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  1. I have found this happening especially after holding it for sometime it will more dribble but with the pressure feeling as though I should be really peeing!! Then after a bit it really does, I try not to hold a long time if can
  2. I personally love the pants to be jeans I wear puma boxers and there slightly silky so when I start to wet the wonderful action starts in the breifs wetting my cock and around my balls then it breaks through the jeans and the lovely absorb and the pee running through the material and the lovely sqealching sounds as my member tries to force it through the material
  3. I tend to think it could have something to do with the labia the folds and maybe the clitoris, my ex rarely hissed she was more of a trinkler and dribbler she had very open labia with very little folds my wife on the other hand has an incredible hiss with alternating flutter sounds and her labia lips are puffy with outer folds and a large clitoris are which makes me think it's the pressure of the liquid passing through all the diversions of skin
  4. Honestly I have to agree on this one!!
  5. I’m pretty much D2,or D3 and sometimes just above the water line
  6. It definitely is and definitely try it trick is put your hand under the head of your cock when you feel it coming take the first squirt in your hand and eat it while your continuing to orgasm
  7. We have friends who frequently come on the boat with use the women generally just sit on the edge and go but it really depends if there swimming right away or not weather they pull it to the side or not
  8. I have a boat and my wife and I use it often, depending who’s around she will either pee through her bikini bottoms or if it’s just her and I she will either pull them down or reach under and pull it to the side
  9. I enjoy my pre cum a lot especially when I’m Aroused but like others I find it hard to eat my cum after orgasm so generally as I feel it coming I will put my hand under and catch the first squirt or two and eat it while I’m still orgasming
  10. Pretty sure you can no longer get away with it but at last place I was at said there would be an extra charge if a child wet the bed.. how about an adult 😂😂😂😂 I used to work in various locations and they would put us up in hotels I would often wet the bed felt damn good
  11. That first gal gave me a good hardon no natural looking beautiful
  12. Yup done this plenty in the office and even once at a pub lol, I usually will just slightly rub through the material of my pants and I imagine something as I’m looking at the person.. it can take a bit to build but once it starts coming it works really well!!
  13. I’m with ya on the hissing, my wife more times then not has a really heavy fluttering his especially if she’s really gotta pee or in the morning
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