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  1. That is soooo hot and one of my fantasies too 🥵 thanks both for sharing!
  2. There's no logic to it with me, I like my hairy chest arms legs etc but really don't like my hairy back, so I get that waxed off
  3. What a lucky boy he is, very jealous 🥰😁
  4. Morning all, I've been neglecting my lazy Sunday thread lately, this morning while having my morning coffee in bed I thought what the hell I'm not getting up to pee 🙂 https://www.erome.com/a/5TA9Z60B
  5. I got forced into watching it a couple of weeks back and reluctantly have to confess that I enjoyed it too 😁
  6. Watched the first two as well, I'm not as much of a fallout nut as you but really enjoying it. Gone over to the golf now so probably watch a few more tomorrow 🙂
  7. https://www.youtube.com/@SAKANA-cg6or Also doesn't embed but loads of shorts here if you're looking for a rabbit hole to go down 😁
  8. https://www.erome.com/a/P30r1q86
  9. I'm pretty hairy too, normally trim my pubes a bit but decided to leave it over the winter, it's a proper thatch now 🤣
  10. Definitely don't stress over it, not uncommon I wouldn't think. I certainly don't get full on hard hands free that often not since I was a teenager, and that could be quite embarrassing anyway getting a tent on holding hands or having a dance 😁
  11. @Bacardi spooky, that literally could be me...... identical.... except I don't have a fine latino ass, my robe is grey and I live in Wales ....but apart from that 🤣
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