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    I'm never good at these about me sections. 29 year old male from the states looking to meet up with women who are into the same kinky fun as I am. Also down to trade vids and pics! In to every thing pee!!

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    Everything. I want it on me. I want to drink it. I want to pee on you. I want to watch each other pee in public and wet themselves. I also enjoy wetting! Lets share pics and vids. Maybe try and meet up!
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    An ex sat on my face with her asshole on my nose and filling my mouth with her hot loss offering!

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  1. PeeMan69

    Peeing the bed

    That sounds really hot. I enjoy getting pee'd on. I've only unfortunately had one ex who did but we didn't get along. :/ I cover my mattress with a wet guard btw. Then I only have to wash the bedding ;)
  2. PeeMan69

    Peeing the bed

    Does anyone else ever wet the bed on purpose? Wake up the next morning with a bursting bladder. Maybe feeling a bit horny. And just say the hell with it and let loose? I know its messy. Just seeing if anyone else does it? For me. I have a weak bladder. I think its where I obtained my pee fetish. Some nights if I drink too much I wet the bed. When I wake up I am usually very aroused. Most times I have to pee again so I just let loose. Sometimes I even fall back to sleep and do it again when I wake back up. Its a huge turn on. Wish I had a significant other who enjoyed it as much as I do so we could share the experience. Anywho. Enough rambling. This is to ask if anyone else on here has a bed wetting fetish and if so, did you wet the bed growing up?