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  1. Sounds like a great 1st experience for you. Did you go on to do it again?
  2. Doing it as a poll would work. Im using a tablet and find copy n paste a pain in the arse as I can imagine it would be using a smart phone too
  3. Can you make the process simpler Steve? (just a question)
  4. I like them and own a few - but I dont always know how to use them to their full potential. Guess its a good job I m single and I don't have anybody telling me to stop wasting any more money
  5. Bet that title got your attention lol Ok, so we all do it but what do we all call it? What names for it do you know of? Lets get started with........... Tossing of and lets hope this thread ends with a "happy ending"
  6. As asked previously I have another "interest" which is women in full fitting knickers and as I said then, that and women pissing is a combined "interest" As most pee porn is not clothed wetting most pee porn doesnt "do it" for me. Regular porn also usually cuts from tye 1st scene to totally naked fucking which doesn't appeal to me - I like to see a flash of knickers, a hand slip down the front for the initial fumble and even the knickers pulled to one side for the fuck. My ideal scenario is to see a woman fucked with her knickers around her knees.
  7. Maybe a better way to meet like minded women would be to contribute on sites like this one and show them what a nice guy you are.........
  8. Music, the great outdoors and wildlife
  9. Id say VERY lucky if thats how it turned out
  10. Never had a stranger watch me but I reckon it would be a huge turn on
  11. England Scotland Wales France Belgium Holland
  12. P155wet


    If thats her real picture I ll offer to keep her company.....
  13. It can happen, it did for me twice and one girl I saw a number of times
  14. I think that might be top of a lot of men's wish list too lol
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