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    My current wife during an intense orgasm while sitting on top and riding my cock lost control of her bladder and sent a shot of sweet smelling, golden pee three feet across my body.

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  1. Usually before my ex-wife and I engaged in sexual intercourse it became customary for her to pee on the toilet. Many times I would beat her to the toilet and sit down so that in order for her to pee she would have to straddle my spread thighs and sit. I have many memories of those times and recall many particular instances including the time that we had come back home after attending a fund raising event. It had been a fairly formal affair with cocktails, dinner and dancing. My ex had bought a ball gown especially for the event and I had rented a tradition black tuxedo. We were both turned on
  2. Before my ex-wife and I had sex she would indicate that she wanted to pee before engaging in coitus. On numerous occasions I would convince her to pee in an empty gallon size, plastic coffee container. Since watching her pee would give me an instant hard-on which would cause me unable to piss, I would go first. She as mention by another individual earlier would often hold the plastic container while I released a golden torrent of piss into it. She would then set the plastic container now one-eight of the way filled with warm male piss on the hard wood floor and squat down over it. I would get
  3. I and my ex-wife were staying at a Ramada Inn any number of years ago and were preparing to engage in sexual intercourse. My ex had put on an a simple night gown and I had stripped down to being totally naked. As was her usually custom, she indicated that she was going to go to the bathroom. I stopped her before she had a chance to sit down on the commode and asked her if would pee in the bathtub for me. She did not hesitated for any period of time since peeing in a bathtub was one of the things she did not mind doing for me. She raised her night gown as she squatted down to rest her ample ass
  4. Before we built so many so many interstate, four lane, limited access roadways, my ex-wife and I would quite often would turn off on to a side or farm road to relieve our full bladders. When traveling any distance at all I would ask her halfway along the way if she needed a pit stop. More often than not, she took the bait and we wound up stopping some place where if somebody was alert they would see us happily peeing. There was one place that I like to stop in particular. The spot was up an incline about ten yards where there was a cell tower with a graveled turn in. My ex would get out of
  5. My ex-wife was the oldest of seven children, and because of the large family she was accustomed to seeing everyone in her family naked and using the toilet with the door open, including her mother and even her father. When her sister who was nearly eighteen years younger than her was married my ex was her maid of honor. With so many people getting ready for the wedding and access to only one bathroom it was a crazy day. I entered the bridal dressing room with my ex where the bride and the two other bride's maids were dressing. My ex had on her dress, an azure blue with petticoats and low-cut
  6. My ex-wife and her girlfriend were inseparable since childhood and was a bridesmaid at our wedding. Her girlfriend's husband was from the same town as myself and although we were that close growing, the four of us did many things together. Over the years we all grew closer and my ex-wife's friend said one time that she felt so close to us that she felt she could change her pantyhose in front of us without a second thought. Little did I realize at the time that she felt so close to us that if she was caught short she would pee in front of us! The four of us had gone on a picnic at a state park
  7. Pissing in pubic restrooms can be a challenge at times. It is certainly the case where one does not want to be caught, not to mention the frustration of being interrupted midstream. About a year ago I had eaten at a franchise Mexican restaurant (I will leave the name of it unwritten to cause any objection by readers). After finishing by meal and haven drank a large ice tea, I was sorely in need of voiding my swollen bladder. Upon entering the restroom, I discovered that it was designed for use by one person at a time and the door to the dining area could be locked. In the middle of the floor w
  8. Women peeing who have body tattoos covering half of their bodies and those with over large plastic implanted breast
  9. My ex-wife and I were taking our children to a German Oktoberfest event in a small town not too far from where we lived. We had not been on the road terribly long but nevertheless my ex insisted that she badly in need of a pee. I turned onto a farm road that led across a dry stream bed and turned onto the dry, rocky stream bed and stop. My wife and the kids got out. the kids were happy to play with the rocks while my ex walked about ten yards further up the bed. As I recall she was wearing a pair of white, denim shorts, a favorite garment that she liked to wear in the summer, with a zipper in
  10. I was indeed initially reluctant to discuss my nearly lifelong interest in watching women peeing and my constant encouragement of my then wife to watch her peeing. The counselor encouraged me to share by reminding me "that we were all adults there" and that we were paying him to get things that were impediments to a happy marriage out in the open. I went on to tell him in front of my former wife to relate how I found the voyeuristic aspect of watching women performing a natural function of all of us. It was one of the most liberating moments of my life! I had never confessed to anyone even ful
  11. I have engaged in many naughty pisses in public restrooms over the years going all the way back to when I was a late teen. I take every opportunity when it presents itself to whip out my dick and piss on the floor although I find it thrilling to piss in sinks, trash cans, all over toilet stalls, etc. It all depends on the circumstances including degree of privacy and if others would find out it was indeed me who committed the naughty act even though in my imagination I visualize the shock and disguise that they express when they encounter the mess I have intentionally created. On one
  12. One of the most enjoyable pisses that I took in public involved three individuals, myself, a male friend, and a woman. We had been drinking at an after hours club, sitting next to each at the bar, sucking down mixed drinks.. My friend and I were not only drinking but were taking turns trading soppy kisses with the woman. It was quite late when we left the club and as we drove the woman said in a slurred voice that she need to desperately take a pee. My friend who was driving pulled over in the business district and we scrambled out of the auto and walked over to stand side by side in front of
  13. Just yesterday I was waiting in the reception area for an appointment after driving for an hour. I had had juice and coffee for breakfast, and I did have an opportunity to take a piss before I left home. I asked the receptionist where the restrooms were and she directed me down a hallway. The bathroom was a unisex bathroom with a single commode and a sink. I locked the door, unzipped my fly and took out my dick. I stepped up to the sink and pulled the stopper to close the drain. I then took hold of my dick and pulled back the foreskin before directing a stream of golden urine into the basin.
  14. The most daring and naughty place I have pissed was in the building where my doctor at the time had his office. The professional office building had converted from an old nineteenth industrial building build around 1895. It was six stories in height and the doctor had an office down in the remodeled basement level. The entrance off the back parking led into a small foyer where you could choose to use the stairs by going through one fire safety door or go through another door down which was the elevators and a hallway leading into the first floor. Naturally most people elected to use the elevat
  15. My wife and I had stopped at a Panera restaurant in Kansas City after spending the day there. I had not taken a piss all the time we were there, and as you can imagine I was desperately in need of relieving my bladder/ Having placed our order and finding a place to sit, I hurried off to the toilets. I rushed to push open the door to what turned out not to be the Men's but the Women's. I did not realize my mistake and thought it was odd that there was no urinal. I entered the first stall and stepped up to the toilet/ As I unzipped my fly and extracted my penis, I heard somebody else enter the t
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