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    Pan Male ? (Had to google it. No expert)
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    IT / Media / Helpdesk -> Jack of all trades
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    On Topic: I stumbled on this website through pure coincidence. I didn't know there was a community.
    Im still learning and exploring so have some patience with me. Oh and im really fascinated with this website.

    Off Topic: I like the usual Stuff: Mechs, Games, Anime, Movies, video and image editing, programming, Role Playing (D&D/Pathfinder/TDE/Chtuhlhu/Shadowrun).
    But i also like everything that is out of the ordinary or even obscure and weird.
    Chances are that if you are passionate about something i find it interesting.

    Relationship: I fear i have not much experience with "Love" because my Relationships tend to crash and burn before they even start. (Which at least leads to funny stories.) But if i ever got "lucky" i would probably be mad scientist style experimental xD.

    This text was improvised on the fly. I will probably improve this text in the near future.

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    I think i like everything that defies the norm. For example public wetting or nonchalant peeing. Forbidden fruits taste sweeter.
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    Currently: Having a nightly walk through the park only dressed in a Shirt, wet trunks and a butt plug.
    BUT (!): It doesn't really count because i was alone and there was more or less zero risk involved. So it was not the bold move i wanted to make.

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  1. There is a good subreddit for nonchalant peeing :D. Its a good starting point for finding people/site who upload this kind of content. Disclaimer: im not saying its perfect. Its just the best "collection" i know.
  2. Get a pair of shorts which is in a color that doesn't show how wet it is and wear them around town while peeing through them in many different locations. Pro tip: look for something that doesn't cling to your leg to much when wet or go with something tight fitting to avoid the obvious sign of wetness. You'll be quite timid when starting out but once you start figuring out how to hide the pee stream, youll get daring :D. Sample shorts. Black leggins work well too. You could also go for certain types of sports pants. (The ones that don't absorb much fluid)
  3. They should put this on their "about us" page and sell it like some kind of event vacation xD.
  4. The first time was quite some while back :D. I started because i like the feeling of doing something forbidden. And the fact that seeing others wet themselves turns me on so i wanted to try it myself.
  5. https://youtu.be/QHRuTYtSbJQ?t=58 (Correct Timestamp drop comes after 3 secs) This reminds me of those (weird) porn music videos i once found. I always wondered who the target audience was.
  6. Wait what ? I never heard of it with actual sports involved. I associate this game with spin the bottle or poker. But i think there is potential here. The worst part about a game like this, is a situation with people you don't really want to see naked or people who are to shy to strip. Involving peeing somewhere is a nice dare on the surface level and a treat for folks like us. I think you are on to something xD.
  7. Depends on the weather and what i have to do. On a cold windy day ? Hell. During an important day at work? Hell. During a sunny hiking day wearing thin shorts ? -> Heaven (especially if others do the same challenge). A lazy home office day ? (Depends on if i have to clean the room afterwards).
  8. I mean you could start with a list of places you have been. Everywhere does mean something different for everybody. For some it is an adventure to pee in the sink and for others its just Tuesday. So if you give us something to work with, we could maybe complete your list with new suggestions :D. To do more than critiquing, i suggest peeing on the bathroom floor over a longer duration of time. (I don't know if this could stain your tiles tho) After an evening or a weekend you should have a nice pee puddle which is easy to clean up and you can leave little pee footprints (which you prob
  9. I don't know but they are selling these things in regular stores so i don't think they want to encourage anything. It think it was just the easiest way to make them look harmless and fun and not like some hospital equipment. (on the right)
  10. The only non "fun" gadget i can come up with is something like this but for adults. (And im sure it already exists and i just don't know the name of it.) You could maybe add some "smart-features" but then we are gamifying again xD.
  11. Best idea yet: I want an app and or a wearable gadget which would work like an silent alarm for pee fans. Imagine sitting in a train and getting a notification that someone near you is in to peeing. The baseline app would just do that so that you can easily see if you date is interested in your fetish but the wearable gadget could be something like a pair of panties or a clip on thingy (so that you could use it on any piece of clothing) which would detect when the cloth gets wet. So you wouldn't only get a notification that someone is in to peeing you would also receive the information that th
  12. I would like something like waterproof leggins, which you could wear underneath your pants to secretly pee down your legs without wetting anything. The tricky part would be to make them thin enough that they wouldn't be to hot but they would also have to be silent so a material like plastic is not an option. That's not really an gadget tho. xD Still not a gadget but an pee (or fetish in general) centric AR game like Pokémon Go could be fun. You could receive challenge missions near you. Many people on this site like finding pee puddles so anonymous "someone recently peed near
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