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    I love to piss all over everything except toilets.

    But only things I don't own. Piss marking is a lifestyle.

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    Piss marking
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    Destroying a public classroom and the computer in it with my piss.

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  1. The feeling of hurting someone through piss vandalism, being able to see the damage I've done, and being able to see things get destroyed because of the hot piss that just soaked in to them. And of course, knowing at least one but possibly multiple people will have to touch my piss.
  2. My cleanup is leaving it for someone else to deal with. That might be hard for them though, as any time a janitor's office is unlocked I piss all over their supplies too.
  3. I have to disagree, I'd rather leave it and make sure someone else has to suffer from i t.
  4. Can you try again? It sounds hot but it's still privated.
  5. This is far and away my favorite part of the piss fetish, my personal dream is to piss all over every inch of an office!
  6. Great work, all I could ask is that you hit more than the floor. There's walls and sinks and so much to ruin!
  7. There was this super hot video on several of the PH sites, of a bunch of guys laughing, cracking jokes, spitting, and just pissing all over every single inch of a public bathroom. I personally got myself off to it probably a hundred times. All I can remember is how hot it was, and that on pornhub it was just titled "lads pissing". I'd be forever in your debt if you could find it.
  8. If I could get away with it, I'd want to turn an office into my urinals. The computers, paperwork, chairs, desks, everything, all soaked and destroyed.
  9. God I love public bathroom marking, keep it up!
  10. My local walmart's bathroom floor and paper towel dispenser.
  11. Depending on how bold you're feeling, go out in the hallway and hit other people's door handles!
  12. I've talked about this in other threads, and I regret not getting a video of this. I found a computer in a classroom, and pissed in to the vents in it until my bladder was empty and the colors on screen were all fucked up.
  13. So in the time since I last posted, I broke a computer. Pissed in to the vents in a computer in a classroom until it was fried.
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