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    Seeing a gorgeous 18-year hover her naked butt over the toilet and see that strong, thick stream of light yellow urine exit her pussy.

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  1. whiz kid

    Where would you see me pee?

    Yup, it's pretty awesome when her pee is healthy yellow. It seems nasty and sexy simultaneously. Does that even make sense?
  2. whiz kid

    Why do you like to see peeing?

    You're right in that only some girls make the sound and the ones that do, seem to produce strong streams in general. I wonder if the ability to make the sound depends more on the strength of the stream or the architecture of the pussy, or maybe a combination of both. I've also noticed that while we call at a hissing sound, it really sounds more like "ssssshh" (like someone says in the library). Personally, I really like it when the girl makes this sound as she pees. It's even better when she isn't over-hydrated and the urine is concentrated just enough that you can smell it. (A girl who has been sitting through school classes all afternoon and finally gets to relieve herself with a big pee at the end of the day.)
  3. whiz kid

    New member

  4. whiz kid

    Why do you like to see peeing?

    I certainly do have a heightened sense of smell. Of course, ya gotta love the "pssshh" sound that some pussies make when there is a strong stream. Maybe that's how urine became known as piss because of the sound?
  5. whiz kid

    Why do you like to see peeing?

    Yeah, you're definitely on to something. I'm into voyeur videos of girls peeing while it is certainly arousing for me to see a slim, attractive young woman go pee, I find it most arousing when you can see a slight hue of yellow in her pee pee. Not like unhealthy, dehydrated, dark color, but just enough color to know that the liquid coming out her pussy really is in fact, the real-deal (and no, it's NOT apple juice either ). And as you said, I can imagine a cute girl and the smell of her nice, tight, fertile vagina combined with the pungeant aroma of warm, fresh yellow urine mixed with a touch of pussy fluids on the way out. Yeah, it drives me wild too! (Can you imagine the pheromones floating around in the girl's room at a high school or college?)
  6. whiz kid

    Genuine voyeur sites

    Exactly. It is pretty awesome when you get to see the back side of a cute 20 y.o. as she's candidly emptying a very full bladder of the yellow stuff into a public toilet. pee pee rocks!
  7. I like voyeur pee stuff not so much because it is voyeur, but because it allows you to see how women pee in a candid, unposed way. Although my preference is for younger, fit females; as Brutus says, there's still a nasty, almost primal urge I experience watching a girl urinate unposed.
  8. whiz kid

    Genuine voyeur sites

    I enjoy the videos from Hidden Zone. Lots of candid shots of attractive young ladies as they go pee pee in a public toilet. http://hidden-zone.com/videos/videos/wc-recent.html
  9. It gets a bad rap because it is associated with private parts and toilets.
  10. whiz kid

    Why do you like to see peeing?

    Agreed. Especially when the girl hover pees in the toilet. There's something very primal about the way the butt sticks out and how her hips are thrusted to expose the pussy as much as possible. It's very similar to how she would position herself in order to receive sex "doggy-style."
  11. whiz kid

    Why do you like to see peeing?

    I'm like you where I prefer the natural act of urination in a non-posed way. There's the thrill of seeing her most private body parts closeup; the round buttocks, the delicate vaginal lips, and even the tight anus. And then the ultimate thrill of seeing pee exit her body how the urine stream interacts with the pussy at very stages of the pee session.
  12. whiz kid

    Nurses Pee

    Considering that it only holds 16 ounces (or is it 19 ounces?), many girls would have no trouble filling it to capacity...
  13. whiz kid

    Nurses Pee

    That's when you pull out the Road Trip Potty and let her fill it up....
  14. whiz kid

    Nurses Pee

    Always great when the girl has been holding it for a long time and finally gets to let loose a nice bladder full of the yellow stuff