coincidence. I didn't know there was a community.
    Im still learning and exploring so have some patience with me. Oh and im really fascinated with this website.

    Off Topic: I like the usual Stuff: Mechs, Games, Anime, Movies, video and image editing, programming, Role Playing (D&D/Pathfinder/TDE/Chtuhlhu/Shadowrun).
    But i also like everything that is out of the ordinary or even obscure and weird.
    Chances are that if you are passionate about something i find it interesting.

    Relationship: I fear i have not much experience with "Love" because my Relationships tend to crash and burn before they even start. (Which at least leads to funny stories.) But if i ever got "lucky" i would probably be mad scientist style experimental xD.

    This text was improvised on the fly. I will probably improve this text in the near future.

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    I think i like everything that defies the norm. For example public wetting or nonchalant peeing. Forbidden fruits taste sweeter.
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    Currently: Having a nightly walk through the park only dressed in a Shirt, wet trunks and a butt plug.
    BUT (!): It doesn't really count because i was alone and there was more or less zero risk involved. So it was not the bold move i wanted to make.

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  1. @mickymoist @Paulypeeps thank you for those answers. Its insane how much messages like yours, help me relax and have fun while exploring this fetish. So yeah i read your messages a few days back but i haven't had time to answer. Safe to say that you are the reason "practice" is going strong :D.
  2. This was definitely the best part yet. You basically fixed everything i criticized before and i don't find anything new xD. Great work. Oh and Anna is definitely the best character right now. (I just like her, nothing wrong with the rest) And i love the fact that this whole story sounds so believable that it could happen in a park next to me.
  3. Sometimes i don't pay attention to the audio books im listening to and just drift off to think about random stuff. It helps me get in a creative mood. I can't do audio books while running tho. I need some good music to keep my mood up.
  4. Upper right -> Is that what you mean ?
  5. You coul start with a free app. They are not perfect but if you want to try if it works for you they might be enough. Im basically the same. My job requires me to sit a lot and due to covid i lost many opportunities for casual walks. I recently started going for long walks in the evening while listening to audio books. It helps me getting some "reading" done and gives me oportunity to have long walks. It might work for you to.
  6. Nothing better then getting a shy friend out of their shell 😄. Love it.
  7. This was the day when everything changed :P. Nice little story.
  8. No issues at all. Im just curious why the male section is unified when the non male / girls section is separated in to sub topics. Especially when you could just have one "Pictures", one "Videos" and one "Story" Area where you would use tags to indicate Solo/Group/Male/Female/Wetting/Sex/Whatever Content. I assume this Forum has grown organically to fit the needs of the time. On the topic of visibility. I really don't look in to the "men's section" because most posts there are quite "shallow" or pictures only. In the stories area i found this post instead, which was not only written b
  9. Your English is good enough to understand what you want to say and it only gets better if you use it. So don't worry about your English. I love the fact that she thought she would anger you but you instead enjoyed it. You literally played the uno reverse card on her. Love it.
  10. Cumming at the end was a nice touch. I know you didn't ask for feedback but i would love for this video to be more natural. You could get a comfy garden chair or a blanked to lie on. Don't mind me to much though. The video was great.
  11. I honestly clicked because i wanted to know why or what part of you is lemon flavoured. xP Back on topic: Welcome to the crazy im so looking forward to reading your stories. I love interesting people like you :3. (Edit: I hope this does not sound weird. I only mean it in the best way.)
  12. I feel like you need to write a master class about "How to convert people to casually peeing." Seriously i would join your ted talk. Your roomies probably stumbled over your fetish while living with you. But your coworker, your niece and whoever else ? You either live in a place with a lot of pee fans or you are a crazy good smooth talker :D. Teach me your ways.
  13. Im still thinking about something better but i already have something that is not terrible: Idea 1: You start by getting some bottles of whatever drink (juice, water, soda, tea, ...) you love. Then you play a game. Every time you loose you have to drink. Every time you win you can go to the toilet. Outside of winning you can only pee in the bottles. If there aren't any empty bottles left drink more. (Be a little bit careful tho because you don't want to go to crazy and get overhydrated https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_intoxication) You can play this together as well. Have a par
  14. Sooooo ... question ! xD Every guy i know is cool with pissing next to someone else but you don't look at the other guys dick. If possible you leave one urinal empty between each other. Is it common for girls to just stare at each others private parts ? Is this just common for your friends ? Is it cool to just stare at each others privates where you live ? Or were the boundaries between friendship and more already blurred in an earlier encounter ? I need to get my friends to pose for me while peeing xD.
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