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  1. Absolutely! I pee in my garage every morning when leaving for work and everytime im doing yardwork i just piss anywhere i just happen to be. Ain’t nobody got time to go inside just to pee 😂
  2. Luckily i was wearing swimming shorts so they dried rather quick so no problem there when people asked i just said i spilled a beer in my lap 😅
  3. I’ve had a couple of cases but the funniest one was four years ago? Atleast around that time, anyway long story short i was outside near a park looking for a place to piss as i was about to wet myself ’cause beer goes straight thru. I finally found a great bush at the end of the park and walked there, as i got close to the bush and am about take out my dick a woman yells in a really loud voice ”what the hell!!!” And the sheer volume scared the piss out of me literally. It scared me so bad i pissed in my shorts not like fully fully but more than a few drops like half i guess? Turned out there w
  4. Wow i love that you did this! I’ve alway been really curious but always too shy to do it and i found this very informative so thank you very much for that. Also i gotta agree the tissues smell amaizing! Whenever i get a chance to find a girl peeing outside i take the tissues, for some reason the smell of the tissues is soo hot. (atleast for me)
  5. Maybe someday, but the small town i live in never will.
  6. I totally agree, but unfortunately the society has not yet evovled to the stage where men being feminine or wearing cute clothes or dresses is acceptable. 😓
  7. Im open about it, mostly with my wife but sometimes with others and it doesn’t really bother me. Im autistic and its always been really really hard for me to understand emotions or why something i say would make someone angry or uncomfortable etc. So i tend to be really blunt and one night my wife asked what is it that turns me on the most and i just told her its pee, then when she asked for details i explained it to her in great detail and that was that. As for does it bother me well no i’ve never in my life really cared what people think of me so if someone really wants to know i tell them b
  8. Here you go mate: https://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/Office-girl-gets-busted-urinating-on-bosses-chair
  9. I have many times. Its actually quite hard but i’ve come to find its easier if you’re halfway hard in which case its gonna spray in the direction you’re aiming. If you try it in the regular resting position you’re gonna pee on either your hand or your knees but still i really like doing it every now and again it feels really naughty to just walk around on all fours and lift your leg and mark your territory on the side of a door or cabinet etc. ❤️
  10. I actually don’t hide it my wife knows everything about everything and i haven’t been in contact with my family for years. But yeah i mean i keep it on the personal level its not like i tell all my friends right away, if they ask i answer but other than that no. I don’t have any social media and i pretty much only talk to people face to face. I’ve never been bothered if someone found out i was into pee, for me (and i don’t know why) it would be a lot worse if someone found out im genderfluid that is something i’ve only ever told my wife and nobody else. That’s also a reason im so thankful that
  11. I love to squat i always squat to pee when i get the chance it feels a lot naughtier and sexier to me atleast ❤️
  12. I love peeing in parking garage its so fucking hot it has always been one of my top fantasies but unfortunately my closest parking garage is over 150km away...
  13. I would very much like to see these pictures if at all possible? 😍
  14. I had this one friend back in the day whos parents were very rich on top of being old money both his dad and his mum had their own businesses. So once when i was visiting him we went to the basement to play he had like a complite gaming/man cave down there i mean like dude they even had a pool down there. And yeah so the only thing they didn’t have down there was a toilet and we got stuck when the lock broke from the inside so it could only be opened from outside both our phones were upstairs and we knew it was gonna be like 6h before his parents came home. And guess what despite having no toi
  15. Oh man the tissues totally do it for me i don’t know why but seeing a puddle with tissues on it is a huge turn on for me 😂 and hey an absolutely wonderful sighting thanks for sharing this great coincidence with us!
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