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    Love the thrill off peeing outside! Love to watch girls pee, particularly outside where people can catch them. Like girls peeing inside in places they shouldn’t. I wish there was more videos of girls peeing in swimming pool changing areas

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    Girls Outdoor peeing, naughty peeing, caught peeing
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    Ex Fiancée peeing outside when drunk so I could watch, then going home and her peeing on my dick in the bathtub then having the most amazing sex in the bath

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  1. I have been with my wife now for 9 years and only in the last 6 or 7 months has she started to do little bits to satisfy my pee fetish. it all started about 7 months ago, I was playing with her clit and she has orgasmed a couple of times, then she told me to stop as she felt like she was going to pee, I told her just to let it go and enjoy the feeling, she was reluctant at first but I kept rubbing her until she couldn’t take it anymore and her bladder.just burst, letting out a full stream all over my hand and all over the bed, I came at the same time and it was the most intense orgasms we
  2. I would love to see this video, have you uploaded it
  3. Swimming and Pissing On one occasion we decided that we were going to go for a swim while we were visiting family in another city. We had been having a lot of peeing fun since that first night behind the bus shelter and today it was going to continue at the swimming pool, it wasn’t something we had planned to do, well it wasn’t something I had planned to do anyway. To keep it brief we were in the pool, which was a kind of fun pool with a few flumes, wave machine etc etc. We were Down at the deep end, leaning up against the side having a chat when my ex decided she was going to stradd
  4. Ok so I’ll share some more stories of our pissing fun. So we get back home and we are hardly in the door a second and the passion was pumping through our bodies. As you came in the door our toilet was to the right, it was a big long bathroom with the usual toilet, sink, and bath, with shower above the bath. Anyway as we get through the door we were ripping our clothes off, my hand was down her undies and my fingers were playing with her clean shaved pussy, which was so fucking wet from an obvious mixture of piss and her natural juices. She’s always been a horny girl but this night sh
  5. I miss the pee side of things but I don’t miss her. My current partner isn’t really in to it, she will pee in front of me on the toilet and once in the shower, but the shower incident was purely because I had to go to the toilet when she was in the shower so could see her piss, she did announce that she was going to do it though so did get to watch.
  6. I haven't really shared this with anyone before just out of respect, but I was thinking about it today and just had to write about it. I apologise in advance for the poorly written story. My ex partner and I had a good sexual relationship, we were at it every day, she was a really horny one, which suited me because I also had a high sex drive, but I also had this kink off watching a girl pee in public (she didn't know about my kink at this time). Well it turns out that she also enjoyed peeing in public and had no issue pulling down her bottoms and having a piss whenever she needed to
  7. Tonight in my way hone I was bursting for a piss! Normally I’m really nervous about peeing in public although when I do I love it. Anyway I was driving along this single track road and I knew I had to stop or I would end up pissing my boxers. I pulled over, looked around to insure no1 was about, whipped out my cock and had the most amazing pee ever. I kept thinking how much I would love to see my fiancée pee outside, I was thinking it way to much that I got really horny really quickly. I jumped back in the car, pulled my cock out again and started jacking off, I only lasted about 2 mins and I
  8. Everyone on here I’m sure is happy to see a female pee outdoors
  9. Would love for my girl to do this! She’s not in to peeing like I am but I have got her to pee in the shower a few times
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