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  1. Celebrity favourite The Standard Hotel has launched an ad campaign that has been raising eyebrows - with one image featuring a woman urinating on a rug in front of a man.
  2. Happy Hogmanay although I'm 4 days late and a happy 2015,not many people outside Scotland would understand the word Hogmanay maybe explains why no one has responded.
  3. Heres the clip http://motherless.com/G0F1184D/B975E3B
  4. I think this is the name of the film that you are looking for Thanks to patches place
  5. peeter

    WD Girls

    Does anyone have an email address for wd girls as I was thinking of joining.
  6. Are you speaking from experience then coz it certainly sounds it.:biggrin:
  7. Don't the pages get all soggy if you pee in books thus making it difficult to read the book,just a thought.
  8. Just another website on how to perform a courtesy pee,pay special attention to the section on how to control your bladder on a bus,the advice is amazing. http://usvsth3m.com/post/77391969531/how-to-poo-and-pee-anywhere-anywhere-any-where
  9. Wikihow page for women on how to pee in public without being noticed,very imformative but I would imagine most females here already practice the methods mentioned. http://www.wikihow.com/Perform-a-Courtesy-Pee
  10. Sorry I have no idea who she is but I wish I did.
  11. nice who is she on the ikea pee clip
  12. peeter


    fannywatcher you might be interested in this http://www.celebritynude.co.uk/category/celebrity-upskirt/ sorry theres no peeing.
  13. peeter


    I agree that it is sexy to find a celebrity upskirt but to start a thread on a pee forum would probably lead to its downfall,where do you draw the line you would end up with downblouse,nipple shots,voyeur etc.Now if you find an upskirt with peeing aswell then count me in.
  14. peeter


    Nice pic next to my fetish for girls pissing upskirts come a close second,is there a vid of this pic.
  15. peeter

    Smart tv

    Thanks for that likesToLick.
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