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    • It has always been my dream to feel the warmth of a woman peeing on me. Might seem tame to a lot of you, but it would be a huge “tick in the box” for me 
    • There should be a prize if you can get all of these done in one day 😂 Other than going to hell, of course.
    • ** A young librarian helps a desperate cheerleader in the uni library. Contains desperation, public wetting, and a little bit of lesbian domination**    Part 1 "Um, excuse me, miss?" Katie looked up from the books she was shelving, kneeling on the fading carpet. Her eyes tracing up the sandalled feet, the long slender legs, the short pleated light grey skirt. Standing, her eyes lingered on the white Hilfiger shirt, stretched tight across a lacy bra, nipples just visible through the fabric. Bleached blonde hair in a high ponytail, big blue eyes, pouty red lips. One of the cheerleaders, who had been working on an assignment all week.  Katie tried not to bite her lip. She adjusted her round glasses to disguise her blush. In her long brown skirt, stockings, and loose jumper, mousy brown hair pulled back in a severe ponytail, Katie was the model image of a stern, dowdy librarian, though she was just a few years older than the girl in front of her. "Yes, how can I help you darling?" The girl handed her a note. "Um, I was wondering if you could help me find these books? I need them for my assignment, but I got so lost when I tried to look for them." She let out a schoolgirl giggle that made Katie's heart flutter. Katie looked at the titles and reference numbers on the note. "Ah, one's just down the far end, but the other's in the special reserve." She smiled sweetly. "Do you mind if I shelve some of these on our way? I need to finish them before we close." The girl nodded brightly. "Of course! I didn't mean to interrupt you. Thank you so much!" "Abbie, wasn't it?" Katie asked. "Second year?" The cheerleader grinned. "Yes miss, but I just moved." "And are you liking it here?" "Oh yes!" Abbie nodded, "It's so much bigger than my old uni, and everyone here is so nice." She blushed. "And there's a lot of really handsome boys." Katie paused to slide a book onto a shelf, hiding her own grin. Abbie's enthusiasm was infectious, and there was an endearing youthful innocence to her that gave her terrible thoughts. "Oh, they must be falling over themselves trying to talk to you." Abbie blushed deeper. "Thank you miss, there's been a few of them..." Katie raised an eyebrow, and Abbie made a shocked face. "Not like that miss! Just talking!" Katie chuckled and put a gentle hand on Abbie's arm. "I know darling, just teasing." She left her fingers there a moment longer than she should have, watching Abbie's eyes widen. Katie could feel her nipple piercings pressing against her bra, her heartbeat almost making them vibrate. Composure, she thought, don’t think about where you’d rather put those fingers. "And how are the cheerleaders treating you?" "Oh, they're great! The training is tough, but we've got a competition..." They chatted as they walked through the aisles, Katie putting books on the shelves. Every time they stopped, Katie watched Abbie cross her legs, squeezing her thighs together.  "Now, let's see, it should be just here..." Katie bent over to look for Abbie's book. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see the cheerleader gingerly shifting from foot to foot. Take your time… "Ah, here it is." Katie pulled the book and held it out to Abbie. "Everything alright, dear?" she asked. The cheerleader quickly uncrossed her legs. "Mhmm, fine." She bounced on her knees and fiddled with the hem of her skirt. Katie raised an eyebrow. "It’s just…” A wave of urgency left her breathless for a moment, then the words came tumbling out. “It’s just the bathrooms up here are out of order, and I didn't want to get up and go all the way downstairs, and now I really need to pee and I thought I could hold it but -" She clamped her hand to her mouth with a gasp.  "Oh sweetheart, it's okay," said Katie sympathetically, putting her hand on Abbie's arm again. This time, the contact was electric. A cool bead of sweat dripped down her back, and a bead of something else dripped into her panties. "Do you think you can hold on a little longer? We'll find your book, and then I can let you into the staff bathrooms." Abbie’s reaction was far more obvious. Her nipples strained against her top, heat rushing to her face. She bit her lip and whimpered softly through her fingers. She nodded and reached out to take the book, letting out a shy smile. The heel of her other hand pressed against her skirt. "Yes miss, I think I can hold it. I really need this book." Katie beamed at her. "Good girl." Abbie visibly melted a little. How pretty you’d look on your knees. "We'll be quick, I promise."  Abbie's desperation grew visibly worse as they continued through the library. Katie stopped twice to put books away, and Abbie stood just behind her and crossed her legs. Another student stopped them to ask a question, and Abbie gripped her book with white-knuckled intensity, squeezing her thighs together. Her chest heaved as she tried to control her breathing. A faint sheen of sweat dappled her forehead.  The other student kept looking over the librarian's shoulder in puzzlement, and Katie was sure he hadn’t heard anything she’d just said. Abbie smiled nervously at him. He looked away and stammered a quick thank you to Katie, holding his bag in front of the bulge in his crotch. "You can't go distracting all the boys like that darling, whatever will people think?" Katie smiled slyly at the poor cheerleader as they walked down the corridor to the special reserve. "I'm sorry miss, I just really have to go." Abbie bounced constantly from foot to foot. "Do you want me to let you in the bathrooms now?" Katie asked. "They're just down the end of this hall." She shook her head vigorously. "No miss, it's okay, I promise I can hold it." "If you're sure." Abbie did not look sure. Katie punched in the code for the door and held it open for her. "Now let's see..." They walked down one aisle, and then a second, before finally stopping halfway down the outside aisle. Abbie held her book to her chest, conscious of the mirrored window. She hoped there was no one behind it. What would they think, seeing a flustered, squirming cheerleader trying not to wet herself, legs writhing beneath her short skirt?  "It should be just here," Katie said, peering down at the shelf. She ran her fingers along the spines. Some of the titles were faded, and the stickers peeling off. Behind her, she heard a gasp, and a quiet pattering sound that quickly cut off. A stifled whimper, Abbie clearly holding her breath. Katie pulled the book out and turned around. "Here you go. Shall we..."  Abbie stood wide eyed and panicky, book clutched to her chest, thighs squeezed together. Wet streaks ran down her legs, dark droplets on the carpet around her feet. "I'm sorry miss," she whimpered softly. "I don't think..." Another stream punctuated her whimpers. "I don't think I can hold it any more, I'm so sorry, I can't stop it, oh!" She spread her trembling legs slightly, and the floodgates opened. Katie watched as pee gushed from under Abbie's skirt. Streams poured down her legs, sheeting between her thighs, splattering off her calves. The puddle spread quickly under her feet, soaking into the thin carpet. Abbie whined softly as she tried to stop it. She clamped her thighs together, until a wet patch started to form on the front of her skirt. Gasping, she ripped it up and spread her legs again, allowing Katie a perfect view of her white lacy panties streaming with piss, almost transparent with wetness, the fabric pulled tight against her perfect, smooth lips. "Oh, you poor little girl," Katie murmured, her pussy flooding at the sight of this gorgeous cheerleader completely wetting herself in front of her. How lovely that would feel running over my fingers.  Despite her embarrassment, Abbie's face was bathed with a look of relief, panting and letting out faint little giggles. Her cheeks flushed, and she bit her bottom lip deliciously, trying to suppress a smile. "I'm sorry, miss," she whimpered. "I really couldn't hold it anymore." Katie stepped closer and put her hand on Abbie's face. "And here I was thinking I would get out early tonight." She leaned in and kissed her, softly, and Abbie kissed her hungrily. Katie chuckled and pushed her back. She looked down at the note in her hand. "Well you certainly weren't lying." Scrawled in hasty letters below the book references was, 'I have to pee RIGHT NOW do you want me to go to the bathroom y/n?' "I barely thought I was going to last that long, I nearly wet myself writing it." She looked at Katie shyly. "I can go get cleaned up now if you want?" Katie was suddenly stern again, circling Abbie, taking in the obvious piss streaks covering the backs of her legs; unfortunately, the back of her skirt had remained relatively unscathed. "I think not," she chided. "A pissy little girl like you needs to be punished." She ran one finger down Abbie's spine, then over her skirt, pressing the dry fabric into her wet panties. "Go back to your desk and wait for me while I close the library." Abbie stiffened in fear and excitement. "Yes miss," she whimpered. "I'm sorry I made such a mess." Katie looked at her sternly. "I better not see another one underneath your chair by the time I get there." ****   So, my first piece of smut writing on the internet. A little while ago, I started writing a couple of 2nd-person kinky-lesbian-cheerleader-fantasy short stories for a play partner. That turned into a series which quickly grew legs, taking on a life of its own with supporting characters, origin stories, and a whole university setting. This one's a standalone within the setting that I wrote to show a couple of less-kinky writing friends, and they encouraged me to put it online to get some feedback, so here we are. Please let me know what you think! Might try and get more of the series up here eventually.  Part 2 coming soon...
    • I sometimes do that exact same thing and I thought I was weird for it. I like watching it myself and imagining it from the perspective of someone else who would be very turned on by it. I think some of them have been really hot.   I wouldn't post them because I don't want to put myself out there online like that, but whenever I hit it off with a girl who likes watching, she'll definitely be invited to the exclusive live show.
    • I been wearing them for fun at home to wet them and it become very sexual for me, the smell and to wear with full back floral panties, it's pretty amazing, go try them there are fun 🙂
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