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  1. Another epic chapter, HitEmAll! I'm fascinated by the science aspects and attention to detail on the importance of the space suit holding out on the actual mission. My true love of the story is of course our heroine's inhumanly massive bladder and eventual torrential release, but also the amazement and comments of her team. Also love that you have elements of Jessie being both proud & turned on by her bladder and her excitedly displaying what only she can do, but also the reactions of the supporting cast, especially Natasha, in having to up the ante on the retention system.
  2. This is absolutely brilliant. Just the thought of an industry of urodynamics, where the sole purpose is to calculate the capacity & torrential flow rate of a lassie blessed with an absolutely massive, impossibly vast goddess bladder is enough to send me to the edge. This is absolutely my kind of story, and a sincere thank you, HitEmAll, for taking the time to write and post. Perhaps we'll be lucky should the Moderna booster yields a similar glorious delirium of writing prowess.
  3. Great to see you writing again, Brutus. Loved your latest creative work as always. You have a way of transforming the reader as if he were at the base of the toilet, privy to the symphony powerful yet feminine pissing, creating a visualization of the entire, spectacular audio spectrum. Though we may be in the minority for these kinds of tales, I am a true fan, and appreciate you taking the time and effort to craft this exciting tale.
  4. Excellent story, Brutus! Thanks for composing & sharing.
  5. Anxious to read the next part of this! My hope is that Amazon mom's bladder continues to fill to ridiculous levels, causing her crazy strong flow to increase even moreso and destroy that many more things, just unable to stop peeing and feeling such amazing relief.
  6. Thomas Water Resources Page I've ranted about this before, but ProjectPee.com acquired his site when Thomas was no longer able to keep up with it, promising to publish the 2yr backlog of story submissions, which they flat out lied about.
  7. Hi All, I'm wondering if anyone has come across any newish content with girls speaking English, whether solo or with partners? I've been into this fetish for 20+ years, and it seems that much of the new content these days is produced in Europe & Japan. Even C4S content is largely becoming non-speaking or non-English. I know B2B, Sneaky, Ineed2pee, possibly IntheCrack (not sure if they still release new content?) all produce great videos...I guess I'm just wondering if I'm missing out on others. Got2Pee, PeeInDetail, WDGirls, etc have some great content, but a big turn-
  8. Really, really enjoyed this story! I am a fan of your work, particularly given that your characters usually feature women with huge bladders capable of delivering blasting, deafening streams. Hope you will continue to write, as you are a talented story teller with great diction and imagery.
  9. The one that comes to mind is letitpee.com.
  10. Still very much enjoying this story. Anticipating part 3! Many thanks :)
  11. I can't wait for part two! I really loved the bladder capacity angle. I love the idea of a woman being able to pee like a firehose ("spigot" was a brilliant nickname) for long periods of time, even of the volume is a bit unrealistic. It is a good use of "suspension of disbelief." :D
  12. Hey there PHsite, I saw that another studio has posted one of your clips (http://clips4sale.com/81441/bella-ink-productions/Cat0-AllCategories/Page1/ClipDate-desc/Limit0/search/PEE). Just hope they have the rights to do so. And not your concern, but it is bothersome to me when duplicate clips are posted without some warning that they have been published somewhere else. I can't always keep track of which clips I have purchased, and the previews don't always strike my memory right away. As far as your site, I hope it gets better. I think it is like any business - the more time and marke
  13. Good points Sinna. I have opened a support ticket with C4S to ensure they are legit.
  14. Didn't want to start a new thread for this specifically, but had to vent for a second. I can't stand it when C4S sites pop up selling clips that are just scenes from older watersports videos. If the owner / producer of the video chooses to do it, I suppose that's his right (Mike Hott Video comes to mind, selling clips from early 2000 titles "Pissing and Other Cool Stuff" volumes 1 & 2). However, the latest is resale clip site is "Liquid Gold". I'm not even sure the producer or owner is behind it. I didn't fall for purchasing any of the clips as I'm old enough to remember when this s
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