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  1. Sounds satisfying! How many did you soak at a time? And what did you do once you finished spraying them down?
  2. I haven't intentionally yet, but wouldn't say no if the opportunity arose. So long as I feel safe from the bug (might not pick one with wings) I wouldn't mind giving it a bit of a "special rainstorm"
  3. I was staying over at a friend's place recently and we were both brushing our teeth. They had started after me and when I finished I hung around, mentioning that I'd wait for them to finish in order to pee. I was quite surprised when they said "I don't mind, you can pee if you want". I was happy to take them up on the offer, and pulled down my clothes and got ready. It took me a bit to get started since I was a little excited and nervous, but soon enough I was able to relax enough and the only sounds were my pee flowing into the toilet and my friend brushing their teeth right next to m
  4. I don't often, but enjoy peeing in the shower/ tub from time to time. What I really get excited by is after a bath, I'll hop out, pull the plug, and then pee over the side into the bathwater as it drains out. I find it really entertaining, it's nice to have my bath flush for me automatically!
  5. I've done it once or twice, emptied a spider into the toilet and then emptied myself over top of it. I felt bad a bit, but I did find it kind of exciting to think about, and I especially enjoyed watching it swirl down the toilet with my pee at the end.
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