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    I love to piss all over everything except toilets.

    But only things I don't own. Piss marking is a lifestyle.

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    Destroying a public classroom and the computer in it with my piss.

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  1. In my college, one building had a row of lockers. I didn't want to be caught with my dick out, so I filled up a water bottle with piss, and poured it all over some girl's clothes that were unlocked. I do have the video of me pouring it around here somewhere if that's something people want to see.
  2. Hypothetically, if money were no issue, what kind of pissing video would you pay for someone or some group to make?
  3. In terms of daring, that has to be one I did earlier this year. I knew what I wanted to target, but was worried about being caught, so I took an extra step. I spent a few hours while I was doing other work putting every drop of piss I could in to an old water bottle. Once I was ready, I went in to a hallway at my university where there were lockers. There was one that was slightly open, so I pulled the door open, and saw some clothes and books in there, and poured the bottle of dark pee all over this girl's coat and books, then just bailed.
  4. In terms of permanent damage, I pissed all over books and clothes in a girl's locker that was open, and I pissed in to the vents in a computer in a classroom until it was destroyed.
  5. Threads like these always make me feel like an insane man, because my answer is (depending on my schedule) 3-7 times a day.
  6. Exactly the same for me. It's not even vandalism to do it to someone willing, it's just using a more interesting urinal.
  7. I'd like to just add on to the complaint here with one other thing: The people who just talk about wanting something done to them in places like Video threads just derail the thread for several days, preventing any good content from getting to us.
  8. The feeling of hurting someone through piss vandalism, being able to see the damage I've done, and being able to see things get destroyed because of the hot piss that just soaked in to them. And of course, knowing at least one but possibly multiple people will have to touch my piss.
  9. My cleanup is leaving it for someone else to deal with. That might be hard for them though, as any time a janitor's office is unlocked I piss all over their supplies too.
  10. I have to disagree, I'd rather leave it and make sure someone else has to suffer from i t.
  11. This is far and away my favorite part of the piss fetish, my personal dream is to piss all over every inch of an office!
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