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Found 13 results

  1. I would just like to briefly announce that I have stepped down as a mod. This decision was wholly mine and is largely due to other life commitments preventing me from being able to devote sufficient time to the role. If anyone has any issues that need resolving, please direct them to the remaining mods or Admin, since I no longer have mod powers. Thanks to everyone for their support over the years.
  2. Just as an experiment I decided to test how easy it is to find this forum on google. I typed in "peefans" and was gratified to see that this forum was right at the top of page 1. This means that - using google - anyone who knows this forum's name can easily find it. But what about those who might be just looking for a place like this but don't know our site name? As an experiment I typed in "pee forums". This forum did not appear until part way down on page 9, with our main rival Peesearch further down on the same page. We are therefore findable but only if someone perseveres to page
  3. Pee Fans has achieved the incredible milestone of 30,000 members. That's right, thirty thousand. It has been amazing watching this site grow over the years and I have met some truly wonderful people on here, people I consider very good friends. I am sure I'm not the only one. A community is only as good as its members and we have a bloody awesome one. We have members from all different backgrounds and walks of life, different ages, different genders, different interests. But we are still united with a common fetish. I am honoured to be alongside you. If you reading this, thank you.
  4. Hello everyone. I have decided to leave the website. Thank You to everyone at this site for being so nice. Siynara.
  5. Hi people of the forum I have been absent for a while, struggling with personal problems of such a size that they prevented me from logging in When I finally solved them, Pandemia broke out forcing me to 12 hours-per-day shifts, turning me into a trashed and exhausted thing. I finally got my work back and here I am again But there is one thing I also need to make you understand I am here on this forum for a very precise reason I am convinced that lack of emotional flow is the reason which turned the world into a cold place where people only have mate
  6. Hope this is ok.Just wondered if anyone had seen @chubbybirb999on here recently? I used to enjoy her posts and noticed she hasn't been on for a while.Maybe she's just busy.
  7. Nancy says MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! My adored friends, and you all who haven't yet interacted with me... I want to hug you all This had been a very particular year, when Peefans grew enormously thanks to the newborn goldmembership section, which houses up to 20 of my public piss videos But more than anything, we saw the arrival of some of the greatest members this forum ever had I posted many photobooks of personal porn pics which became a great chance for chat and friendship, but more than anything, for a call to arms What is Peefans about? Is friendship Did you spend
  8. Hi everybody. First of all, forgive me for being away for so long. Finding myself after this last fight with my family had been hard. Even more because of work. I cannot hide I've changed. I'm different. Silly as before, even more loving, maybe. But also darker. Not in a blatant way. In a personal, solemn way. I did many things of which I cannot speak, which until just a few months ago I knew were only theorically available to somebody who followed my Path, but now I have within my memories and my cells the experience of doing them for real. My attitude in piss pranks indeed became slight
  9. I know many of you have grown concerned about spywareonya and so I emailed her to check she was ok. Here is the reply: I am enormously sorry for this And indeed, things happened My love for the forum hasn’t weavered in the slightest But I knew I wasn’t able to offer a pleasurable me The Mob performed infiltrations in my society and Police checked our PCs so I had to stop logging in from work At home, my abusive mom went back and started problems which involved police again (she is criminally insane) And I felt (more than anything due to what my mother’s retur
  10. The lottery had been held by @Admin and I am absolutely delighted to announce you ALL that the Once and Future King of the OlymPEEc Games 2019 of Peefans is... SPEEDY!!! @speedy3471 CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You won a 3 months free goldmembership, and this means that you will now have a forum where you can customize colours, remove ads, and see all my videos (and the tons of new videos Admin upload weekely)!!! You cannot imagine the difference… and I am so glad you'll finally see my pussy piss LIVE ahahahahah!!! Congratulations, you
  11. @Admin has given the go ahead for this thread. Although it has not yet been fully or officially confirmed, we have been looking into the absence of our mod, @wetmanjf. @2prnot2p in particular has been making use of his contacts, and it is looking likely at this point that Wetman may have passed away in January. I invite 2prnot2p to make all he knows public, but it isn't looking good. Someone who looks very much like he could have been Wetman passed away in January. If he is gone he will be missed.
  12. My recent post has brought up some deja vu feelings and has left a sour taste in my mouth. I had this feeling a few years ago when I was in a omorashi discord server... It was me, two other girls and 15 to 20 men in there. I had asked the discord server owner if there had ever been more girls... they replied that some girls joined in the past but left... because anytime a girl joined the guys would make a huge deal of it and scare them off. So I wanted to help bring more girls to the server. I tried to make suggestions about making 'girl topics' in the server or a female only side chat i
  13. A big surprise is coming Maybe soon, maybe… less soon!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA But a big surprise is coming!!! Check this thread and bump it up from time to time… because it's coming!!!
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