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  1. David Jarrell

    newish English sites or clips

    Hi All, I'm wondering if anyone has come across any newish content with girls speaking English, whether solo or with partners? I've been into this fetish for 20+ years, and it seems that much of the new content these days is produced in Europe & Japan. Even C4S content is largely becoming non-speaking or non-English. I know B2B, Sneaky, Ineed2pee, possibly IntheCrack (not sure if they still release new content?) all produce great videos...I guess I'm just wondering if I'm missing out on others. Got2Pee, PeeInDetail, WDGirls, etc have some great content, but a big turn-on for me is being able to understand the models (or speaking in general). I guess I just miss the videos of yesteryear, like the Real Golden Showers, Liquid Gold, All Pissed Off, Watch Me Pee, Starr Productions series, etc. I know a solution would be to get off my ignorant American ass and learn some new languages, but that doesn't seem likely soon. Appreciate the feedback.
  2. David Jarrell

    Messy Mary

    Really, really enjoyed this story! I am a fan of your work, particularly given that your characters usually feature women with huge bladders capable of delivering blasting, deafening streams. Hope you will continue to write, as you are a talented story teller with great diction and imagery.
  3. David Jarrell

    Help- Need a Link

    The one that comes to mind is letitpee.com.
  4. David Jarrell

    Neighbors Part 1

    Still very much enjoying this story. Anticipating part 3! Many thanks :)
  5. David Jarrell

    Neighbors Part 1

    I can't wait for part two! I really loved the bladder capacity angle. I love the idea of a woman being able to pee like a firehose ("spigot" was a brilliant nickname) for long periods of time, even of the volume is a bit unrealistic. It is a good use of "suspension of disbelief." :D
  6. Happy Birthday
  7. David Jarrell

    Pee Heaven?

    Hey there PHsite, I saw that another studio has posted one of your clips (http://clips4sale.com/81441/bella-ink-productions/Cat0-AllCategories/Page1/ClipDate-desc/Limit0/search/PEE). Just hope they have the rights to do so. And not your concern, but it is bothersome to me when duplicate clips are posted without some warning that they have been published somewhere else. I can't always keep track of which clips I have purchased, and the previews don't always strike my memory right away. As far as your site, I hope it gets better. I think it is like any business - the more time and marketing you put in, the better, but it does take time. One thing that I think successful sites have done is have regular updates. Not daily, but perhaps weekly. Bound2Burst is good about this. Unfortunately, this might mean shooting a lot of scenes and not publishing them immediately until you have a backlog enough to provide regular updates. I see there have been four updates this year which is not even once a month. That is not enough IMO to gain a following. Just my $.02. Best of luck.
  8. David Jarrell

    Relevant C4S Stores

    Good points Sinna. I have opened a support ticket with C4S to ensure they are legit.
  9. David Jarrell

    Relevant C4S Stores

    Didn't want to start a new thread for this specifically, but had to vent for a second. I can't stand it when C4S sites pop up selling clips that are just scenes from older watersports videos. If the owner / producer of the video chooses to do it, I suppose that's his right (Mike Hott Video comes to mind, selling clips from early 2000 titles "Pissing and Other Cool Stuff" volumes 1 & 2). However, the latest is resale clip site is "Liquid Gold". I'm not even sure the producer or owner is behind it. I didn't fall for purchasing any of the clips as I'm old enough to remember when this series of 19 videos was released. It bothers me that some people will purchase these clips thinking it is new content. Just seems like there should be some rule that states if the content isn't original, where it originally came from. Like a disclaimer of sorts. Ok, rant over.
  10. David Jarrell

    Pee Heaven?

    I'm so glad I asked. That clip with Bella & Lela was fantastic. I love how they compared how much they peed and I was surprised at the one who was beat because she seemed the more desperate of the two. Such great banter - I hope to see more of these!
  11. David Jarrell

    Pee Heaven?

    Hi there PHsite, welcome, and I hope your C4S page does well. I actually usually not purchase many public pee clips, but I do enjoy dialogue between the girls if spoken in English. Is there any of that or conversation between the girls in any of the clips posted?
  12. David Jarrell

    Pee Heaven?

    Thanks for the feedback. The reason I found them is they have a C4S site with 10 videos listed. Not sure all of those have made the mainstream site yet. One of them is listed on being taken on 6th street in Austin, TX, so I have hopes that some of it is American and in English. Could also purchase those C4S titles if I want to see. Again, since those can be bought, I'm not sure the value in a $25 monthly membership where you get access to five collections, and not the entire site.
  13. David Jarrell

    Pee Heaven?

    Has anyone purchased a membership or videos on this site? I'm actually not sure why the membership option exists - it looks like it gives you access to five "collections" (basically five video updates, and some may include pictures) but only for 30 days. Seems it would just be simpler to buy the movies outright. Anyway, it looks a bit like Sneakypee in terms of how it's presented, with a model finding a place to relieve herself outside, but is supposed to have a more old school youtube / voyeur feel. I'm tempted, but haven't taken the plunge yet. http://www.peeheaven.com/
  14. David Jarrell

    WD Girls

    Thanks for the response. Hmmm...not sure it sounds worth it. But damn, as far as capacity goes, these girls are amazing - the combination of so much fluid from the alcohol, and it inhibiting their urge to pee sure makes for some spectacularly long and hard gushes when they finally do.
  15. David Jarrell

    WD Girls

    Hi, I have seen some of the "leaked" videos in question, and while the pissing was amazing, I never joined because dialogue is important to me, and I don't speak a language other than English. However, I just read on their website that they offer English subtitles in their videos. I just want to verify if that is true? Because the occasional one I come across on the internet does not have a subtitle track, unless the ripper did not include that file, but maybe it is available for regular members. I would totally join if that is the case. Thank you!