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    Middle aged, happily single, love gaming, photography, beer, wine, whisky and food!

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    I love to watch women wetting their clothes particularly panties, and also peeing in naughty places indoors and outside , also love to wet myself, and the smell of pee turns me on
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    Peeing in bed for the first time, what a lovely feeling. Also peeing on the floor under my desk in the office, I was so scared but so excited.

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  1. Keep going sir, It certainly doesn't bother me and my memory is shot too so I never notice 😁
  2. I just tested a pair of Tena Pants Super, they were quite comfy and leaking small to medium spurts out was fine and felt nice but once I relaxed properly and peed they leaked upwards around the leg quite a lot and soaked my jeans around the left front pocket up to the waistband, I was sitting down at the time. I was prepared and was at home but if I'd been out somewhere it could have been awkward 😄
  3. On screen mother and daughter combo, Bellamy Young and Halston Sage from Prodigal Son
  4. really? who knew, in my experience most men do.
  5. @Kupar we have terraced houses on 3 out of four sides with all the yards backing onto each other so I reckon 7 houses can look into mine, and I could shake hands with 4... so best not 😁
  6. yes! I like to pee my shorts watering the garden, the neighbours can see me but because I'm splashing water everywhere they don't see or hear it 😁 Also very jealous of a private garden, I only have a small one overlooked by other houses, would love to be out there naked
  7. This is pretty good at 3 mins https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5a33f35921c42
  8. I love this, Thursday through to Sunday the longest for me, just chilling wetting, changing clothes, get up next morning splash some water on my face clean my teeth (have to have standards 😃) and carry on the same way again. Good soak in the bath and a shower Sunday night and was fresh and ready for work on the Monday.
  9. Well not a Sunday but was having a nice lie in with a book and a coffee, so a relaxing pee felt right, https://www.erome.com/a/xsSg2GLv
  10. I came to wetting pretty late and peeing wearing clothes took a while to get the hang of but more because of the years of conditioning I think. Now I can start and stop at will. Peeing lying in bed is fun but I've never lost control doing it, in the morning sometimes I've tried half dozing and relaxing to see if I'll just leak but never do...I have to make a conscious effort to go. I have often wondered if, after doing it so often, that one morning I'll wake up and find that I peed while I was asleep but never have (well apart from once in my 20s when paralytic 😃). One thing I've tried
  11. I live on my own so pretty much pee wherever takes my fancy, I think the bed edges it as my favourite, although I have got a couple of great doormats that will take a full jeans wetting when I get in through the front toor bursting to go. There's lots of places I want to try, more outside pees, I like wetting so got myself a dark pair of shorts and hopefully just wet them while i'm out and about. I'd love to try the cinema seat that @Paulypeeps suggested 😊
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