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  1. Happens quite a lot! I’m always so horny when I wake up because I’m always desperate to pee in the morning
  2. I accidentally peed in my gym’s hot tub. Got too relaxed I guess lol. Oops 😋
  3. When I wake up in the middle of the night with a full bladder I can cum so hard and so quickly just from the pressure. Feels amazing 😋
  4. I love masturbating with a really full bladder, especially in certain positions that put a lot of pressure on my bladder. If I wait until I’m almost ready to orgasm then slowly let go and start wetting my panties that’s usually enough to send me over the edge. And boy are they strong! 😋
  5. I love to hold it as long as possible I guess because for me the pressure hits just the right spot so that if I move my legs a certain way it feels amazing! And the fuller my bladder gets the better it feels. Then releasing it is its own kind of good feeling!
  6. My mattress is so nice and soaking now 😋 it kind of absorbs since it’s a foam mattress so not super nice for pics but this was my fresh morning wet the other day on my comforter!
  7. Mhmm 😊I laid in it all night then woke up bursting so I peed all over it again 😋
  8. Update: I’ve drank over 120 oz throughout the day and have been holding it until I can’t take it and having amazing full bladder orgasms then I finally let go and soak my panties and the bed. It’s been a great day!
  9. I’m buying a new mattress soon so until then I’ll be absolutely soaking my current mattress...I’m so excited to not have to worry about ruining it! Maybe I’ll post some pictures of the damage 🤔
  10. I get my car detailed every 6 months so I always have a day or few beforehand where I drive out of the way far enough where I can’t make it home. I love soaking my seats and the gush I feel when I try to move after letting go is enough to get me really aroused. I live on a busy street too, so walking up to my apartment after wetting my pants when everyone can tell is a turn on too.
  11. I’d love to be on top of a man humping his hard cock with a full bladder. Then I’d lose control and start wetting my panties while still on top of him. He would make me lay down and lick my dripping pussy until I I started to shake and cum. Mmmm.
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