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    bi female
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    college student + patty-flipper
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    old enough 🙃
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    the 9th circle
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    hey! just a gal who likes to pee.

    i’m a novice writer, so i hope to bring some of my pee fantasies to paper (or, screen) around here. i’m also a bit of a risk-taker who loves a naughty challenge! ^^

    note: i’m perfectly open to dm’s, but my response times are deplorable at the moment, sorry!

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    naughty peeing! anywhere i shouldn’t ;)
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    the first time i pissed all over a porta potty at the park. the adrenaline!

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  1. update: went in the tall grass/bushes just before nature becomes heavily wooded off the side of the road, so i was still probably visible to the potential passerby (albeit, this was a forest trail at dusk). i was relieved, but sad to have emptied my bladder. 😞
  2. i’m on the road right now, but i’ve pulled over for a moment to write this. i am SOOO incredibly horny right now. my bladder is just full to the brim. i feel like i can see its swell in my lower tummy. i love it so much. my sweatpants are tied as tightly as possible because the pressure makes me even more desperate. i’m sipping on a liter of water, pumping it even fuller. i don’t know where the next restroom would be — should push come to shove, i’ll either have to squat behind a tree or make this seat nice and warm and squishy. ugh, i love it so much. i can feel my pussy actively ge
  3. do you ever look to your left, and then look to your right…and then grin to yourself, because the circumstances are simply perfect for a little naughty piss? to pee, or not to pee? the question is bouncing around in my mind as i type this now. unfortunately, this isn’t a daily dilemma for me, but i can’t help but grow excited when a golden opportunity like this one arises. i’m currently out, and each of the five stalls in this public restroom are vacant. it doesn’t look like anyone will be interrupting for some time. the sleek tiled walls, the reflective dark floors, the glimmering p
  4. i love this idea! walking around a park, store, or fast food joint in my little pink skirt but no panties and peeing on benches, chairs, floors, towels, napkins, what have you sounds sooo fun. i’d start my adventure when my bladder is close to exploding (like now! lol) so that i’d have enough in the tank to give every establishment in a 5 mile radius a taste.
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