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  1. Getting blown by a stunning girl while she sits peeing on a toilet.
  2. Sometimes we get bold and creative with the aforementioned pee tube. I've peed through a rolled-up New York Times into a trash can on Times Square in front of a crowd of passersby who didn't notice a thing. You'll see this in the subway frequently too as any open toilets are usually filled with junkies and drug dealers.
  3. Similar games in a sandbox with a girl playmate. Rather than to go into the house and be kept there by the two mothers, she squatted in a corner of the sandbox, panties on her ankles and let her pee fly while I looked on. I discovered that my pecker would become hard but as a kid didn't know why but mutual peeing (she'd always start it ) became a regular thing between us until she moved away.
  4. It's pure freedom. I also shoot deer and turkey seasonally from the deck. Big fan of boondock life.
  5. if you prefer to be peed on, where on your body do you enjoy the most to be peed on? Would you play with a random sexy persons pee if was available to you like that person had peed in a glass or on a towel or on a tissue or on a bush behind a tree at a festival where you could see pee dripping from the leafs? have a great evening 😀
  6. Off the deck back porch many times. No neighbors nearby never a worry. Kinky and satisfying if you get my drift.
  7. Same here. I love to let my mind construct the pictures/scenarios from creative writing. My fave source is here: https://www.tumblr.com/awetlife/ Give this site a read -- let me know if you enjoy it.
  8. On a busy weekend night in NY or any major city there's a very good chance someone will be pissing within a few feet of a crowded bar, even greater chance if there's an alley nearby. NY's gotton so loose lately, particularly along Roosevelt Road in Queens if you walk slowly you'll see a lot of things including impromptu blowjobs.
  9. Found this on tumblr - contains many sequential stories about a man and his wife and another woman involves: pee, fucking, anal, pee drinking, masturbation while peeing, pee in toilet, in hot tub, on each other, cum eating, blowjobs and cunt licking while peeing, MFF, A2M. https://www.tumblr.com/awetlife
  10. Back in my military days (not that long ago) two ladies I met in Tiajuana emptied their bladders onto my cock and balls a few times during the course of a weekend. Of course we all fucked together a few times as well and it was one of the hottest sex scenes I had ever experienced until that time in the Philippines. One of the ladies was very into sucking me off while she peed in a toilet.
  11. Usually release it all at once with a strong stream unless I'm playing pee games with a willing woman who likes her clit pulsed with my pee. By rapidly clenching and unclenching my anus (kegels?) I can pulse it 15 or 20 times per bladderful which partners have told me that is really hot for them.e Likewise I enjoy penile stimulation of a pulsed stream from them on the head if they can accomplish it. In any case having hot pee gushing over my cock does it for me, pulsed or not.
  12. DId he seem to be hard to you or did you not notice?
  13. A few time yes. Reaching into a pocket or side buttoned overalls getting some precum lube on the underside of the manclit and then rubbing one out slowly. Circling the rim of the cock when properly lubed works well too. It's frustrating to have to give up the hard stroking when ejaculating and dealing with the amount of cum which seems to never end when secretly wanking close to hot woman.
  14. I'll give that a try thanks for the info. the idea is giving me wood .
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