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    Male straight...ish :)
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    Middle aged, happily single, love gaming, photography, beer, wine, whisky and food!

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    I love to watch women wetting their clothes particularly panties, and also peeing in naughty places indoors and outside , also love to wet myself, and the smell of pee turns me on
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    Peeing in bed for the first time, what a lovely feeling. Also peeing on the floor under my desk in the office, I was so scared but so excited.

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  1. I'm completely sucked into Tokyo Vice S2, there are so many women worthy of a post here but my two favourites are Rachel Keller and Rinko Kikuchi, would love to watch them pee
  2. I wouldn't stress if someone had a genuine accident but would sooner pull over for it to be done outside.
  3. I came very close to this yesterday in the market on holidays, was at the checkout wearing my swimming shorts. I've lost weight any they're much looser than they were and they very nearly dropped to my ankles while I was bagging the shopping 😁
  4. well I do read a lot 😁
  5. Do this a LOT 😀
  6. That is soooo hot and one of my fantasies too 🥵 thanks both for sharing!
  7. There's no logic to it with me, I like my hairy chest arms legs etc but really don't like my hairy back, so I get that waxed off
  8. What a lucky boy he is, very jealous 🥰😁
  9. Morning all, I've been neglecting my lazy Sunday thread lately, this morning while having my morning coffee in bed I thought what the hell I'm not getting up to pee 🙂 https://www.erome.com/a/5TA9Z60B
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