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  1. @Bacardi Thank you for sharing your feelings - I might just dream about you when continuing the story... @NaughtyPisserLover & @wetwulf Naughty was definitely the direction my thoughts were taking when I had to stop writing to take care of more urgent business. I hope I can get around to writing a second chapter before the end of summer. As it's written in the first person, I might not pee able to delve too much into Evelyn's world - I need to think about the options. @LJune, @miniskirtpisser , @CON2H4, @crazyguy09, @CallT, @Raub75, @PissVox Thank you all for your encourage
  2. It is hard to say just when things started to get out of control, but enough is enough. Yet let’s start at the beginning: Peeing has not always been a fetish of mine – it just happened to be a normal bodily function, and I didn’t think too much about it. Growing up as an only child in a smallish rural town with my dad owning the only significant industrial company and largest employer in the region, I enjoyed many liberties other girls my age didn’t have. I was free to roam our estate and everyone in town treated me with due respect and reverence. As it wasn’t a big deal to me, I’d n
  3. Story contains naughty female peeing, outdoors and indoors. The mess is left for others to worry about... Dear all, I just found this draft in my paperwork. Rather than letting it sit until I get around to finishing it, I thought I might as well share it with you, totally unedited. Looking forward to your comments and ideas about how the story could evolve. I might - or not - use any of your input without naming you as coauthors, though. I might also name you, if I feel your input was important to the story as it evolves. Hope you enjoy the reading as I enjoyed writing it 🙂
  4. Thank you Alfresco for sharing that article - well written, fun read. Looks like not only the nitrogen content, but also other salts can harm plants. So use less salt on your food if you want your plants to thrive 😉
  5. I'd guess once or twice a week - getting older, having other things to do in life. During youth, I couldn't imagine a day without, and sometimes it would be thrice. More didn't feel good, started to hurt. I like nice, long build-ups - but once again, real life interferes and usually I don't get much more than fifteen minutes these days. Best are those nights where I'm building it up all night (e.g. when reading or writing a story) and than finally release. Usually need one or two more orgasms before being able to show myself in public... Those events are limited to maybe once a year.
  6. Without being an expert, I believe most European countries are far more relaxed than the US with almost anything. I mean, yes, you'll get fined for overtly peeing in public pretty much everywhere on the old continent. But it is rare to get arrested over here, just look at statistics for all sorts of crime. In most cases, you'll get fined for indecent behaviour, littering, or vandalism - there will be few situations when they'll put up sexually connotated charges (e.g. if obviously showing a boner to unsuspecting public). The girls in those public peeing videos simply take the chance of being f
  7. Yes, has happened to me. Signage was less than clear, and the building symmetric. No one noticed though, and I only saw it when leaving the room and noticing the sign on the door was wrong.
  8. Wow! I'm surprised at your estimates, and @Dr.P has run into a very interesting subset of woman during his life! I'm very interested in this question and would love to see what scientific studies found out (those that do a full scope analysis of what people are into) - haven't found any proper sources yet. From an internet poll I once ran, my results were far less exciting: I received about 10% of male respondents who somehow enjoyed peeing and only about 1% of female respondents. So more in line with @Adyguy6970's source of 2.5% overall. I was somewhat disappointed by the proportions, wi
  9. In my observation, there are so many factors - like urban / rural, class, religion... - influencing this, that it is hard to pin down any evolution over time. Generally, our world is getting more urban, more densely populated. People are more risk averse, keeping their kids under stricter control. Men peeing freely against a wall is not appreciated in an urban setting and mostly only acceptable during hours when kids should be in bed. So I guess there is pretty little opportunity to pee outside for most kids nowadays. Nevertheless, I have observed younger kids peeing freely in the park ar
  10. I've never been too much into videos, and names of models even less. But there are a few that stuck: I like the MissPiss carpet piss with her friend - the kind of women I was dreaming of when writing Walk Home. Unfortunately, I believe I once came across a #2 from her, a real turn-off for me. Then there's pissbank's Samantha - looks like she's really into it, but she retired a decade ago after having a kid. My first contact with naughty public peeing... Not a video (afaik), but I really liked the four girls in a bathtub from pissbitch.com (went offline about 20 years ago). They looke
  11. It's a shame so many young ladies grow up not knowing much about their body and what can be done with it. And if mothers don't know, how should daughters learn? I really believe it would make a difference to a girl's life if she learned as a kid how to pee outdoors, standing or not. The world needs more parents like @beachmom (especially for girls)! Happy for you, @Eliminature that you found someone who taught you! If parents can't, kids must stand together 🙂
  12. For women, I really like diversity. I enjoy if I feel she's having fun or at least casually having a piss without second thoughts. I want to learn anything about how women pee - the more diverse poses and anatomies I get to see, the fuller a picture of human capacity I can construct 🙂 As @gldenwetgoose mentioned, it is more likely to be voluntary and enjoyed if she remains dry in the process, so generally I prefer clearly defined streams that stay away from her skin (not necessarily her friend's 😈). I'm pretty aroused by the idea of a woman peeing on something, precisely aiming her stream to t
  13. In the picture where Ian is yelling at her, Sandy looks as if she were yelling too - in the text she's more excusing herself and explaining. So I'd adapt that image. The style is nice and the other images are in sync with the story: Great job! BTW: Compared to your ethnic series, I prefer this softer style of drawing and more pastel colours. The more comic-style exagerated features are fitting for the story, even though I'd generally prefer the naturalist style of the ethnic series (I imagine the latter is a lot more work to get right?).
  14. Note: This story contains Female Domination, Humiliation, Deliberate Female Wetting, Female Peeing, Golden Showers, and Piss Drinking Still Walking Strong When I got home, no one was around, so I quietly went to my room, changed clothes and went straight to bed. There was so much to dream about: wet panties, soaked pussies, and overwhelming ladies! Two weeks passed and nothing had happened. The weather was rather rainy and I had chosen to ride my bike or hitch a ride whenever some neighbor’s kid had the same hours as I did. But summer came back and
  15. Unfortunately, I can no longer edit the older posts of "Walk Home", so for the sake of proper tagging (below & bold), I decided to publish this in a separate thread. EDIT: Personally, I like being surprised by a story and feel that tags may tell a little too much about what's to come, so I once drafted a summary sentence for each chapter, as appetizer without giving everything away: The Walk - Prologue: Presents the protagonists, a middle-aged woman running errands despite her rapidly filling bladder and a shy, introvert final-year high-school student who’s observing fr
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