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    I don’t just love pee, I have a passion for it. It’s been that way since I was 6 years old when I first starting exploring that part of me. I love incorporating pee into anything that I can and I always prefer pee that has some color and flavor to it; makes it more fun and naughty! Sometimes, I like to cross-dress and make myself feel like a naughty lady who loves peeing, it turns me on like crazy because I find that a woman who loves peeing is super sexy! For some reason, I love popping a squat and peeing like a girl! I’ve tried just about everything, from peeing in my cars, to furniture, to on the floor/carpet, to food that I eat immediately after, and it’s been so much fun!

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    There’s nothing that I don’t love about pee! The smell, look, taste, sound, warmth!
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    I was working a full 12 hour shift as a security guard to keep watch of a store for thanksgiving. The store was closed so it was just me in my car, in the parking lot for the whole day. I took full advantage and used my car as my toilet whenever I had a full bladder. I even held in my morning pee when I woke up so I could relieve it all over the carpets of my car when I got to work, and I bought about 7 liters of water to bring with me so I could keep myself entertained for my shift. It was the best!

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  1. I was initially scheduled front desk by myself at work, and my supervisor comes to inform me that a volunteer will come in to assist me with the other work duties. Shortly after, a mature woman came in, who was rather beautiful for her age, and greeted me. Throughout my shifts, I try to get in 1-1.5 gallons of water in my system since it’s really good for your health, but it’s also good at sending you to the bathroom. After a while, the volunteer and I were engaging in conversation, and I was amazing at how lay-back and open-minded she was toward life as a whole, completely free of any judgmen
  2. Anytime that you please! Any girl that wants to pee on me or any of my things, feel free to do so! 😈
  3. I love drinking my own and from women! From the source is always best!
  4. Haha! I’m sure there’s a house out there with your name written all over it!!
  5. I’ve actually had a similar fantasy where I meet a girl who is also into peeing like me, and neither of us have a limit, so we could pee for eternity. So in our everyday activities, we incorporate as much of our pee as we want!
  6. That’s a great idea!! As long as the back door is open, that whole house will be my toilet!
  7. I’m sure they won’t be! That’s what makes it fun for me!
  8. A few nights back, I went for a solo walk around the neighborhood after finishing dinner. I usually go for walks after eating to help with digestion, but I specifically went that night in search for somewhere to empty my full bladder. I was holding in so much from work and I wanted to enjoy myself. After about 15-20 minutes of walking, I stumbled upon the section of the neighborhood that was still under development. For some reason, I was really craving to let loose all over someone’s carpet but most of the houses were half built. After some anxious searching while holding my crotch, I found a
  9. Thank you so much! Naughty peeing has always been my favorite!
  10. https://share.icloud.com/photos/0qHo70wMDTEmxKZ0UtZ_cjBBQ I didn’t have any way of posting the actual video from my gallery, so this link will expire, unfortunately. To put a long story short, I hated when the customers would come in and start banging the games. I really had to pee since this morning, and I felt like I wanted to give people a good splash next time they come to make noise. Nothing like relieving some fresh hot morning piss somewhere it doesn’t belong!
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