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  1. Subscribed to LoveWetting for a little bit and was able to browse their whole catalog and download all my faves, I was only subscribed for a month but it is the gift to myself that keeps on giving.
  2. Absolutely, but from the opposite side. Peeing outside growing up would have been considered dramatic or perverted in my family growing up, and some of my earliest pee memories are related to holding it until we were somewhere more acceptable. I’ve found that this awareness of social norms vs. physical desperation dynamic is where most of my pee fantasies live.
  3. I have generally avoided seeing anything over 2 1/2 hours long in theaters, but lately if there's positive reviews saying that it earns its runtime and it's from a director I trust then I'll take an afternoon and go see it. If I get a large drink then I usually need to pee near the end of the second act, and I'll hold it until I find the opportunity to unleash a full bladder somewhere between the theater and my apartment. That reminds me, that new Scorsese movie is out.......
  4. I've seen them here and there online, and I'm sure they exist in many places that I haven't found yet, but documenting a hold on a story is a creative idea. Even though it's an activity done over a long period, you can still go about your day and it just requires an update when you feel it's appropriate. There's one that I've since lost that showed how much a girl drank over the course of the day and then showed how much came out of her by the end. 😳 Incredible stuff!
  5. I'm over the warm summer weather for a lot of reasons, but this is a big one! I'm ready for dark and rainy fall weather to get here so I can go out and add to the puddles.
  6. I think it’s normal to have been conditioned to feel embarrassed or ashamed about any act normally done behind closed doors. I think there’s a lot of complicated patriarchal reasons why women peeing in public is much more frowned upon, but a big one comes down to the privacy advantages of anatomy—people with penises are not required to fully remove as many garments as people with vaginas, and the act of exposing your entire ass is very vulnerable and more-or-less frowned upon in public. For me, getting curious about my anxiety around the issue has been helpful. What am I actually concern
  7. A lot of my graduate study centers around American westward expansion and its social consequences, both for individual communities and the nation’s identity as a whole. I’ve always loved studying why systems are the way that they are and why we act the way that we do, and history is the primary context for all of that. Internal shame kept me from doing much research on the social history of peeing/bathrooms in undergrad, but I’m finding a few resources now that I’ll be ordering from Thriftbooks in the near future. This article by The Washington Post is immediately fascinating to me—it sum
  8. Excited to find a kindred spirit! I agree—I’ve explored the raunchy stuff in my coming-to-terms with this interest and very little of it appeals to me. I gravitate toward more mundane peeing and desperation, which elicits its own embodying and, yeah, weirdly spiritual feelings within me. I look forward to giving my body over to this interest more and releasing the shame I have always felt around it in doing so, and having found a supportive community to explore in/with/around is beyond awesome. I’m having a great time so far—thank you for your kindness and I’m looking forward to chatting with
  9. I am new to the site and you have quickly become one of my favorite content-creating users on here! The two dribbles that got on the inside of your pants immediately sent me skyrocketing. Incredible work and cheers to you 🍻
  10. Thank you for all the kind welcomes! I have had a rough day so seeing friendly replies to this post has started my evening on a better note. Thank you for that reassurance! Baby step experimentation was my main impetus for finally making an account, tbh. It's empowering to not feel so ashamed of my body and revolted by what arouses me, and I'm excited to take such an active role in my own pleasure for the first time. I definitely feel like I'm among friends here--thank you for so openly contributing to the safety I already feel within this community. See you around! 🙂
  11. Greetings! I'll start with some vulnerable context about myself: I'm only just coming around to accepting this fetish of mine and thinking about it in terms of my identity + my sexuality. Without getting too deep into the details, among other reasons for sexual dissociation from my body, I started a medication in my mid-teens that basically shut down my libido. I identified as asexual throughout high school because nothing interested me in that way. I didn't realize how seriously it had affected me until I stopped taking that medication in my early-20s and my libido noticeably unpaus
  12. Summer camp was the first place I ever went where peeing outside of a bathroom was accepted and expected. I was too shy to have taken advantage of the environment more back then, but that exposure to other campers learning how to pee outside was foundational to what turns me on as an adult. A definitive memory for me was being on an excursion in a remote corner of the camp, where each of us campers had brought along our sleeping bags + a night's worth of supplies so we could spent the night under the stars. It had seemed like we were all in agreement on it being a good idea to rough it fo
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