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    m and Ruth
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    Retired business owner
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    As old as dirt
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    mid west
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    Retired , happy with Ruth with me , I lost some one very dear to me .
    Very involved in this life now ,Ruh is a dream come true

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    All of the above ,,,, and more, the woman's taste is the most favorite
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    My first pee , was going down on a older woman , she squirted in my mouth, I was hooked from that time on , there was no turning back

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  1. Hang a length of PVC pipe out the window and pee in the tube out the window lololol
  2. Now Ruth is on the couch all in a ball hiding her face with a pillow lololol But it really does look like the photo , She has changed so much now . From a super shy mousy woman to a fantastic open woman . Best thing I ever had .
  3. The red head In the tub is about as close as I am .I think I may be older . My hair is not as red .Wayne said it is very close match ... Ruth
  4. OMG! TO look like that and be as young . All the photos of all the girls on this site are so amazing... Ruth
  5. Ruth here , oh yes I have made pee ice cubes and he loves it . He said watching a movie holding on to me and drinking me lolol
  6. For us, the old house is over 100 years old and has a wrap around porch , and black screening all around , it has high rose bushes in front of the porch , so when Ruth and me sit out there at night no one can see us , the porch is high and about 40 feet from the front side walk , so we are naked all the time and she can pee on me and I can eat her and no one can see ...BTW , RUTH can out shoot me with her stream by at least 5 feet. Life can't get any better
  7. Ruth here . Sarah ,your so right , when Wayne first shaved me I looked down and yelled OMG IM 13 AGAIN lololol. but it really does feel so nice and he loves it so much 💖 💖 and when he shaves me it drives me wild to the point I start to dribble .
  8. We make a tea with lots of berry flavor , lots , then when Ruth pees it's that tasty . Try it , it really works
  9. Ruth here ,,, yes he drives me crazy when he eats me ,I can't hold it . And he loves it so much ,so why not ?? After all what better gift can I give him , but me
  10. Ruth and me have been in wonderful relationship, we both only want to please each other , peeing is a large part of it , it's magic every time I go down on her she squirts like a fountain, I get to drink every drop, and she does the same for me , life is great
  11. When I go down on my girl friend she always squirts in my mouth , life is great
  12. You forgot to ask what shoe size people have......
  13. Absolutely,every time I go Down On Ruth , She shoots a squirt in my mouth .it's like candy to me . And she likes it too and has told me many times
  14. When Wayne first shaved me, never before , I looked down and thought OMG I'm 13 again . But he loves it so much and actually peeing is easier, Ruth
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