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  1. Major update. So my wife discovered accidentally my files that I stored my naughty pee vids and pics. She waited until after we were done having sex one night, went to the to toilet to pee as usual, and then and told me that she had seen my files while I was there in the bathroom with her. To my surprise she wasn’t angry, but said she didn’t understand why I liked that. I told her I didn’t know why either. She then asked if I wanted to watch her pee, and I of course said yes, even if feeling a bit guilty. She spread her thighs a bit and I watched as she urinated. My after-sex limp dic
  2. An old high school buddy came to town recently, and we made a point of meeting up at a nearby pub to catch up, as we hadn’t talked in decades. We talked for a long time on many old topics. I knew he got married to Dee Ann (we all called her Dee) a couple of years after high school (in the early 90’s) so I asked him how she was doing. He quickly let me know that they got divorced after 5 years for a lot of reasons, but mainly that she was nuts. This piqued my interest because I knew her a bit, because she worked as a cashier at our grocery store and I was a stocker. So, I asked what do yo
  3. @localdaeru I've been to the San Luis in Galveston. They have a large pool and swim up bar. This is one of the few places I've been able to get my wife to "naughty pee" (she is not into pee fetish really at all, although she knows I have a interest in pee in some way, just not the depth of it). We were staying there on our anniversary, and went to the swim up bar for some beers. After a couple of beers, we had drifted over to a side of the pool and my wife whispered to me that she needed to pee. I told her to just let it go, that everyone was obviously doing it because you could see pe
  4. No video. Wife would never allow and I don't want to spy vid. Have you masturbated or peed while talking on the phone to a member of the opposite sex (or same sex if gay), and they have no idea that you're doing it?
  5. Since I'm not a girl, I can't answer the last question asked, therefore I'll answer the sexual bucket list question: I would love to go to a hotel with my wife, drink as many beers as we could at the hotel bar, then go to our room and have her give me a blow job while squatting down beside the bed and emptying her bladder on the carpet. (by the way, I've come close to this, in that she has given me a bj while tinkling on the toilet). OK, question for the next person: what is an activity or action (besides peeing) that when you see another person do it, it makes you horny?
  6. OK. When you've been fucking or bating, and it's time to have that orgasm (or for you women, multiple orgasms), what are the usual thoughts that you pull out that push you over the edge? For me, if I want to get to that orgasm, I just think about the sound and sight of my woman pissing, and that gets me there pretty quick. Sometimes, just remembering the hissing sound she makes while peeing, and having my dick right at the point where the hissing is coming from, well, that gets me everytime. Curious to what others use for the money shot?
  7. The scene of the woman pissing all over the body of the dead man I’ve always found weirdly arousing. Since I’m into female being dominant, it is no surprise. And the way they killed the man just before that scene was so cruel, and then her just peeing on him in intense pleasure was almost too much for me. Just a movie, but it sure pushed the boundaries.
  8. @MissAutumn I just have to say I have masturbated multiple times watching you pee on hotel carpets. Your husband is a lucky man. Thank you for sharing!
  9. Pee in a potted plant, if you have one. Otherwise, pee into your dirty laundry pile or hamper. The clothes will get washed anyway, so why not? Let me know what you ended up doing, I would love to know I had input into the naughty pee of a nice lady like yourself!!
  10. OK, so some updates: 1. We were getting ready for sex, and the wife was half-drunk and horny. We were making out in the bathroom when she stopped to go pee. While she was sitting on the toilet, I walked over to her and put my penis close to her. She had just started peeing, and she grinned and took my dick into her mouth. The feeling of her hot tongue on the tip of my penis while she urinated was so exciting. I almost even considered cumming but held off (I've never never ejaculated into my wife's mouth - as she has already made it clear it would gross her out and she's not intere
  11. Ladies - a quick poll where your confronted with various scenarios.
  12. awesome list. I would have wetinkbunny for employee of the year! she soaked her classroom carpet many a times. At least she said she worked at a school.
  13. yep it appears to be down for the most part @gldenwetgoose. does same for me
  14. I'm a man, and I am obsessed with women who pee in naughty places. When I'm in a hotel room, I like to take off my clothes, squat down and put myself into the mind of being a woman as I'm letting it out on the carpet. I like to close my eyes and listen to the pattering on the floor while in the female squatting position, because that's how much I want to know what a woman is feeling as she's naughty peeing. Gets me so horny.
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