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  1. Generally, it was the same sound every time and the duration was usually the same too. I'm guessing she didn't have the urge to pee until her bladder filled to a certain point and shortly after, she would excuse herself. Probably the combination of a certain volume of urine, steady bladder contraction, and the anatomy of her 17 y.o. pussy contributed to the familiar sound.
  2. I love the sound too. One of my earliest turn ons was back in high school and getting to hear my gf go potty (we were both seniors). My bathroom had a louvered door, so you could literally hear everything in there. She would seat herself and then a few seconds later, a short, light trickle, followed by 7 or 8 seconds of focussed "psssssshhh" sound as that pee flowed. That was like her personal style--every time would sound the same. Good times!
  3. Natural for me too. Love to see how the girl's lips affect the flow and shape of the stream. Always nice when she's pretty full but the stream has a very slight tint of pale yellow, because its healthy color but definitely looks like urine.
  4. The clinking of the belt being unbuckled, the rustling of the shorts, a faint few dribbles in the potty, and a second later, the unmistakable whistling "pssssh" sound of pee pee exiting a nice pussy...
  5. I like chicks with smallish flaps and when the stream gets going, you can see the pink of her pussy.
  6. Did you get to see the chicks' pee samples when they were done? I bet that would be pretty cool to see the variations of color and putting a face/body with each and knowing that fluid flowed past her pussy...
  7. I know those....Keep the dang camera focussed on her butt, so we can see the entire pee pee session! I could care less about shoes when there's a chance to see a cute pussy while urine is coming out of it!
  8. Nothing better than the back view of a gorgeous college chick and that nice tight pussy followed with a thick, strong stream of urine...
  9. I know....going to college in separate parts of the country kinda does that...the sound of her pee stream will haunt my dreams forever...
  10. And I bet she'd be thrilled to know that we are here trading comments about the sounds she made during her daily potty sessions and how sexy it was...
  11. I bet you would....5'8'' blonde, varsity tennis team....pussy as previously described, but unfortunately never got to see the stream that I constantly heard about...
  12. You should have been there one of those times...
  13. My g.f. from high school made the nicest hissing sound whenever she urinated (which I could hear through the door). You could hear that belt being unbuckled, then the rustling of jeans & panties as she seated herself. A few seconds later, a small trickle sound quickly turned into a pointed "psssshh" for like 8-12 seconds very consistently. You could tell from the sound that her flow was always strong and directional and that she waited until her bladder was pretty full most of the time. At the time it was mind boggling to know that that sound was coming from her beautiful pussy.
  14. I've seen over a thousand females go pee pee over the years, mostly candid views too. The architecture of her pussy varies immensely from girl to girl and I love watching how the size and shape of her labial folds affect the stream. It's a really amazing thing to catch that first glimpse of her beautiful pussy and then a few seconds later, see her urine start to flow--hopefully a lot of it!

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