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  1. Personnally, I do like sizeable breasts, but I would never make that the main criterium when looking for a partner. That said, I don't like plastic breasts. There may be some - very few - cases, where surgery can improve a body, but consider the risks please. There was a German porn model who actually died during a breast surgery (Sexy Cora, she did some pee, too). She really didn't need to have that surgery, and it wasn't to be her first. Now she's dead. There are less extreme outcomes, like loss of feel or problems in case you want to nurse. I wouldn't do it nor recommend it.
  2. We usually went into the bushes surrounding the playground when we had to go. Sometimes we used pee to make the sand stickier when building sand castles. When playing hide & seek, I sometimes almost peed my pants from excitement. If my hiding spot was good, I would get my penis out and pee where I was. Used that theme in one of my stories (Bunker Break, on literotica) - but I had to twist it a bit as underage is not the subject in those stories. Women peeing on playgrounds, ideally in the sand inside one of the structures, is one of my favorite fantasies. It is not really bad, as
  3. Disclaimer: I have never bought nor sold porn, nor do I intend to connect my credit card details with my kink. So any advice needs to be considered with due caution. Concerning the sites, I believe there is quite some peeing content sold via mydirtyhobby (German?) or clips4sale (US?) - can't say, if they are good. Literotica does have a live cam offer, and they accept all types of kink in their story section - maybe that's a place to check out, too? If looking at it from a business perspective, I'm not sure it's still making solid money. Competition is stiff, and people in poorer cou
  4. Tags: Female Desperation, Humiliation, Accidental Wetting, and Female Peeing Walk Home I was just walking home from school, when the following story developed in my mind. You need to know that it was quite a long way home and quite lonesome in its second half – time enough to make up an exciting story. For the avoidance of doubt: I was old enough to be legally entitled to this kind of fantasies… Walking a street of small semidetached houses – almost deserted at this time of day – I had just pulled out some sweets from my pocket when someone shouted: “Hey you!” I
  5. I just realize I have shortchanged you on the promise of the tags - the introduction only contains female desperation, the remaining action only comes in the first part (I'll copy that in below). The "Walk Home" series is my longest work so far, the introduction is but 3% of the total wordcount, and there are so many more parts in my head... So this is not for the friends of short stories or quickies. Having said that, did anyone read through the introduction and what are your thoughts? Is this interesting to fans of omorashi and desperation? Is there any interest in it or is it just simp
  6. Third part - Draft. Editing welcome. Tags: see first part Amanda's Greenhouse Pee “It had been a day at the lake with friends. We had a barbeque with some meat and plenty of beer; after all we’d just finished school and had a beautiful summer ahead of us.” Amanda started her recite as they approached the coffee house. Clarissa steered them upstairs and chose a table in the right corner at the window front donning to the high street. “She’s finally finished her business, too.” She giggled and pointed to the posh student stepping into the pedestrian shopping street.
  7. Second part - not published elsewhere. If anyone feels like truly editing it, your help is welcome! I'm not too happy with the ample use of italics, but haven't really found a different way to distinguish Betty's thoughts from the "real world" storyline. Tags: see first part. Elizabeth’s Discovery Elizabeth, she hated it when friends and family called her Betty, was flabbergasted when she inadvertently followed the two older women’s conversation. Were they really discussing how the younger one had pissed on her parent’s vegetables and herbs? She was still thunderstruck as t
  8. You may know the prologue of this story from literotica. Honestly, I feel it is the best piece I ever wrote - fast paced and full on the subject. Unfortunately, the following parts don't currently stand up to the standard set by the introduction, so I haven't dared publishing any of it. Yet I can't improve it, either - I get stuck every time I open the file. If you have any suggestions, please let me know! Any critique is welcome: storyline, style, wording, grammar... Tags: naughty, female peeing, outdoor, public, plant, street, greenhouse Women peeing in public share their expe
  9. Note: This story contains Female Desperation / Omorashi. First post doesn't include actual wetting, peeing or other action - look further below for that. Since the demise of Shara & Ger's female desperation site, this story hasn't been only anymore (the omorashi forum hides a copy of the full set of stories that used to be published there). It has been a while that I wanted to upload it to literotica, but I feel it needs some editing first. Well, having found this forum, I thought I'd test the story with you guys - I'd really appreciate your feedback. Don't hesitate to comment on any
  10. Ain't got the time to read the full stories you're refering to, but from what I saw during the last hour, they are well written and interesting. I like the idea of exposing the religious scam that's going on, adding our kink to the story. I'd consider myself a Christian, but I don't think that the churches have a monopoly on defining our relationship to spirituality, and I feel there is a lot of abuse by churches of the poor souls they are supposed to be helping. Just look at how the Roman Catholic church is dealing with the rape and abuse issues they are confronted with... So "Full Bush" is k
  11. Hi @Peewee123, I totally agree with your example. Albeit naughty, this would fall into the first category for me, of men just discretely wipping it out and letting flow without attracting much attention. A lady would be much more obvious in such a case, and I'm sure I would try to sneak a peek (but without any sense of disapproval 😉 ). Many other males would likely do the same, whether they are into peeing or not - it's not that often that you get a look at an exposed lady. But let's take the situation of an indoor mall. Often, there are seating areas with some (fake or real) potted
  12. I'd actually prefer the stairs - at least in the past they used to be metal grids, so your pee would be falling some 100 meters down onto the crowd below. What a sight! I love the idea if peeing from somewhere up high onto the crowd below - even better if a woman did the deed... The Eiffel Tower would be perfect, but even a balcony would do. Whether its onto a pedestrian street like in this video https://www.heavy-r.com/video/386708/Girl_Peeing_From_Balcony_On_Pedestrians/ or simply on parked cars or the pool area. Another phantasy would be to piss down a cliff. But as always: I
  13. The incest content seems to be a bit of a unique selling proposition for literotica, which is illegal in some countries. So you might not find the site e.g. in your google searches depending on country. As incest is a separate category, it is fortunately pretty easy to ignore it. They definitely ban any kind of underage content (my story had an allusion to a non-sexual childhood peeing memory and was rejected for it). Unfortunately, the fetish category is not very helpful when looking for pee-stories, as almost all other fetishes are in there as well. That's why I simply type tags.literot
  14. I have noticed that depending on the form of the urinal, there can be significant back-splash. As you said, embarrassing when wearing light trousers. Also, shaking may send the last dribbles all over the place: pants, floor, wall... That's one reason why I love peeing outdoors: no back-splash, no dribbles to clean from the wall and floor around the toilet, and if you're careful, trousers remain clean, too. I admit to using toilet paper sometimes when on the toilet, or else wiping with my finger and washing my hands before putting "him" back and closing my pants.
  15. Maggie, this is incredibly hot! When I get those red stinging eyes next time I'm in the pool, I'll be thinking about your last sentence: "Nobody is perfect and I had an orgasm." I hope nobody is going to see my boner when I'm trying to focus on my swimming...
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