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    Male straight...ish :)
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    Wales UK
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    Middle aged, happily single, love gaming, photography, beer, wine, whisky and food!

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    I love to watch women wetting their clothes particularly panties, and also peeing in naughty places indoors and outside , also love to wet myself, and the smell of pee turns me on
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    Peeing in bed for the first time, what a lovely feeling. Also peeing on the floor under my desk in the office, I was so scared but so excited.

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  1. Normally one go for me, unless I'm having fun with it and letting little spurts out on purpose 😄 Although I will, without fail, find more in my bladder when I'm cleaning my teeth regardless of how recently I peed, that usually goes into the sink.
  2. Pretty much every time I swim in the sea I pee, i think it's the law 😄
  3. 5 years for 'in a bed neither of you own' if you rent an apartment that's harsh! 😃 35 for me, most of my crimes were a long time ago, can I get off with time served?
  4. I've peed out of the bedroom window in the middle of the night, I live on a terraced street and it made quite a noise on my car which was parked underneath 😁 https://www.erome.com/a/hWbzNRGP
  5. My favourites are lazy lie in pees, I'll often wake early, have the first strong pee of the day on the bath mat, or in the sink. Then I make some tea and toast, go back to bed with that, listen to the radio and read my kindle, when I need to go again I just relax and let it go.
  6. 😂 I use this all the time too
  7. It is 😃 its also very funny, thanks for the heads up @Kupar
  8. Nice to see you here again @Riley and I hope all is well. Thanks for a beautifully written account 🙂
  9. I think you could say I've been following it....haven't missed a game yet 🤣🤣
  10. @Kupar thanks! And to you sir, I support Wales and England having both heritage
  11. What a lovely account, you are so lucky to have each other, and thank you both for sharing xx
  12. @MidoriLemonade85 gorgeous 😍
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