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  1. Stay in your seat, do it in a cup, let someone have a drink
  2. Like to hear more of what you have witness or heard about
  3. I was in NZ a few years ago, pulled up on the side of a mountain road, not much traffic so I took a piss over the edge car came past, girl driving and she had a good view few minutes later her car was parked further down the road, head back , and I swear she was fingering herself, hope she had a good orgasm, after watching me piss She was alone in the car, I wasn't or I would have stopped and volunteered to lick her clean
  4. There's one available here, . . . . everytime I lay on the floor 😛
  5. Wow, nice Surprised he didn't want to watch or volunteer to lick the drops off for you
  6. Did you drink it ? Did you lick her clean afterwards has she ever done anything else like that Obviously she's comfortable peeing in front of you, so shouldn't be a problem whenever she needs to
  7. even the fire department is now calling for an investigation , , , , . . . citing overwhelming evidence of controlled demolition anyone who thinks that isn't true should review the evidence (57 exhibits) that will go before the court the net is closing on Israel
  8. Did you give someone a drink 😋
  9. well finally after 17 years, a Grand Jury Investigation into 911 . . . . it's no longer theory
  10. This is for the girls who have thought about being pee'd on by a group of guys http://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/Thirsty-German-slut-in-wet-action
  11. I just logged in again, really sad to hear this, I do not claim to know him all that well but did read a lot of his stuff here, seemed like a really nice guy RIP Kevin you will be missed
  12. Um, . . . with 2 girls I would have thought you'd lick enough pussy to never be stressed
  13. For those in the uk . . . . . Richard Gage (Founder & CEO AE911truth) and Dr Niels Harrit (Eminent Researcher) will be making presentations to Fire Engineers (03May) & Fire Prevention Officers (04 May) . . . . there is also a public presentation at the Bloomsbury Conference in London, Saturday 07 May In the US they will be presenting Resolution 16-3 to the AIA National Conference . . . . . . . . . . the Truth is out there . . . . . and too big to hide any longer ae911truth will shortly pass 3000 members
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