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  1. Has anyone read "Ellie" by LeoDaVinci? I'd absolutely love to be in "his" (Andy's) place. Not sure if that's a long-term stable situation, though... In real life, I'm not sure what my ideal would be. But obviously she would be relaxed about peeing. She'd not mind to be seen and even have an exhibitionist touch, teasing passers-by or friends a little without being slutty. She'd enjoy watersports without it being an obsession, and she'd avoid getting the house dirty all the time (I hate cleaning). It would be super exciting if she were into teasing her friends to pee with her and/or exposin
  2. Great to see you back @Malika, I missed you! I hope you are doing fine now? Thank you for sharing once again a passionate story and even pictures 🙂
  3. Not sure if it counts as mainstream, and I can't find any picture / clip of the scenes, but in "The Fruit is Ripe" (1977), Patricia (Betty Vergès) pees standing into the water from a yacht. There's another scene with her peeing on the beach.
  4. @Kittykiss, this is absolutely fantastic! If it only happened once in my lifetime that I'd witness a woman like you... Thank you for him who was there 🙂
  5. One of my earliest erotic fantasies has been of women secretly peeing in food they were serving me. I've always been into female pee, not my own... For it to remain a secret, it would have to be reasonable in quantity and go well with the food. Like adding to the water for cooking pasta, or moistening the flour when preparing a pizza dough like in that DDF picture set: Another dream was them serving it instead of similar looking drink (champagne, beer, apple juice / cider...). If only one of the guests where served this special concoction, depending on the situation they might not
  6. I totally agree with @gldenwetgoose concerning voyeur content. Not long ago, it used to be not really illegal to post pictures or video of people without their consent. The copyright was with the author of the work, i.e. the photographer, and it was hard to take down the pics someone took of you being in a funny / erotic but embarrassing / inappropriate situation. With the advent of social media, smartphone cameras and subsequently voyeur material going viral, law makers needed to act. GDPR puts significant protection in place for the EU people featuring in any picture, video (or even text), a
  7. Sad reality, unfortunately - you wouldn't believe how many people (of both sexes) have no clue despite it figuring in any childrens' book on the human body...
  8. Just a short, simple scene - but the description really gets you there. Feels almost like real life, when things turn out right: Adoration by Alex58. https://www.literotica.com/s/adoration-01-1
  9. I have the impression that public peeing has become much less common for women at the Parkplätze. Maybe because of smartphone's cameras? Germans are known for valuing privacy (they helped dream up GDPR)... Also, the parking infrastructure along Autobahnen is being renewed and improved, with many of the old small parkings giving way to less frequent but huge stopovers mainly destined for truckers. But it definitely helps that toilets at the bigger stations are expensive to use (I believe it's around 70 cents, regardless of what you do in there) and those at smaller parkings are notori
  10. I like it if stories start slow and you don't quite know what you're getting into as the story unfolds. Here is one such example I just found, and no incest here: https://www.literotica.com/s/the-good-neighbor-ch-01-3
  11. Great beginning of what could become a full series of good reading. Thank you!
  12. Nice twist with Monique asking her to be more bold than just the corner 😉
  13. My theory is - as there are not many places on the internet to allow such content - that literotica attracks all the people into it and such their readers' interest for incest is way out of proportion with other more common kinks as an average of the userbase. Like it were the inofficial family porn equivalent to peefans: they have nowhere else to go. Personally, I don't let that distract me from good pee fetish stories and as @Hidengo I just adjust my fantasies as feels sane to me. Sometimes, the scenes are pretty riveting, as they explore emotional situations or discuss taboos that cann
  14. Thank you @Laguna1997 and welcome to this forum! @Hightower had started a thread with with a collection of favorite Literotica stories, maybe you'd like to have a look? BTW, many more stories by leaky_one are posted here. The author goes by @lesley in this forum and has contributed a lot more over time. Enjoy reading!
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