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  1. I was only 12 when this movie came out but that scene really excited me. I SO wanted to see what her pee pee stream looked like.
  2. Thanks for sharing some very nice pee pee shots!
  3. I've heard gf's and other acquaintances when they had to go. That stuff really comes out heavy and fast. It must be a very satisfying feeling once you are flowing at full force.
  4. I bet it feels better to sit if you are bursting. As soon as your butt makes contact with that seat, you can let go and have the floodgates open!
  5. Did you have to do it on a regular basis as you were growing up?
  6. I had mentioned in a post a few years back that I had cummed in a former housemate’s room once. The guy was an absolute slob and the room was disgusting. I had already moved out of this house, but needed to crash there for a night several months later. The guy was away, so I ended up staying in his room. Just seeing the filth gave me a crazy idea that I could cum on his rug and he would never notice. And he had also done a few l things that really irritated me, so I figured this would be a fair payback. So, what did I do but pulled my dick out and started masturbating (to the thought of
  7. I think these are the most commonly shaped containers used. The neck looks adequately wide with the exception being the small cup in the picture.
  8. The brief silence after the clothes rustle and she seats herself is wonderful and so suspenseful because of the anticipation of what is about to happen. Equally awesome is the situation where a female has to go so badly, that the piss is flowing a fraction of a second before her butt hits the toilet seat and a loud flood ensues after that.
  9. Oh Man. If you were 14 and the nurses were still giving you a pep rally when you presented your pee, I would be embarrassed too!
  10. Sorry to hear it was an uncomfortable experience. I just wonder if those nurses didn't realize that not every patient they saw was a four or five-year old. I'm sure the "hooray!" and "way to go girl!" encouragement from the nurses probably delighted little kids. And for older kids, especially girls, the experience itself of collecting your sample is awkward and probably a little embarrassing. I'm sure the last thing you wanted when you got done was grownups making a big deal about something you really wanted to put out of your mind. How many years did this go on for?
  11. Because I was pretty much infatuated with urination and not much else....lol
  12. Not that I recall, or if she did, I put it out of my memory...lol
  13. Yes! Trying to imagine what was happening with her body to make that incredible sound! lol
  14. Fond memories of listening to my high school gf pee behind the door. We had one of those louvered doors to our guest bathroom, so you could hear everything. I could hear the unzipping and rustling of her jeans and underwear as she lowered them, then the seating of herself. A few seconds of silence, then the initial light trickle which developed into a heavier trickle and then into the familiar, strong wsssshhhhh sound and dribbling sound for the next 5-10 seconds
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