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    Middle aged, happily single, love gaming, photography, beer, wine, whisky and food!

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    I love to watch women wetting their clothes particularly panties, and also peeing in naughty places indoors and outside , also love to wet myself, and the smell of pee turns me on
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    Peeing in bed for the first time, what a lovely feeling. Also peeing on the floor under my desk in the office, I was so scared but so excited.

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  1. After watching a few episodes of The Coroner, Claire Goose could make me a happy man
  2. top tip for getting some sleep during these super hot nights....just before going to bed last night I stood by the bed and had a quick pee all over the sheets spraying it around for a light even coverage . then turned the fan on and got into bed.... it was so nice and cool.
  3. 🤦‍♂️ never thought of that!!! 😁
  4. What an image that conjures up, love a pissy sheet 😍
  5. @puddyls what a woman! Just gorgeous 😍
  6. Any chance you could make the text black? Hard to read for an old fella like me 😃
  7. Beautiful @puddyls what a lovely wet patch 😍😍😍
  8. Live alone, can pee when and where I like, I do mostly clean up afterwards but thats my choice
  9. @puddyls 😍😍 what a fun day, thanks for bringing us along 😊
  10. I guess that must be what's known as Rapeseed over here? See lots of bright yellow fields here.
  11. oh it's definitely something else that woke up Elo 😃
  12. I'm still in bed and what a beautiful sight to wake up to 😍😍😍
  13. Thats great to hear @peegirl99 its hot to read and imagine as well 😍

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