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  1. Dear @annon115, the second chapter is written. But: @rann and @thisguy20 have very valid arguments in the comments above. Indeed, the second part is both, confusing and in parts repetitive. It has twice the length of the first part, and probably half is a retrospective from Ms. Minx' point of view on the events in the first chapter. There's a third part that currently only exists in my mind - need to write that down, too... More to come - but I don't know when 🙂
  2. Thank you @annon115 for your kind words! Unfortunately, the next chapter has not quite the quality of the first installments. I'm still trying to figure out how to make the introduction of Sarah more credible. To be honest, every time I'm reading this story, I have been jumping that part as it is so bad. But I'm hoping to put something on here before the end of the year - that's the deadline I gave myself.
  3. Dear Readers, I decided to open a new thread per chapter, as old posts cannot be edited for update of the content tags. The next chapter, Still Walking Strong, is already online, I'm still editing the remaining stuff. Enjoy! Alpian.
  4. Thank you @navesink01 for sharing your sightings and keeping the confidentiality of your spot - indeed, the internet is becoming more and more a source for security to identify viewing spots and making sure they are under surveillance. Glad you enjoyed your stay in Munich (it's been ages since I've been to this beautiful city)!
  5. From this thread, I got the motivation to revisit one such place. I’m not a great swimmer, and I hadn’t gone for a long time. But I thought: why not do well to my body and contribute to the exchange? In fact, I’d been pretty turned on by the recounts of @Maggie_555 and was unrealistically dreaming of maybe observing someone like her… First, I went to the local pool. Turns out it is more of the athletic type: You can swim and not much else. Most people seem to stay for an hour or so, and there is much club-based activity. Almost everyone seems to go to the toilet before they take their sho
  6. Hi @Kupar, Yes, in the East, it was very much a covert - and accepted - way to protest against the oppressive regime to get naked on the beach. In the early nineties, there were no dedicated nude beaches, yet about 50% of people on all beaches were still naked despite Western "take over" of their culture. If you go to places like Prerow now (I think you mentioned it in a different post), they are but a shadow of their former self. There still is a huge FKK campsite and beach, but the mixity is gone and the generational mix is very much skewed to those who have been around in the nineties.
  7. Thank you for the update! I believe a strong motivation for the city is also the publicity around voyeurs and posting of spy shots on porn sites. These have led to criminalizing taking pictures of people without their knowledge in Germany, creating laws like the EU privacy regulation obliging internet companies to take down personal information at the depicted person's request, and hightened the sense of insecurity among women just wanting to relieve themselves. The security activity in Munich totally fits that picture, the provision of additional toilets and security comes with a co
  8. Definitely - being excited from the game and waiting to be discovered, standing or sitting still without any means to get rid of the nervousness... I had a couple close calls when I didn't manage to undress quick enough or didn't dare to have a piss for fear of being quickly found. I liked it and didn't like it at the same time.
  9. Interesting way to get your hands on a beautiful woman's pissed jeans 😉 Love the way you develop your plots, and the stories are always nice bite-size (something I've never succeeded writing).
  10. Great series! If you don't feel like continuing, it might be best to leave it at that - you should stop when it's best. But: I'm definitely longing for more of the same from you, maybe with different people and a new setting?
  11. I'm definitely going to have a look at part six now...
  12. Another worthy part to your story - looking forward to reading part five!
  13. @Broccoli: Don't hesitate to announce when you publish a sequel - it took me a while to discover there were actually six parts currently only. For all others: here's part two
  14. For those like me, looking for more - there is a total of six parts as far as I am aware of. Here the next installment:
  15. PS: Just discovered there is a fourth (and fifth and sixth) part to this story, here's the link:
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