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  1. [Cross posted from omorashi.org] So , it all started on Saturday. I was bored and jumped on omegal. I found someone who shared my interest in pee and we decided to play some holding games lol. First it was my turn. I was sitting naked on the carpet (don't know why but that always feels good) to make the stakes higher. Eventually she said "alright time to let go" and oh I did.. I stretched my legs out to the side and let out a euphoric stream, flooding the carpet. It felt amazing. Then we had a competition. If I lost, I sent a pic of my wet boxers, and if she lost she'd send nudes. We both
  2. Anyone around? Thinking about playing some holding games
  3. Liike was it a carpeted closet? And was there anything in it cx Sure it counts cx. Hey btw I was wondering if you were still hangin out over in the live action thread? Thats was hella fun playing holding games with you cx
  4. Dang, haven't logged on in forever. Glad to see there still plenty of stories going around 😉
  5. I still do it tbh. Just be prepared to clean anything you do. Like my all time favorites are blocking my bedroom door and using my room floor as a toliet before steam cleaning. Putting a towel in underwear and letting go Light wetting (enough to be fun, but not enough to raise questions Iv let go in my bed more than once, but its frustrating to clean. Its so fun lol
  6. Damnnn :0 wish I could do that without getting caught haha
  7. Its all good lol. It's been fun lol but i gotta head out
  8. 😂 keep holding. I just chugged another water bottle
  9. No effect lol. Open your legs as wide as you can for 15 seconds lol
  10. Kinda wanna do some dares if your up for it lol?
  11. Screw it, I already gotta clean up. Imma start drinking again xD.
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