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  1. Keep posting those sample pics and monitor that pee color for hydration.
  2. Yup. Observing the girl's pussy as she pees is my favorite part, especially if she's a cutie. It's cool seeing how the shape & size of her lips affect the stream. Sometimes it's a focussed stream, or a wide fan stream, or just a strong, messy flood. It's all good and even better when her bladder is nice and full. There's something about seeing that urine stream that is both nasty and cool at the same time.
  3. Pale yellow for me. Hydrated but still looks and smells like pee pee.
  4. That's what is so cool about girls--all the different ways the pee exits depending on her pussy shape and how powerful the stream is.
  5. Same here. I like it when the stream has a very slight yellow tinge. Obviously, I want the girl to be healthy and hydrated but I also want her stream to look like real pee pee.
  6. That's what's so cool about it, knowing that that warm yellow liquid in the cup just came out her pussy.
  7. I remember once getting into a conversation with a girl about this. Asked her if she had ever had to take a surprise drug test. She said the only time was when she went for a pre-employment physical for a summer internship she had gotten. I asked what kind of test and she said "urine." I asked her how it was and her response was pretty short.... "it was yellow."
  8. This is the color I prefer - Not too dark, but not too watered down. When she pees, I want that stream to definitely look and smell like good, normal urine. If her bladder is really full, all the better...
  9. Yup, it really is amazing how many variations of streams there are. In a lot of girls, the urethra directs the flow backwards instead of straight out. That's when she produces that fan-shaped stream which I really like.
  10. Any opportunity to see a nice vagina & urine stream is a win!
  11. Guess we need to ask the film producers to have the young ladies eat a bunch of carrots! My personal preference for urine color is medium yellow, maybe a little lighter than the color of olive oil. Still a healthy color, but strong enough that you know it is pee pee.
  12. Yeah, I guess the trick is to not overhydrate. I prefer when the stream has a light tinge of yellow to it. Makes me think "Yup, that's pee pee!"
  13. What they need to instead of over hydrating the girls with water is just have them drink normal amounts of fluid, but have them hold their pee for most of the day. Her bladder will be very full of urine and it will be the yellow stuff...
  14. Yup, it's pretty awesome when her pee is healthy yellow. It seems nasty and sexy simultaneously. Does that even make sense?
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