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    Straight couple; bi-curious wife
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    Ocean City, MD
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    We have recently (the past two years) have gotten into piss play. I asked my wife to piss on my face and in my mouth several years ago. She agreed and I freaking loved it. That was it for a few years. I recently convinced her to do it again and it was just as much of turn on. Eventually we were on vacation in our hotel room and were pretty drunk. She was adventurous and wanted me to piss on her while she laid down in the shower. She was totally turned on and it’s at the point now when fuck we will just as likely involve pee. We’ve tried quite a few things; pissing in a bowl and pouring it on her; pissing in her pussy, sucking the piss out of her as she pees. We purchased waterproof sheets and have made piss play a HUGE part of our sec life.

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    Not sure why it’s such a turn on for us. It just is.
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    Pissing all over her in the backyard this past summer. We had a little pool set up, got really drunk and went for it.

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  1. He loves it when I suck his balls! Gets me wet too!
  2. It’s been a process. She was very hesitant at first. Now it really turns her on. Me too!…
  3. When I’m not pissing all over her she loves when I cum all over her face and in her mouth.
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