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  1. After getting-up, I then deliberately pre-wetted my pillow, as it had missed out earlier, and was getting left behind!
  2. Day #4 – When I went to bed, it was already damp and quite cold, but there again it can also be quite cold when it is not wet, so I got into it, nevertheless. However, it warmed up surprising quickly, where I was comfortable within just a few minutes. I had planned to wet myself in bed before going to sleep, but for some reason I couldn’t, so fairly quickly I fell asleep. As someone else said on here, it now has developed a slight, but interesting sweet aroma, which to begin with I was certainly not sure about, but if anything I am now sleeping better than ever (really well), anyway sure
  3. I wanted to experience what is like to be a bed-wetter, so I started doing it deliberately! Have you also done this, if so, how did you prepare, how did you do it, do you pee before sleeping, or does your bladder wake you up and then you do it, do you sleep wet, how often do you do it, did you experience any problems, have you done it ever since starting, or did you give up, etc?
  4. Day #3 – Well, it seems like, as most things in life, nice and easy does it (between enjoyment and practicality), I say that because by the time I went to bed, my bed was mostly dry (I had air-dried it during the day), so I first had a good sleep for about 4 or 5 hours, then I woke up with a full bladder, so I let it go fully in bed (I find lying on my back the easiest), I then masturbated, but once I came I started to regret having a wet bed, luckily I fell asleep again, where several hours later I was full once again, so I let that out as well all over myself, and then again once I finally w
  5. Thanks for your interest, support and previous stories, which gave me a lot of inspiration! Day 2 - Well, luckily my freshly washed bed sheets were just about dry in time for bedtime, so once again my bed was now prepared (as before with mattress protector, etc.) for bed wetting. This time I did not excessively consume drinks before going to bed, and even used the bathroom half-an-hour or so before going to bed, where I actually slept well for most of the night without wetting, but sure enough as what normally happens, my bladder woke me up 4 or 5 hours later, where normally I would
  6. Well, it was a bit too good! It was my first day as a bedwetter, since reading the eBook ‘The Joy of Bedwetting’. Once my bed was prepared, I then pre-wet it, to put the bed and myself in the mood for further bedwetting. I also drank soft drinks and coffee quite heavily for about 4 hours before going to bed. I also went to bed earlier than normal. But before I was ready to go to bed, my bladder was starting to get quite painful, but I didn’t want to go to the bathroom, so I (not too much) pre-wet the bed again, although I did this 3 or 4 times. But I was still extremely full went I w
  7. My new pre-wet bed ready for my first bedwetting adventure!
  8. Thanks for all your support and encouragements, I love it! Well, I’m now fully committed - My new items arrived today (a soft waterproof mattress cover, and a cheap summer duvet), which I collected from the pickup point at about 1pm, when I got back I then made-up my new bed. First, I placed some medium-sized yet highly-absorbent cloths that I got from the hypermarket, under the mattress frame to protect the carpet, just in case I ever overflowed, then I placed the new waterproof cover over the mattress (it seems good, as it also cover the sides), then I carefully placed a large (bed
  9. From what I understand it takes some time to become an involuntary bedwetter whilst being asleep and then to wakeup wet, whilst at the same time, I’m not sure if I would really want to completely lose control of myself like that, where I could then possibly become incontinent. But having never been a bedwetter before, I believe I am some way away from facing that dilemma. My plan at the moment, is to go to bed being fairly full, and to stay there until the morning, if I need to go, I will just let it out naturally (not forcing it out), and then try to go back to sleep. Of course, I have a
  10. I excited to tell my story so far, as well as to introduce myself! Well, I have come across this before on the internet that got me thinking that one day and living alone I would like to try it, but it faded from memory until the other day when I was driving past a bedding shop that I thought was open, but it was for pickup orders only. But this got me thinking about it even more, and how I could do it, so I researched all I could about it, and found this forum, since then I have been continuously fizzing with excitement, I even found and read the Kindle book ‘The Joy of Bedwetting:
  11. I found inspiration in this exciting thread, so I decided to start a new thread to catalogue my own bedwetting adventure!
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