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  1. Their search engine is a little unorthodox, but it does work. Here's what you get when searching for "full bladder": https://www.toiletstool.com/cgi-bin/search.cgi?terms="full bladder"&p=1&help=1&display=20&b=1&sort=Matches Do remember that The Toilet has a lot of scat, and it's mixed in with peeing, often even in the same post, not just same page.
  2. Good luck. I use the Firefox desktop version on a PC. I've also noticed that many pages take multiple reloads before they load properly.
  3. It seems to be back and working, but few posts in the last couple of days.
  4. Looks like no updates to the video or photos pages for two days now (Sunday morning).
  5. At the moment, for me, the section pages seem to load more-or-less normally, but individual vid or image pages take a long time, if they load at all.
  6. Able to get to a video's page, but the Download button brings up a page with Page not found,The requested page could not be found. It appears to affect more than just the last few days.
  7. I've found searching for "urination" on these sites gets the best results, although some also have tags like "peeing", etc. Good luck! https://bdsmland.org/ http://leo312.com/ https://madjav.org/?s=piss https://vjav.com/categories/pissing/1/?sort=latest-updates&date=day&type=all&duration=all https://javfor.tv/
  8. watchr12


    I've found that peegonewild https://www.reddit.com/r/peegonewild/new/ and Pee https://www.reddit.com/r/Pee/new/ are by far the best with lots of new posts. Sadly, there are others that have been banned by Reddit because they're not moderated, including the PeeFans one.
  9. Sure: become a paid member.
  10. File Boom has a free option, but it means a slow download. I doubt there's a way to get the fast d/l option without paying.
  11. From the U.S. patent application, December 22, 1891:
  12. Comic Steve Martin said that if you thought nostalgia and the good old days were so great, he had only one word to say to you: dentistry.
  13. I can't cite the source, but I've read that _all_ mammals (regardless of size) take about 20 seconds to empty their bladders. This undoubtedly is the top of the bell curve, and there must be many exceptions out there on the far right end of that curve 🙂
  14. Oooops, looks like I'm dyslexic here: should be Video DownloadHelper. Sorry for the goof.
  15. You may also want to try Firefox with the Download VideoHelper add-on added. Start playing the video, then go to DVH and select the version/resolution you want to d/l. Good luck!
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