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  1. Does anyone else here collect a large amount of piss and then go dump it in the yard or on a plant? If so how long does it take for it to start to smell and do damage because that is the goal
  2. As a little girl I peed on stage stairs because teacher wouldn't let me go to the bathroom. As an adult maybe the weirdest place was on my boyfriends carpet
  3. I'm a woman and I absolutely love to be peed on
  4. This morning while it was still dark my boyfriend and I were outside when he sits me down and stands in front of me and takes a long morning piss all over the front of me. It was so warm and such a turn on. There was so much it puddled into my lap and all over the concrete. My clothes were so heavy with piss when he was done.
  5. I havent done this in awhile but as a teen I would just use the floors in the park bathrooms 😂 they were already gross anyway
  6. And also what what was going through your head at the time?
  7. I was probably around 21 when I was living in the most disgusting house with and ex and his father this place was just all around gross and I could never keep it clean because no one would ever help me. One of the days I was home alone I decided to just open the door to a carpeted room that already had stains all over and was falling apart. I walked over next to the bed pulled down my pants and got into a low squat and began pissing. I didnt look all I could hear was the hissing on this dirty carpet. Honestly amazing experience! 😅
  8. Iv been open about it since I was 16 and iv found that every boyfriend iv had since had always been more than happy to piss on me 😉
  9. Don't get me wrong I love to be peed on but I feel like after my boyfriend discovered that I like it that he is maybe doing it too much. Everytime we have sex now he pisses on me even in bed. Does anyone else ever feel like it is too much?
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