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  1. @Bilove6967now that’s just hot. it gets me horny knowing there are gals like you spreading your juices all over the place!!
  2. @Simpfan I can relate to your naughty thinking. Don’t be afraid to act on your fantasy next time you stay in a hotel or Airbnb. One time I came back to my hotel room from a night of drinking, and peed behind the couch and wall. It drenched the back of the couch and carpet. I couldn’t finish until my dick started getting too hard. That’s not a problem you ladies have to face !!😅. But it was so fun.
  3. When my wife and I were teenagers many years ago, she peed in a cup on two different occasions when we had parked my car in a subdivision with the purpose of having sex. I wasn’t able to see her stream while doing it but the pissing sounds she made drove me crazy. And on one time she handed me the near full cup when I reached for it to pour it out. I wanted badly to taste it but didn’t want to scare her away thinking me a freak (which I am 😄)!
  4. At work in an empty room would be so naughty and horny. Perhaps you can lock the door or other cover to make it less risky. love your naughty mind!!
  5. Wow that is hot @Girllikespee !! I wish my wife had this naughty streak like you! I sometimes fantasize her squatting and taking her morning pee on the carpet by our hotel bed just before we have sex. It is such a turn on.
  6. I peed in my shed only once, and it was before I tore it down and built a new one. now, I do pee behind my shed on the regular.
  7. @gldnwetgoose - you hit the nail on the head. Glad to know I am not alone. It truly is a blessing to be in love. And glad to share pee experiences with like minded folk like yourself. Cheers !
  8. Thanks for the welcome all. It does look like a good group of folks on here.
  9. If married to a woman who flatly is not into pee fetish. I’m an expert at it, been married for 24 years. I’m lucky though, as she is a beautiful woman even at 50 years old. Not overweight but curvy. Here are ways I cope: 1. I always stop and intently listen when she goes to the toilet. She has a natural hiss that drives me wild. I try to act casual, and she regularly goes even if I’m also in the bathroom brushing my teeth or shaving or such. I see her casually sitting on the pot and peeing very often. But not up close, or showing her stream. 2. I’ve told her how much
  10. What a site this is! I’ve got a huge pee fetish and I’m a happily married man of 24 years. My wife does not share my fetish, but knows I am intrigued by pee. She’s let me watch her close up pee in the toilet on six or seven occasions, early in our relationship. But haven’t done so since then. She’d probably let me watch her now, but I feel bad asking her because I know she would feel uncomfortable doing it, based on how she acted when I asked in the past. Our sex life is smoking hot so I’m not complaining. Hell, we are both 50 years old now and she physically outlasts me now in bed
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