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  1. I love when my wife pops a finger in my as she will sometimes do this while she’s giviqng me a blow!!
  2. I have noticed the squelching hiss sounds when wetting aswell it’s especially noticeable if I’m peeing into tighter jeans especially as it begins to quickly wet the material
  3. I am in similar situation to earlier comment I wear water proof pants for work aswell and can literally start from a dribble to full on pee in my pants and no one is the wiser as to what I’m doing in my pants and boy it feels good!
  4. I do yes and even if I don’t really have to pee I will still often dribble
  5. I really had to pee on a bus once and I just let it go in my pants that in turn soaked through my breifs pants then into the seat
  6. It really depends but mostly it’s just a bit of pressure kinda a pulsating feeling really it’s the just before ejaculation that has the interesting feeling I’d say especially if your going to cum really hard
  7. Hi Jane I've spent lots of time on the west coast body boarding and stuffing aswell I have to admit aswell the feeling of letting go in a wet suit is amazing esspecially if you really gotta go a the sqealching sound as its pushing against the material and feeling it run past my balls and rear is amazing!!
  8. I do enjoy wetting but unforcanetly don't get a tonne of opportunity, when I do I prefer jeans and will mostly squat in the bathtub I love the sound when I really have to pee the hissing sqealching sound as the pressure of the pee leaving my cock is trying to force through the matirial of my breifs and jeans I also love the warm feeling as the pee runs down my taint and around my anus area very erotic!!
  9. Not sure if I match up either!! But here ya go
  10. If I've really gotta go and have been holding for a while I will have a really thick stream I have a urethra that's cut back underneath a ways so if there's lots of pressure the whole slit will open and make it really think top to bottom
  11. I find the feeling isn't as nice in a hotub oviously I can feel the pressure as the pee pushes through my urethra and my trunks but the warm feeling is also very enjoyable
  12. 4-5 times a week for me sometimes more some weeks it's daily!!
  13. I personally think it would be hard to be stroked and and getting hard then pee as the reaction of getting hard is not to pee and get ready to cum...
  14. You definetly won't loose your potty training, like others said put underwear on in the shower and let go if you ever go to the beach go in the water first then head to the public bathroom or outhouse and sit on the toilet with your shorts on feels amazing as it runs down around your balls and bum then if you have house to yourself pull some jeans on and try that..
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