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    I’m bbw black women interested in men and women prefer bbw also but if not that’s ok negative towards bigger people or anyone will get you blocked from my page

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  1. What state is everyone from i feel like no one is in California:(
  2. A tip jar ?! 😭😭 Are you wiping us clean afterwards if so then I’m sold haha it’s time for me to come to Georgia
  3. It’s okay i should probably delete this because what he said was pretty rude
  4. Im 23 and i like older perverted men and idk why 😭😭 is it just me ... it might be
  5. Thank you a bunch more will be coming soon
  6. Youre too kind haha ❤️
  7. Thanks for the follow back hun i was waiting on it haha
  8. Hi guys I’m new started this yesterday and i love it great people here everyone is so understanding I’m a bbw women who loves men and women !!
  9. Wrote this in the wrong thread forgive me
  10. i like watching videos of people cooking and mixing pee in their food although I’ve never tried it myself how about you
  11. Now I’m interested in what it is Don’t be scared let us know
  12. Kinda embarrassing how much i love it so much i don’t talk about it much unless the person has a fetish also i do have other fetish’s public wank cum on food that’s pretty it
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