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    Was a frequent poster on peesearch.net. They seem to be gone now. On there my handle was thanks but that was taken here.

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    Watching women pee
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    Seeing a woman peeing on the side of the road with the sun behind her. The sun illuminated her urine stream beautifully. Many wonderful faps to that memory.

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  1. You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you very much! They are large and they are fabulous!
  2. I follow her on the Gram but have never gotten to see her giant titties uncovered.
  3. This is so sexy! I hope you are still humping random things.
  4. I just stumbled on this thread, @Barbieoxo you are stunning! Thank you for sharing with us.
  5. Only 51 for me. I have some new goals.
  6. Do you like tasting yourself during or after you cum? Some people suffer from PNC...
  7. thanks1972


    Wow! Very brave and thanks for sharing with us!!!
  8. It took me several tries through out the day to finally be able to get into the site.
  9. thanks1972


    Thank you. It seemed to good to be true.
  10. thanks1972


    Who's the one on the left and are both of these real? Cause that looks to be Selena on the right and Oh My!
  11. We don't believe you. 😉😉 (Can't blame a guy for trying...)
  12. Oh my! Simply stunning! Thanks for sharing.
  13. I am an industrial electrician. We've all been out an about and not been close to the facilities when the need arises. For the most part I have been able to get to a port-a-john but once in a while, one is forced to sneak behind a truck or an out of the way shed. I was discussing peeing in random places with a co-worker and he told a story of when he was working at one of the refineries in Fort Mac. He was at the top of a fin fan structure. He needed to pee and didn't want to climb down. He said he got close to a steel column and pissed down it. Not long after he was done peeing
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